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Advice on How Not to Burn Chicken on the Grill?

Love chicken, can't grill it?

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Hi M.,

My husband loves to grill. He likes to marinate the chicken to add flavor. Use whatever marinade flavors you like. The secret to cooking chicken is cook it longer over lower heat. Marinades help hold in the juices. Good Luck!

Mom of 3 boys (10,7,4)

The first question I have, is the chicken frozen or thawed? If it is thawed try putting the chicken on first and do not put it drictely over the flame. Or my mom boils it first then cooks it.

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Hi M. ~

After years of cooking, I've found the best way to cook chicken on the grill is to first rinse the chicken very thoroughly in cold water.

Put the pieces into a large leakproof zip-loc type bag, and pour Italian dressing into the bag until all pieces are well coated.

Let it sit for as long as you want, but at least 1 hour before cooking (in the refrigerator).

Use a medium heat (too hot causes flame-ups) and cook the chicken until it tears away from the bone with a fork. Probably 30 minutes each side for cooking time.

If you use charcoal, be patient and wait for the coals to turn white before starting the chicken.

We've never had 'dried out' chicken since I've been cooking it this way....it browns on the outside and stays juicy inside, and the dressing doesn't really change the flavor! You can still add barbeque sauce the last 15 minutes if you want. Good luck!


Hi M.,

The key is to slow-cook it. Heat the grill only to a temperature of about 300 degrees. Then turn the burners to medium-low or even turn one off if you have 3 or more burners (the rest on medium). Put the chicken on skin-side UP first, with the lid closed. If it has bones in it, it will take much longer to cook than boneless breasts. (total of 45-55 minutes for bone-in, 20-25 for boneless). Turn it over about halfway through the cook time, and try to keep the temp steady around 300. Also check for flames (caused by oil dripping on the burners). Move the chicken away from flames if they appear. Good luck! A.

I suggest letting the charcoal start to ash first and the put the chicken on the grill. Dont't put the chicken directly on the flames. Chicken is tricky to cook. I hope this works. Good Luck, V.

Hello M.:

Chicken can be difficult on the grill....especially if it's greasy, it will start a fire! If it's a whole chicken keep your grill as low as it will go and check often. Otherwise just get chicken breasts and marinade.....less grease and taste better.


Get a man!!
No seriously, don't have the flames too high, don't cook the chicken over a real hot fire.
Best to marinate the chicken overnigt or a few hours seems to make it more tender, and you don't have seared outside and red inside.
I used to boil the chicken till nearly cooked before putting it on the grill, but I lke the marinating better.
Hope this helps..J.

Hi there,

It sounds like the fire is too hot and too high. Use less charcoal and don't let it burn so long before adding the chicken.

Also, you can marinade the chicken overnight which should keep it nice and moist.

You can practice in your oven's broiler before transitioning to the grill. Sometimes it's easier if you are working with a controlled temperature.

Practice, practice, practice!

Check out http://www.allrecipes.com for great, easy recipes.

Sorry I don't really have any earth-shattering advice.
I would make sure the fire is not too hot. Keep a close eye on the meat, should only need about 4-5 minutes per side for boneless chicken breasts. Maybe use a heavy duty foil? Good luck!

I am the grillmaster! First turn the heat down. keep at about med.-or low fire for gas - for charcoal about four hand fulls. make sure grill is clean. You don't want your chicken right on the fire. About 2-3 inches from fire. On your first turn of your chicken if it sticks then its not ready to be turned. then repeat turn. till inside is cook and outside is brown.
Hope this helps

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