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Advice on Disneyworld (FL)

We're thinking of going this year, and don't know how to navigate through all the information out there! Is it worth going to a pricey hotel for fewer nights....or a cheaper hotel for longer? Should we look for a home to rent? Is there a way to not break the bank?! Thanks in advance...

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Oh M., I am so excited for you! My husband & I took our daughter almost two years ago and we still talk about it like we just got back. We did all of our travel arrangements with Disney in a package with one of their cheaper resorts and did the meal plan....best thing we ever did. It was so nice after a long day to hop on one of the shuttles back to the resort. The Meal plan saved us a TON of money! If you don't do anything else I would definitely recommend you splurging for the meal plan because I'm sure it will be cheaper than paying for the food at the resort. We ate at some very nice places that if we hadn't done the meal plan we could never had afforded.

Luckily, this year we might go back for FREE from my job...I sell Tupperware and I'm very close to earning my free trip!

Good Luck in your planning!

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Hi! I used to work at Disney World and know about a lot of the options out there. It really depends on what you plan on doing while you are down there. Will you have a car? Will you be seeing other things besides Disney, like Universal and SeaWorld? If you are just staying going to Disney and not renting a car, I would stay on one of their properties since they have shuttle service to all the different areas. The cheaper Disney resorts are the All-Stars and Pop Century. They are still nice rooms, but do not offer some of the things that the pricier hotels do. However, some of those resorts are a lot of fun. If you do stay at a cheaper resort on property, you can still go and visit the other resorts and experience their dinning oportunities and check it out for the future.

There are also a lot of places off property that offer shuttle services to the parks, but they probably won't run as often. A good place to check for cheaper hotels is in Kissimmee.

You can email me at ____@____.com if you have any more questions or want me to go further into detail.

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there is a great book on Disneyw that I believe you can buy from Amazon.com that gives wonderful info. My sister used it and found out, for example, if you want to have lunch with the princesses you have to make a reservation way in advance and it tells you how. There are also other great things the book tells you that most people do not know that makes the experience a better value.

We are going next month and found a wonderful house to rent. www.orlando4villas.com Then I found a service that will buy your groceries and deliver them to the house. www.wegoshop.com We have a large family, so this was the most cost effective way for us. Also on the rental site, they have links and packages to buy park tickets. We found our airline tickets from www.kayak.com best days to look are mondays and tuesday, since flight prices change thruout the week. We are sooo excited!! Hope you have fun too!

No. YOu don't have to go to a pricey hotel. There are people who have their own travel agencies and have websites (like Travelocity) where you can get discounts on EVERYTHING from flights to buying flowers and rental cars. My girlfriend has one. That's about all she does. It's her thriving business since everyone's wanting/needing discounts these days. Want me to give you her web address?

a good friend of mine is on the mom's panel - created for these types of questions. He (the only dad) is a true expert - you can find him and info at the below link.

Send anyone who is going to Disney to the Mom's Panel for advice:


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