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Advice on Decorating Doc Band

Hi Moms. I am looking into painting my son's Doc Band and just wanted some input from those of you that have done this yourself. I was just wondering if you could let me know what kind of paint and sealers you used. I know cranial tech. told me to use acrylic paints and to seal it, but I just wanted to know what brands worked out (or didn't work) for you. Any other suggestions/info. would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.

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We primed, painted and we used stencils. We used a blue paint and the stencils were moon & stars that we used yellow paint on. It was very cute. We would touch it when it was needed!

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I don't remember the exact brand, but we did exactly as they say. We got the acrylic from Michaels and also got some stickers there and used two coats of blue paint. Added stickers, and then used a clear sealer over that. It did start to look a little beat up right at the end, but worked pretty well.

One other thing - go to the yahoo group for plagiocephaly and there are a ton of people who will help you! We found a lot of support there. I am sure they could give you brands.

I cant remember the brand...but it doesnt make a difference.

The key is to PRIME the DOC Band first. Two coats should do it and then paint with the acrylic paint. Seal it either with a clear coat lacquer. You can then add some not so perm. stickers and decoposh it. Or you can add rub on's and seal it with lacquer for perm. solution. If you want to paint something do it before you seal it with the lacquer.

I loved how my DD turned out! This is about a two day project.

Hi J.,

I don't remember what brand or type of paint I used but I do know you want to use a primer. I went to the trouble of painting my daughters DOC band only to have the paint peel right off as soon as I finished. Once I used a primer, the psint worked fine. I'm sure I used acrylic paint as the base as recommended. I then used rub on stickers for the detailed design then applied the sealer.

Have fun with it.


Stickers for the scrapbooking department worked out fine for our daughters helmet, and that way you can change them out. When you paint it, your kind of committed to that look, and it's fun to decorate! Good Luck

It's been over ten years ago, but at the time we just decorated my son's with stickers. He could pick them out and i just changed them as they got old and dirty.

I did not prime mine first, and I used a light blue Delta Creamcoat Acrylic from the craft store. I would do 2 coats of the paint while my son was in the bath. I used a fan to dry them in between ... they dried really quick. Then I used stickers from the scrapbook section. They can't be too big or they will look all wrinkley. I had the best luck with the the ones that were thin around the edge and puffy in the middle. I found a set that said "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of" in individual letters with little snails, lizards and puppies done in light blue and light green. Once the stickers were on I did 2 coats of the sealer in the same brand. I ended up peeling it off once during his treatment and repainting it which I thought was pretty good since he was learning to crawl and walk. I also occasionally would touch up any chips. In hindsight, I would have had my husband take it up to the car dealership where he works and have them paint it like a car is ... I didn't even think about it at the time. Side note: Cafe Press has a line of onesies and t-shirts that are too cute! Some of the ones I bought were: "Cranial Bands Rock!", "No, my mom's not just overprotective", "Stop staring, just ask my mom (I was never brave enough to have him wear this one)", "Helmet laws stink". It was a nice icebreaker for people to comment on instead of just looking at him. Good luck, it goes by so fast.

I had a friend that used the rub on stickers that they could was off.

We primed, painted and we used stencils. We used a blue paint and the stencils were moon & stars that we used yellow paint on. It was very cute. We would touch it when it was needed!

I chose not to paint my son's DocBand, I was afraid it would chip or peel. We used stickers. I changed the stickers according to what he was wearing, what holiday it was, things he liked, we put his name across the front and always got lots of compliments!

Good luck during this time of your life...it really is a short time....and a major change, I love going back and looking at Timothy's DocBand and the mold of his head, I can't believe he was ever that small!

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