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Advice on Child Sticking Things up Their Nose.

My daughter stuck a tiny ball up her nose from a fake plant. Its more tiny than a pea. She stuck 3 in her nose. I got 2 out and the last one is stuck pretty far up her nose. She is only 2 and her nose is so tiny I don't want to hurt her little self. what can I try to do before I take her to see her doctor to get it out?

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My 3 year old does this all the time! I agree with the other moms-take her to the Dr. Also, please,please,please keep an eye on her. My daughter sticks anything up her nose, even tissue & toilet paper. She got some toilet paper stuck very deep in her nose & we didn't know about for who knows how long? Finally, her breath started to smell REALLY bad even with more than 3x daily teeth brushing. Took her the Dr. & found out there was toilet paper stuck very deep into her nose. It was bacteria around the stuck toilet paper that was causing the smell. I felt AWFUL. I couldn't believe I had not seen or known that was there.

Here is how to save yourself the er fees.... I took my now 6 but 3 then daughter to the er because she stuck a bead up her nose at daycare. The doctor - all he did really was tell me what to do. I plugged the opposite nose hole (not the one with the bead) and then blew 3 quick breaths into her mouth. This got the Star bead out to the end of her nose where tweezers were able to get it out.... The er did scare her though - she never stuck anything up her nose again... Good luck - worth a try before rushing in...

I would not try to take it out because you can make it go even deeper which can make it worse. I would just take her to the docter.

I actually did this when I was a small child. We went to the doctor (who was also my uncle, so we totally trusted him) and he said it was a good thing my mom took me to the doctor because if it (a pencil eraser) was any furter up my nose then they would have had to do surgery to get it out. He said that the longer you wait before seeing the doctor, the more chance there is of the object getting stuck further up in the nose. Error on the side of being overly cautious and take you child to the doctor.

My daughter stuck some foam from a toy mop up her nose when she was little. I called the Dr who didn't think it was a big deal. I was afraid it would block off her breathing, so I took her to the ER. The Dr there told me first to blow into her mouth to see if it would come out and it came closer, but to big to fit back through so he took a long set of tweezers and pulled it out. If you haven't tried a nose asperater maybe that might work also. Good luck hope it helps.

I had to take my (now) 2 yr old to the ped a month or two ago because he had stuck 2 cheerios up his nose and only one came out. He did sneeze the one out, the other must have come out before the dr's visit (they wanted to see him). The dr said to calmly tell him no food up the nose/ear and if he continues either take the food away or time out. She said that if we yell, react, etc they think it's funny or cool so to be as blase as possible and eventually he'll learn it's not that much fun. He's cut back some, but it is scary. I think it's also their personality. My ds wants to see how everything works and what goes where. Good luck!

I agree with Monica. I worked in a childcare facility where this sort of thing happened very often. The doctors know what they are doing and have special instruments for extracting objects from the nose. I know it seems too simple for a doctor's visit, but I believe it is necessary.

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