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Advice on Changing My Ob Gyn Mid Pregnancy

I am wondering if anyone has experience or thoughts on changing a OB gyn mid pregnancy. I am twenty weeks pregnant with my first child and as you can imagaine this is all new to me. I like my OB but every time I see her I really feel that the appointment is rushed and that makes me nervous because I think that is when mistakes happen. Don't get me wrong she is kind and answers my questions, but I feel that I have gotten considerably more information from my" What to Expect" book than from her. For example, I would have not known that in the fourth month of pregnacy that I couldn't sleep on my back any longer had it not been for the book. This week she was in such a hurry that she booked my ultrasound for the wrong month. ( I had no way of knowing that this was wrong. To me, I don't know the difference between week 20 and week 24.) Has anyone changed a doctor mid pregnancy? What should I consider? Any recommendations for a doctor at Northwestern who is female and taking new patients?

Any help you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated!

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I don't know if she is taking new patients but I love my OB. She has been with me through two pregnancies (one vaginal and the other c-section) and she was wonderful through both...kind, patient and informative. She is part of an all woman's practice and I liked the other doctors that I saw in the practice. Her name is Dr. Dayne Salasche with Obstetric & Gyn Specialists and the phone number is ###-###-####.

Good luck!

I agree that you should speak up about how you feel. I go to a practice of all females that delivers at Northwestern, but they are large and I don't know how you feel about that.
Unfortunatly I think a lot of practices out there are busy and they don't give patients the time they deserve.
Let me know if you want my docs name.

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In my experience, doctors do tend to focus less on all the details that you can get in the "What to Expect" book. Maybe they're busy, maybe they assume you're reading it and know, maybe they don't think it's as big of a deal. I had an OB appointment yesterday and the doctor almost walked out of the room before she realized I wasn't done asking questions. As for the books and everything, I think there is way too much information available to us and given to us unsolicited that we feel like our doctors should be giving us just as much when we see them for appointments. This is my second pregnancy and with that new perspective, I realize now that so many things I worried about the first time aren't as big of a deal. But I do not mean to minimize how you're feeling - by all means, you deserve a doctor who makes you feel comfortable and secure, and who you feel is "with it". 20 weeks isn't too late to switch doctors, so if that's what would make you feel better I think it's the right thing to do. And when you're looking for a doctor, explain what you don't like about your current doctor's style and ask if the new doctor has a different, more informative attitude. Good luck with your search and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

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If you are not comfortable with your doctor, they by all means try to change. Especially if you explain your feelings to the new doctor, I'm sure she'll understand.

I wanted a female doctor, too. The one I got I did not like at all! In the end I switched to a male doctor, and he is wonderful. I'm so glad I switched to a doctor I could trust and who took time with me and explained everything. I would take gender off the table at this point and try to find a doctor who you can really talk to and who will be sympathetic to your current situation to switch.

I think it is very important for you to speak up about how you feel. Tell your doctor exactly what you said in your post- that you are getting more info from a book than from her. Tell her that you feel rushed at your appointments and that you have been thinking of switching practices. As an ob/gyne nurse who works in an office setting, I can tell you that this will not only get her attention but make her more attentive to your needs. If it doesn't, then it really is time to switch.

Women switch offices all the time - its really no big deal and there is always someone out there who will take on your care. Just make sure to get your records before leaving your current office so that you can bring them with you to your first appointment - this is VERY important!!! The docs I work for deliver out of ENH, but if you are interested in switching hospitals let me know and I can give you some more info on our place.

Best of luck!! And congratulations!!


I agree with a lot of the advice given here. Trust your gut - it is not too late to switch. My sister-in-law switched from a doctor to midwives in her last month of pregnancy because the doctor was threatening to do a C-section because she had a larg baby. She ended up delivering the baby completely naturally.

I myself switched from Northwestern to the midwives at North Shore Ob/Gyn (Debi Lesnick and Gaye) for my first pregnancy - and it was wonderful.

For my second - I delivered with the midwives at West Suburban (Gayle Riedmann and company) because I wanted to use the Alternative Birthing Center - and it was a wonderful experience as well.

Do consider switching to midwives - as others have said - they provide more hands-on attention - and they will be with you throughout labor as opposed to a doctor. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Have you considered midwives. When I went through my first pregnancy, I felt really uncomfortable with the doctors because at my hospital I seemed to get a different one every time. When I found out I was a low risk pregnancy I switched to midwives and it was the best decision I could have made. I had a lot more say in the delivery room and with keeping my daughter with me instead of them taking her after she was born. I opted for a drugfree birth, but they are all nurses so if drugs is your thing they can do that to, and you would be delivering in the hospital, so that if anything went wrong the doctor is just a whistle away. The wait for the visits is minimal, and my midwives were mothers too so they gave me advice and treated me like a person and not a patient. It was so great i went to them when I became pregnant with my second child. If you need any help, please feel free to email me.

1st off - if you are following "what to expect when you are expecting" as the bible and comparing it to what the obgyn has to say- of course you will be nervous. What to expect is extreme. It's like the nazi of everything you should/ should not be doing in a pregnancy- kind of like how mom's used to follow Dr Spock's advise word for word. FYI: I am in my 3rd trimester of 2nd pregnancy- and guess what? I sleep on my back or my sides (I just miss sleeping on my tummy).

No matter who you go to- you need to go prepared with questions. If you follow your book- ask her or another doc or the midwives about the advise it is giving you or questions that it may bring up. Write down questions ahead of time so that you can remember to go through them.

My first pregnancy was with midwives, second pregnancy with the doctor.

I had Dr. Chen who delivered my daughter at Northwestern. She is with the NMPG group at 680 N. Lakeshore Dr. I don't know if I would change doctors, but next time-so in with a list of things you want to ask, if she is too busy to answer your questions, then I would leave. Especially for first time mothers, you want someone to reassume you and make you feel comfortable. I felt extremely comfortable with the group that Dr Chen is with. I saw Dr Garvey, Dr Chen as well as some others there too. Unless you are going to a small OB practice, the doctor you are seeing may not be the doctor that delivers your baby.

I did a seminar on pregnancy, health, fitness and nutrition and discussed patient's rights out there. Based on that seminar, someone approached me about changing mid-pregnancy b/c she felt like she was not happy with how her doctor handled answering her questions. She ended up leaving NMH OB office and went to Evanston midwife group and was so happy she made the change, even though she had to travel from the city, it was worth it to her. I saw a midwife, and I got either a 30-min or 60-min of her undivided attention appt. I really liked it b/c she really got to know me and my husband. It was a great experience for me and can't imagine the average 8-min appt you get in an OB office. Here is your first experience on where you have to trust your mommy instincts, one of many to come! You should always interview your doctors so you feel good about your decision. Good luck.

I agree that you should speak up about how you feel. I go to a practice of all females that delivers at Northwestern, but they are large and I don't know how you feel about that.
Unfortunatly I think a lot of practices out there are busy and they don't give patients the time they deserve.
Let me know if you want my docs name.

Hi! I had to change doctors halfway through my pregnancy due to moving. I loved my first doctor, and so did my fiance, but luckily I found a great new practice in Orland. I'm not one for confrontation so I wouldn't be good at talking to the doctor about a situation like yours, but if you do decide to switch drs I would just say do it soon! I had some difficulties switching even with the circumstances, but most doctors won't let you change after 28 weeks or so. Good luck!

I changed from my (female) Ob to a certified nurse midwife at 28 weeks for my first pregnancy and I'm glad I did. It wasn't that big of a deal. All of the little things I worried about didn't end up amounting to much, but having a caregiver who would take the time to answer my questions took a huge load off of my mind. Giving birth to your first child is a big deal and a huge thing to wrap your mind around. You may as well be around someone who respects this.

I went to Debbie Lesnick's practice up in Evanston and had nothing but a great experience. Find someone you feel comfortable with; you'll be glad you did.

I am so sorry to hear you are going through this right now! I can completely empathize with you, I went through the same thing. I was seeing a doctor at a very "reputable" practice at Northwestern. I too, felt rushed and just like another number. My thoughts were that this would be the practice delivering my first baby and if I felt uncomfortable and rushed with them at appointments, how would I feel when I was ready to deliver. This is an unacceptable way to treat a woman. I changed practices at 30 weeks. I was welcomed with open arms to the Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group. http://www.nmpg.com/default.aspx?page=article&article...
I actually delivered with the Midwives who are absolutely wonderful!!! I refer everyone I know to the midwives group due to my phenomenal delivery. I delivered my son 100% natural in 30 minutes on Thanksgiving Day (if you would like additional information about how I achieved this send me an e-mail). Also, if I can answer any other questions for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Much Love,


*P.S. Jennifer Lynch CNM, MS delivered my son.

I think you have to go with your gut on this one. Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group has several good female doctors and I had very good experiences with them with both of my pregnancies. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

I switched to a Midwives practice when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I switched from a "fancy" loop-based O.B. practice because my experience was very similar to the one you describe -- the O.B. practice rushed appts, I was circulated between 3 different physicians and they scheduled an ultrasound at week 30 instead of week 20 (and I am 39 y.o., and didn't know i was supposed to have a scan at week 20).

Like Marlese, I switched to North Shore Associates (the Midwives Debbie L. and Gaye K.). They are really wonderful!!! I received excellent, thorough care. I highly recommend them. Also, there are several doctors in the practice, so if your pregnancy is (or becomes) high-risk, the midwives and doctors collaborate. Even though Gaye (a C.N.M.) provided my prenatal care, I ended up having an emergency c-setion because my baby was breech when my water broke. The midwives continued to provide follow-up care after the baby was born. Don't be afraid to switch if you aren't totally comfortable with your current provider. Your pregnancy is a very special event!

Hi A.,

I think you do really want to feel comfortable, and not rushed with your OB.

If you do decide to change - I totally recommend Dr. Parul Gupta at Northwestern - ###-###-####

She is competely amazing - really sensitive and patient - she will answer all your questions, and help you feel at ease.


all your apts right now should be quick but i felt a bit like you during my pregnancy. all they do is check your blood pressure and your baby's heart rate. just demand her time if you want. ask questions. if you really want to change, you'd love erin king at progressive care for women. she is sooo nice. good luck.

I remember those first pregnancy jitters. I too went to Northwestern and I saw Dr. Tim Garvey who is just the sweetest and most relaxed Dr there. I love him! I actually told him after baby number two that I was considering a third just too keep him as a doctor. I quickly came to me senses and had my husband nutered. But Dr. Tim Garvey is a dream. Just remember though that Northwestern is a group facility and Dr. Garvey didn't actually deliver either of my kids. Also, just an FYI, when you deliver they won't let you leave until you have a pediatrician listed. I highly recommend Dr.Chandra-Puri(also at Northwestern), she is so great with first time moms. She has four small kids of her own(her oldest is seven) so she totally gets it. Hope this helps.

Looks like you've gotten a TON of advice but I'll ad my 2 cents anyhow! I would HIGHLY recommend at least looking around to find someone you're more comfortable with and would even more highly recommend checking out certified nurse midwives. I think that you really want the whole pregnancy and birth experience to be as positive as possible. I see the CNMs associated with Swedish Covenant Hospital (where we had our little one). Every visit was wonderful and I left with SO MUCH information - almost felt like I should bring a notebook. They usually answered all questions I had even before I got to answer them :)

You should definitely definitely change if you are not completely comfortable with your OB. When you show up in labor, is this the person you want delivering your baby? If not, switch. 20 weeks is a fine time to switch.

If your pregnancy isn't "high risk" I really like the midwives group at NMPG if you want a delivery at Northwestern. My favorite there is Ariel Darrenger. A Midwife will spend a lot more time with you than an OB will, and will be there through most (all?) of your labor, unlike an OB who will show up just in time to catch the baby.

All you need to do to switch is get a copy of your prenatal charts and bring them to your first appointment with your new care provider. I actually established care with 2 groups for my current pregnancy in case my current group of midwives (Gayle Reidmann at West Suburban - who I *love*, btw) weren't able to find a backup for my upcoming VBAC (I think they have this figured out now - yay!) It was as easy as contacting my family doctor, scheduling an appointment, and bringing in my records.

FYI, some groups won't accept new patients after 28 weeks, so you might want to call first, and do it sooner rather than later. That said, I know people who have switched as late as 36 weeks!

I changed OB at the end of my first trimester. I wondering if we had the same dr. because she too was very rushed with me and didn't give me any information at my appts. I was a new mom and needed more support and guidance!!
I switched drs. and I am SO happy that I did. My new OB was kind, informative, and always made me feel so special. Not sure where you want to deliver or where you live, but I delivered at Rush and it was a great experience. The rooms are a little outdated, but the nursing staff and my doctor made it a wonderful experience. If you need recommendations, I highly recommend Dr. Archarya. He sees patients out of his Oak Park office. That is only 12 miles from West Loop and it's 3 blocks off of 290. A quick drive.
Hope this helps!

I too always had a feeling of being rushed at all my appointments for both of my pregnancies, but most of the time it didn't bother me. However, if I ever did have a question or concern, they had no problems talking to me at my practice. I do think they assume you are reading the books. Since they saw me so much and they knew I was reading the books, my appointments were quick. I remember that at my earlier appointments they would mention something and I said I read that already. So I think they knew that I knew a lot of that general stuff and didn't have to tell me. And most of the time it was the nurse who mentioned the general stuff to me. The Drs were there really just to make sure the baby was growing properly and that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They assume that if you think something is wrong you will tell them. So, I say talk to your Dr. If after speaking to them you still don't feel comfortable then by all means find a Dr or midwife that you are comfortable with.

Dear A., I'm not sure what you explain is a unique situation - my practice is always running late and I see my OB for about 5 minutes per visit. I actually am quite pleased by the quick visits, however, I'd be less so if it was my first pregnancy. Therefore, I'd be inclined to tell your current OB how you feel and give her a chance to respond to the constructive criticism.

Best of luck!

I don't know if she is taking new patients but I love my OB. She has been with me through two pregnancies (one vaginal and the other c-section) and she was wonderful through both...kind, patient and informative. She is part of an all woman's practice and I liked the other doctors that I saw in the practice. Her name is Dr. Dayne Salasche with Obstetric & Gyn Specialists and the phone number is ###-###-####.

Good luck!

I switched from my OB to a midwife at 33/34 weeks. I wasn't happy at all with Prentice, and although my OB was very good, I knew that the birth would not be the low key event I needed. My doula recommended the North Shore Midwives (Debbie and Gaye###-###-####). They were very welcoming and I had the beautiful natural birth of my dreams at Evanston Northwestern Hospital. They also deliver at St. Francis which has a spectacular maternity ward, but if they're already delivering somebody else at Evanston Northwestern, then you'll be there too. It's not a big deal to switch; your records can be faxed to the new doctor. You should really go where you're most comfortable and with someone you feel good about. You might want to consider midwives since they'll spend more time with you. But it's really your responsibility to read your books and know what's up and then ask your doc/midwife any questions you may still have.

I switched from the docs at NMPG (Northwestern Memorial Physicians group) to their midwives around week 30 or 34 (can't remember)... it was a decision that I made with my doctor (who I really liked) based on the kind of birth I was hoping for.

The midwives work with fewer patients and therefore have more time to spend with each of them. They are supportive, patient and kind. Best of all, if you need any kind of intervention, you're still delivering at Prentice and the docs from MNPG are there at all times. I ended up getting an epidural, but my midwife delivered my baby and did an AMAZING job! I watched her do it, pushed for about 30 minutes and had on teeny, tiny tear which I attribute entirely to A. and her know-how as most babies who pop out that quickly create a LOT of damage!

Just my experience. Good luck!

Hi A.

First of all, don't worry about changing OB's. Just make an appt for another provider and then ask that your records be sent over. They may not even know you are gone. They really don't take these things personally.

BUT, why don't you try a nurse midwife? It sounds like you want someone to tailor your care to your specific needs and to take time to answer your questions. Midwives do that very well. They will also hold your hand during your entire labor, not just dash in at the end. Most insurances pay for them the same as a regular OB. Just go for a meet and greet....I bet you won't go back to your MD ever.

The birth of your child is a very important part of your life experience, you should be as choosey about your OB as you would be buying a new car. Research and test drive.


I switched doctors at 12 weeks and was so glad I did. My first OB would not give me the time of day even though it was a small group only 2 drs. I too go to NMPG. I was terrified about going into a group with 8 drs and half of them male. I can honestly say after seeing all of them at some point in my pregnancy I would have had any of them deliever my baby with no problem what so ever. You need to be comfortable. Dr. McNair has never ever rushed me out of an appointment and has always been available for questions. Switch now and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

just fyi: lying on your back isnt the worst thing you can do, so not telling you that isn't so bad. however, the rest of it regarding rushed appointments certainly indicate that a change might be good. I went to a northwestern practice at 680 n lakeshore. It is a women's practice. My doctor was Dr. Shari Goldman but I preferred the doctor who delivered my daughter Dr. McMahon. The practice is busy. It is also a very medical model of practice eg they have news clips on the wall about the joys of scheduled inductions and they or at least Dr. Goldman isnt so enthused about doulas or birth tubs or anything slightly less medical. But if you want a medical model, they are all very competent. Another practice in the same building has a dr. Scott Mozer and I hear great things about them. He is supposed to be really caring. I know you said you wanted a female practice and I normally look for the same but recently some of my male docs have turned out to be more caring and better listeners (I am not saying that is gender related, I mean that sometimes it is the doctor rather than the gender that matters). if you don't like the practice you are in, then definitely change. Also the book "The Pregnancy Bible" is really good. I found it even better than what to expect.. Also the nutrition section in what to expect is crazy. you would put on 50lbs if you went by it.

Hi A. -

I'm pregnant for the first time as well (14 weeks). When I found out I was pregnant, I began researching OB-GYNs to switch to. I'll admit that I was a nervous wreck about it because, as I am originally from Ohio, I don't have any family in the area, and only a few friends with kids to get advice from. After internet research, a few calls (and some praying!) I settled on one. I have been extremely happy and felt I've made a good connection with the doctor. I go to Women's Health Consulting and see Dr. Hite ###-###-####). They do deliver at NW.

He fit me in right away (another place I tried wouldn't see me until I was 8 weeks pregnant, and I didn't want to wait that long). I feel he's spent adequate time with me and lets me ask as many questions as I need. I know you prefer a female doctor...I always did too, but I feel fine with him. When he did a physical exam on my first visit, he had a female nurse in the room as well. There are also two female doctors on staff so you could see one of them. (http://www.whc3700.com/who_we_are.htm)

This wasn't a mid-pregnancy switch, but I hope the advice helps. I certainly think you should switch to someone you feel more comfortable with, and would be doing the same if I were you.


Hi A.,
I am 29 weeks pregnant and just changed my OBGYN. I had to because I moved back home from Mexico to have my baby. I saw a doctor through ENH Medical Group and am happy with her so far. There are about 8 different OBGYN doctors in the group who work together. Any of them can be on call when you go into labor, so I was told that it's a good idea to get to know them all. The number is ###-###-####. I believe that there are three women in the group. I have two friends who are also patients of the group and are happy. If you do decide to change doctors, which you have every right to do, make sure to bring your medical records, and all the questions you have. I had about fifteen questions and the doctor patiently answered them. Also, they have this cool online system where you can access your medical records and email your doctor. I emailed her with a question and she responded the next day.

Good luck,

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