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Advice on Almost 15Month Old's Rash

My daughter just got a rash a day ago on her vagina. I thought it was a diaper rash at first, but there are little red bumps on her. She has only ever had one diaper rash and it didn't look like this before. I was thinking it could be a yeast infection or just a rash? I am very unsure about it I should keep using diaper rash cream or if I should keep the area as dry as possible. Also, she has been sitting on the potty every night before bed and going pee. We started early since she was interested in the potty, so maybe the rash has something to do with sitting on her own potty..hmm. Any advice or tips would be great! Thank you.

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I took my daughter to the doctor for her 15month well check up and to get the rash looked it. The doctor said it was a yeast infection and prescribed a cream to apply 2 to 3 times a day. I used the cream a few times and it seemed to make it worse. So, I kepted the area extra dry and changed her many times. Air drying also helped a lot also. The area was almost completely gone within a week.Oh, I also read about natural ways to cure a yeast infection and a lot has to do with the diet you have your child on. During that week, I with held giving her breads and juice since yeast feeds off of sweets and carbs. I am just thankful that its almost completely gone! Thanks so much to all that responded to my request!!! (:

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It sounds like it might be a yeast infection. Otherwise, it might be a chemical you are using to clean the potty and the residue is left on it. Perhaps try cleaning with regular dish soap and then using a Clorox disinfectant wipe on it instead of a normal bathroom cleaner (if that's what you do...?).

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It sounds like it might be a yeast infection. Otherwise, it might be a chemical you are using to clean the potty and the residue is left on it. Perhaps try cleaning with regular dish soap and then using a Clorox disinfectant wipe on it instead of a normal bathroom cleaner (if that's what you do...?).

My daughter has had those red bumps before too. I notice it when I use Pampers wipes or store brand diapers. As soon as I quit using the wipes or diapers, it goes away. I think, in our case at least, that it's an allergic reaction to something in the products. Have you changed wipes, soaps or diapers at all? I suppose it is possible that she could be allergic to the toilet paper, if you're using any. I would try to keep the area dry when you can, and keep using the diaper rash cream. We prefer Balmex, but any kind would probably work. When you put it on, use a nice thick layer. If it were a yeast infection it would be a very angry red color and warm to the touch. That's what my friends daughter's looked like anyway. Hers also spread all over the area covered by the diaper. If, after making any changes to rule out an allergic reaction, it doesn't go away, you may want to call her doc just to be on the safe side.

Hi A.,
My daughters had experienced the same type of rash and we were able to link it to grapes and raisins. Every time our daughters ate either grapes or raisins, they would break out into a rash in the vagina area and diaper rash creme seemed to make it worse.

It may not be grapes or raisins, but it would definitely be fruit related, since her urine is probably the source of her rash.

Our doctor recommended using "Lotromin for jock itch." Seems weird, but you will be amazed at the results. It took away the pain and you could see the rash healing within a couple of hours.

Hope this helps...

If it is in fact a yeast infection, any kind of over the counter cream should help clear it up. If you use fabric softner in the wash with her panties (if she wears them) my advice is to stop using it in with them. If you give her bubble baths, you should stop using those as well. We have had to do both with my S/Ds because they were both getting yeast infections A LOT! If she is wearing panties, make sure she changes them everyday and that they are changed as soon as she has an accident in them. This is something else we have had to keep up on. If it does happen to be a diaper rash, I suggest Resinol.....I LOVE THIS STUFF! I use it on EVERYTHING! You can get it at Wal-Mart but you have to get it from the pharmacy and it is behind the counter. It is NOT a RX, but that's where they keep it. Good luck and don't worry, things like this come up ALL the time and you just have to chalk it up to a learning experience. Believe me, I have found out the hard way about things......3 daughters in the house will do that too you....lol. God Bless!

Def sounds like a yeast infection. My ped said that no diaper rash cremes will work on a yeast infection. I suggest you either try something over the counter for yeast infections, like Monistat, or take her in to see her doctor and get something prescribed. My daughter had a yeast infection, it looked awful, and within a few hours even of using the prescription my doctor ordered it looked much better. Good luck!!

sounds like a yeast infection lotrimin over the counter ( the kind sold for jock itch works usually in just one or two applications at nightbefore bed)

Have you changed laundry soap or fabric softner? Do you use moist wipes or toilet paper when she wipes? Have you changed the brand of either of those? Just asking.

Hi A.,

Sounds like you're right to think it's a yeast infection. I have a 2yr old boy & he gets them on his bottom within ONE diaper change (and we NEVER let him stay wet/dirty).

Our pediatrician gave us an antifungal to keep at home so that when we notice he may be getting a yeast rash we can treat it right away.

I'd say get it diagnosed by your Dr. first and then ask for an antifungal to use at home. If it IS a yeast rash they can get really bad & really painful pretty quickly (at least my son's do).

good luck!

It sounds like it might be a yeast infection which needs to be treated with a prescriiption. Do not use anything over the counter for this. Take her to the doctor and have the doctor take a look. The doctor will be able to determine for sure if it is just a rash or a yeast infection.


I am 31 and have been married for almost 12 yrs. My husband and I have 3 boys ages 10,7, and 4.

if you really want to be sure, make an appt. The Dr. will be able to tell. but remember what it looks like so if she gets it again, you'll know. they a more prone to yeast infections after the first. You can also look it up in the internet. I used Lotrimin on my daughter, and it worked well, but she is very prone to all types of rashes and stuff now. I try not to make it too dry, as that will cause problems too. especially this time of year. I use Arbonne Baby Products. the wash, oil or lotion, and diaper rash cream. Love them, and it had helped immensely! Also, I don't know if this might apply. a friend of mine was cleaning her training potty with bleach, and her son got sores on his bottom when he used it. The residue splashed up! I guess we CAN be too clean! good luck!

I am sure it is a yeast infection, some children are more prone to them. The infection is caused my moisture and heat in the diaper (obv a diaper is almost always moist and warm)
it is normal, but you need to go to doctor to get a prescription for the cream to treat it.

I would get her to the dr. Sounds kind of like my grandson and he gets those yeast infections. All the cremes just make it worse. It could be something else why take a chance with her.
I forgot to add his yeast just gets in the crack of his butt but will spead when using other cremes.

Are you putting bubble bath in her bath. It will give little girls a yeast infection. We totally had to give up bubbles at bath time for my grandaughter.

Hi A.! I would say it's yeast. I have a daughter who had a similar issue, so we called the pediatrician and they said it was okay to use over the counter Monistat. Smear it on and send her on her way. It should clear up in a couple days. Good luck!

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