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Advice on Air Travel (Do We Need a Passport for a 7-Month Old?)

We have a 7-month old preemie (born 2 months early) who is doing fantastic. We have decided to take a trip to Miami for the weekend. The flight is only 2.5 hours so I'm guessing we can manage that however I'm very concerned about his identification and whether or not he needs a passport. I know it is not international travel but I have heard many stories about babies not being let on planes with just a birth certificate. His passport is in progress but will not be ready in time for our trip. Please advise!

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Thanks so much to all of the moms who have responded...I have found all of your feedback so very helpful. As it turns out, I received my son's passport in the mail today (much earlier than I expected) so we'll bring that just for safe measure! Thanks again!

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I would have no qualms about it. And I've never had any problems getting my daughter on the plane--even when she has her own seat. No one has ever asked for ID for her.

I started traveling with my daughter when she was 5 months old (she is now 2). All you need is a copy of her birth certificate although they usually do not even ask for that. I always give my daughter tylenyol before the flight to ease any ear pain, but she has always done great.


you do not need a passport for a trip to Miami, If you are holding the baby, you will need his birth certificate (sounds ridiculous to have to prove his age at this point, but they still will require it). If he is getting his own seat, you don't need anything (at least for SouthWest). Have a nice trip

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We have two girls ages 4 and 3 and We have traveled to New york, Miami, Texas) and they have not required a passport for the girls. But I guess just to be sure you may want to call the airline

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My 2 1/2 year old has been traveling on planes since he was 8weeks old - I was told once that I needed the birth certificate but they never looked at it. I have never had any trouble getting him on the plane - he loves it. I do suggest though what really helps with their ears is either have them drinking his bottle or sucking on a pacifier. Our physician suggested that which was great when I flew home by my self when he was 8weeks old - he ate and then slept the rest of the way. My son is a thumb sucker so it was really easy for him. Best of luck - it is nice when you can take the car seat because they associate it like a car ride - we didn't do this till he was 2 and we had to purchase a seat for him- before that it was hard to keep him seated once he started walking.

I never had a problem traveling with DD as an infant. I would definitely carry a birth certificate just in case, but we have never been asked for it. You might want to call the airlines directly just to put your mind at ease. They should not be able to prohibit you from boarding without a passport on a domestic flight. In fact, it is not normal to ask for any id for children under age 16 or 17. Have a nice trip!

We've been traveling with my son (now 5) on airplanes since he was 7 months old. I've traveled with and without my husband and have never had a problem in presenting just his birth certificate.
We've flown from Richmond to Florida at least twice I can remember (once to Tampa and once to Miami) and his birth certificate was more than enough for them.
Have a great trip!

Hi S.,
My son was also a preemie. Fredis was 1 month early. I traveled to Chicago with him at 3 mos. You don't need a passport, but you will need either his birth certificate or the little birth notification that was initially sent to you in the mail. Also, make sure you give him either a bottle or a pacifier when taking off or landing. ;0)

You don't need a passport but you should add your child to your airline itinerary, even if they do not have a separate ticket. Having some form of identification is required I believe so have that birth certificate ready. Enjoy your trip.

YES, you do need a passport for the baby if you are traveling outside the country. You can also ask for a rush on the passport for an additional fee. You might want to call the passport agency you mailed to and ask them to expedite it quicker.

good luck,

I would have no qualms about it. And I've never had any problems getting my daughter on the plane--even when she has her own seat. No one has ever asked for ID for her.

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