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This is a little strange for me since all five of my children are adopted. We are looking to adopt one more girl. We have gone through the foster care system to adopt all our other children and don't want to go thatway again. Private adoptions through most agencies are way too expensive. Has anyone adopted through an agency that doesn't want every last dime you have or directly through birthmothers with an atorney? We have a great atorney by are at a loss of which direction to go. We are open to any race. Our oldest is hispanic our 2nd is 1/2 hispanic.

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thank you so much for all your comments. We have decided to go through LDS family Services. We have prayed alot about it and we feel this is where the Lord wants us to go to find our daughter. thank you all again. J.

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I have a friend who has adopted two newborns through an agency called Antioch Adoptions. They are a non-profit organization and there is no cost to adopt if you meet all their qualifications. Look them up and maybe that will work for you.

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Hi, J.;

My husband and I adopted our son from the birthmother with an attorney's help. We didn't have any agency at all, except those required (home inspection, the attorney took care of the rest of the legal stuff). It was/still is great. We didn't know her beforehand. She knew my sister and through got to know me and my husband. She asked us to adopt him and we contacted the baby before he was born. I was there to cut the cord and he has been with me since the very beginning. We have an open adoption as she lives in the same state. But he won't understand what adoption is for a few years, but he hears the word know and will never be blindsided years down the road. He will know that we all loved him and that's all that matters. It didn't cost us more than about $7,000 for the entire thing and a lot of that was travel costs across country at the time. I would say go for it. There are a lot of agencies/churches that know of pregnant women in that circumstance. GOOD LUCK and you're a wonderful person/family for loving all those children. It's never wrong to love children!

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J., I can give you only our personal experience working with an agency. Our son who will soon be turning 15 was adopted at birth through Catholic Community Services in Tacoma. Sorry but they no longer do adoptions. Actually he was referred to Catholic Community Services through DSHS. Our daughter was also adopted at birth through the same agency but her referral came through New Hope but also sorry they have closed there adoption department also.
I can tell you we have open adoptions. We have constant communication with our children's birthfamilies and those that live locally we visit quite often.
Working with these agencies was very positive and the plus was all the counseling the birthfamilies received.
Let us know what you have decided and ask me anything about working with an agency.

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I subscribe to a magazine and they list this website to help families find grants, and pay for the expense of an adoption, as well as navigate the process. The website is http://www.globalorphanoutreach.com/. Hope this is helpful.

I have a friend who has adopted two newborns through an agency called Antioch Adoptions. They are a non-profit organization and there is no cost to adopt if you meet all their qualifications. Look them up and maybe that will work for you.

hi there,
not sure if you're drawn to adopting a girl from china. but our friends just did and it was a wonderful experience! if you're interested i'd be happy to connect you with them.

Our adoption took us overseas to bring home our son. My dear friend adopted through the foster system here in WA and just completed a private adoption through a Utah or California agency about 15 months ago. She was at the hospital during the birth. It's a little late tonight but I'll call her in the morning and see if I can reach her. She doesn't have internet at the moment of I'd send her the link to your post. Best of luck to you!

EDITED TO ADD: I spoke with my friend and the agency she used was Amara. She had a good experience with them. I hope that helps.

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My husband and I have a 3 year old son of our own and recently looked into adoption. We found a wonderful place that has free adoption. It is through the Antioch Bible church in Kirkland, WA and their mission is to find homes for the millions of orphans. The ages range from infants to older kids. I can't tell you any more because our first meeting with them is this Friday. But, you can find out a lot of information on their website antiochadoptions.org.

I don't know about now but 18 years ago Girls & Boys aid society worked on a sliding scale with qualified parents. It is a not for profit organization.

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