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Advice on 4-Year-old Peeing Day/Night

I'm so incredibly frustrated with my daughter's peeing everywhere. She is still wearing pull-ups at night ... actually two at a time because she goes through them. (I try to limit liquids 1 hour before bed even though she's whining that she's thirsty. She'll also swallow as much tooth brushing water as she can.) The other problem is the peeing during the day. She is absolutely potty trained. Still about once or twice a day she'll pee at pre-K or not make it to the toilet in time. She also (95% of the time) will pee during crying or laughing outbursts. (Usually all over me!) We've tried all the "suggestions" such as limiting liquids, potty every 1.5-2 hours, etc. I REALLY need some direction on a professional that can help. Ideas? I might also add that she is acting up in school and with me being very defiant.

Thank you so much!

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I had this similar problem with my son. He was always going to the bathroom and still having accidents. I thought it was just a boy thing until his preschool teacher told me to take him to the doctor to check for Type I Diabetes. I went that day and a blood test ruled out diabetes. My pediatrician referred me to a urologist and he was diagnosed with overactive bladder. He takes prescription medication everyday and it has really helped. I didn't realize until later how the accidents affected his self esteem. He is eight years old, still sees the urologist yearly, still takes the meds, and still wears Goodnites at night. I urge you to call your pediatrician today!

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I agree with your previous posts. Talk to your pediatrician and even a second opinion until you feel like you've been heard.

Our daughter saw Dr. David Ewalt when she was younger for some kidney issues...http://www.urologyclinics.com/pat4.html

Most definitely, rule out any physical issues before addressing the behavior.

If all is ruled out, then address the potty issues. I have one friend who bought a "potty watch" for their child which goes off at certain intervals to remind them to go potty. If you think it is behavior, you can discuss that with your pediatrician as well....but if she can't help it, you can imagine her frustration.

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I agree with Erikka.... it's medical and you need a doctor. If your regular doctor wasn't concerned before when you mentioned this (I'm sure you did, right?). Then run to another doctor now.

It could be bladder control, diabetes, kidney issues... who knows. The list is too long and it doesn't sound behavioral it sounds medical.

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Excessive thirst and urination are signs of Typr I Diabetes. Chances are that she does not have diabetes but you should get her doctor to check her out.

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The nerve that controls bladder function can acutally be in a bind or mildly pinched. I've heard of several cases where a couple of chiropractic treatments have totally fixed this. Chiros are usually less than $50 a treatment so it might be an option worth checking out.

Also -- limit the amount of caffiene that she drinks and eats. If my son drinks anything with it in it he is likely to have accidents!

I think you've gotten some good advice.

I too think this sounds like a medical problem (rather than behavioral). I think she needs to see a Dr to rule out any physical / medical problems first.

If your ped is not willing to help, find another one who will listen to you. Good luck!

The excessive thirst and frequent urination are medical symptoms. This doesn't sound like a behavioral problem with potty training. Your daughter should be tested for conditions that cause these symptoms such as juvenile diabetes or malformation of the bladder and urethra. Definitely press your doctor and see a specialist if your insurance will let you do that.

Good luck!

i think u should talk to her doctor only b/c the peeing all over you during crying or laughing outbursts doesn't seem normal to me...maybe a bladder problem??
Sorry about your frustration and i hope it gets better for you!

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