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Advice: 1 Month Old Has Rash on Her Face

My 1 month old daughter has developed a rash on her face, scalp and behind her ears. its red and pimply....its begining to itch her now and seems to be aggrevated after we bathe her. She has no fever and the rash doesnt appear on any other part of the body. Can you advice on what we should do?

I am breast feeding her and havent made any changes to my diet.

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Thanks everyone for the advice... spoke to my daughter's ped and he said it was baby acne and nothing to worry about. He recommended applying aveeno baby cream or something similar and said it should go away by 4 months... lets hope that happens. :)

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My daughter had the same type of rash except she also had it on her elbows, I cut out eggs from my diet and it seemed to help quite a bit.

If it does happen to be excema, drinking Aloe Juice could be of great help. I would consult her pediatrician first but I have several friends who's kids had excema and drinking aloe juice keeps them from having outbreaks. It also helps me control my dandruff.

I buy mine from www.marketamerica.com/pgp They have different flavors that actually taste good and can be mixed with water or juices.

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It sounds like baby acne. The itching could be from dry skin but baby acne really doesn't bother them. It's caused by the hormone levels regulating themselves in the baby's body. Don't worry it will go away on it's own.

I know what you are going through. My daughter now 8 1/2 months old has had a rash just about since birth. We thought it might be the formula, but after playing with different formulas there was no change. We use a free and clear laundry detergent and Aveeno baby wash. It seems to clear up a little, but it still seems to flair up not and then. The pediatrician told me it is eczma and that it can be triggered by any allergy or sensitivity even to things in the air!! One thing a friend of mind told me to do is not use any scented laundry products on the baby's clothes. The scents are from oils that are in the detergent and the babies are often sensitive to them. I use All Free & Clear,Bounce Free and Clear fabric softiner sheets and wash everything in warm/hot water to break down any oils that might be in the detergents. It does seem to help. All three of my kids suffer or have suffered with eczema, you really just have to play with things until you find what might be botheringher.

Speak to your pediatrician of course, but at about this time (1mos-3mos) babies get something called rosiola/roseola. Its a red/pink rash on the face and on the body. It is a minor form of measles.
It starts out with a fever of 102 or 104, the baby is cranky, the fever breaks, the rash appears at which point the baby is then fine and the rash disappears in 2 days or so. If not, it might be viral.

It sounds like eczema, but without seeing it it's really hard to say. My 3 month old nephew has it over most of his body. Here are some things to try....
1)don't use any baby oil or lotions use Eucerin cream or hydrocortisone. If the Eucerin doesn't help then switch.
2)Add some baking soda or even oatmeal to the bath water. Will help with the itching
3)Use a humidifier in the room she sleeps in, Especially with running the furnance. The heat can dry the air out and cause the eczema to worsen.

It sounds like it could be eczema. Your pediatrician needs to tell you for sure. I use a gentle baby wash made by Aquaphor on my son and then I use Eucerin Calming Creme on him after each bath. This will keep it from coming back. They say that most babies just grow out of the condition. Good Luck!

It sounds like eczema. I would take her to a doctor to get it confirmed. Eczema is actually an allergic reaction. Babies who get it often develop allegies later. Newborns don't usually show signs of allegies at first, but since she's just a month old, it's likely that it just started. My son was that way, always had a rash sideburns, and a rash on his forehead. You may want to switch to a diet that eliminates a few of the more common allergins, like milk and milk products, wheat products, and all peanuts and treenuts for a week and see if it improves. Nightshade plants (potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants) are often responsible for allergies. If the elimination diet works and she looks better, then just introduce them back into your diet one at a time every three or four days. You might be able to find the culprit, or it may just dissappear, because her body may have a chance to adjust.

Without seeing it, I can't tell you for sure but, what you are describing could be infant acne. Both of my kids had beautiful skin when they came home from the hospital. About a month later, both had faces worse than teenagers. So many pimples and awful rash like marks. The doc told us it was caused by the mother's hormones leaving the child's body after that time. And sure enough, without really doing anything for it, it went away after another month. All of my kids' pictures from that age look awful! I think we were told to just gently wash with Cetaphil once a day and pat dry. No creams or anything. We kept little mittens on the baby to avoid scratching. Here's a link to an article on this http://ezinearticles.com/?Infant-Acne&id=200237

Sounds like infant acne to me - my 7 week old has had it on and off since she was about a week old. The pediatrician told me before I took her home from the hospital that it would probably happen and was completely normal, so when I saw it I ignored it. No treatment needed. The bottom line is, infant acne isnt constant - the baby might have it for several hours, then it goes away, then will come back for two days, then go away for one, etc. The doctor said it could even disappear and reappear several times a day. If it doesnt show this waxing and waning, then it might be something else.

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