Adopt a Needed Family for Christmas

Updated on November 29, 2012
K.L. asks from Fort Worth, TX
13 answers

My family is wanting to adopt a needed family for Christmas this year. Does anyone know where I could find this. I have looked into Salvation Army but they only have it where you adopt a child. Any help would be great!


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answers from Dallas on

You might try calling churches in your area. Or if you have a church as them. But yeah most that I have seen are just for the child. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Cornerstone Assistance Network (CAN) is a great organization that has a tremendous outreach to those in need. They do have names of families needing adopton for Christmas. I would recommend them since they throughly check out the needs of the family and you know you are helping someone who really needs the help.

Cornerstone Assistance Network
3500 Noble Av.
Fort Worth, TX 76111



answers from Dallas on

Definitely KLTY Christmas Wish, they broadcast live from different locations around the Metroplex. Today they are in Irving.

Their website reads;

Join 94.9 KLTY and the Family Friendly Morning Show as we broadcast live from Chick-fil-A in Irving at 5350 N. MacArthur from 6am to 10am. Stop in and take a look at the overwhelming amount of wishes to see if you can help a family in need this holiday season, or simply make a donation to 94.9 KLTY Christmas Wish. 100% of donations go into the DFW community. Safe for the Whole Family, 94.9 KLTY.

Christmas Wish Live Broadcast @ Chick-Fil-A
Garland, TX
Dec 10

Christmas Wish Live Broadcast @ Chick-Fil-A
Waxahachie, TX
Dec 11

94.9 KLTY Live @ Uptown Village in Cedar Hill
Cedar Hill, TX
Dec 12

Christmas Wish Live Broadcast @ Chick-Fil-A
Rockwall, TX
Dec 14

Good Luck,




answers from Dallas on

i need help 4 christmas i have 3 child a lil girl 2 sons this year god help me .......



answers from Phoenix on

My family is in need to be adopted my children havent had christmas in three years and i want to give them the best but i cant after paying all the bills i hav nothing left for my two children please help us



answers from Dallas on

You can contact the office of David Cook at Harris and COok Law firm in Mansfield. They organize a Christmas party for local kids every year at the Mansfield Activities Center. You can get information for as few or as many kids and families as you would like to help. They will give you the info on the kids' wants, needs, ages and sizes. They then throw a party with food and Santa for the familes which you and your family can participate in. It really ets your kids connect with those they are helping and it is all local families. I wish I had the contact email and phone number, but have misplaced it.



answers from Dallas on

i am a single mother of four boys and i am in need of christmas help for them this year i had surgery this year and just recently returned to work i am having a difficult time trying to make christmas and i would be forever grateful to u if u could please help us out. a number to contact me is ###-###-#### sincerely mrs. Thomas


answers from Dallas on

check out KLTYs Christmas Wish.



answers from Dallas on

Of course I do not know if anyone will see this, but I am trying every avenue that I can. My family and I need help this Christmas season. I have 4 kids, 2 of which stay with me and 2 of which I will go and see Christmas Day. I would like to be able to give all of my kids at least one or two things. And my boyfriend and I both are in great need of clothes, for all seasons. I am not one who would usually even ask for help but, we really need it. Also, if anyone know of a job that will hire people with a background. Please let me know, it is hard for me to find a job because of my background. My email is or you can call and leave a message with any information at ###-###-####, I do live in Lewisville, TX. May God Bless all of you!



answers from Lake Charles on

i amm a mother of 4 boys ages 16,13,10 and 11. weve never been in a postion to need "hand" out. we recently moved to our rent house in august the year. i just want to fall asleep and wAke up january 1,2012! since living here weve lost our only means of transportation,my babys sleep on 2used mattresses that my mom found on the side of the road, our powers been cut off 4times in a month,my kids keep making a list for santa but i never have "mailed" them and they are so mature they found them and said "mommy i know u cant afford a stamo so we will just pray super hard god hears our wishes". ive been trting to explain in a gentel way santa may just be too bust helping others and chances are if we dont have a home santa dont have an address to take gifts to us. my baby whos 10 said mommy santa isnt real and im sorry if you cant pay for toys this year for us to celebrate,but please dont cry we have the best gift ever which is each other.... my hearts breaking and suicide had crossed my mind.. i never thought thingss could get so bad tht deTh was my only opption. my fiance works and theyve given him a work truck but thats barely enough money to pyay gas to get him to work and home. i got days without showers so the boys can use what water needs to be used. we cant afford high bills. daily my boys come up with new things daily they'd like for christmas,i smile but die inside! i tryd calling all resources but funds are short every where but funds are short they dnt deliver. we be no means are asking for a pitty party. i know after my 16yo was blessed with his life after he was burned in a gas fire badly in 2009 we were blessed! if even someone could just call my home a few days before christmas explaining santa was just too busy to stop here,and if we loose our home its ok weve got each other.###-###-####. cuz we are outa words and i dunno how much more i can cry! quote from my kids "mommy we dont wanta be perfect because perfection would be pretty boring". they are the only reeason i havent left this world,back in may i was sexually assulted,my fiances day died he went off the deep in,im a recovering anorexic but try to stay positive stress free and try to eat but in 2 weeks ive lost 25lbs+. just a phone call is all they need to hear or a letter from "santa explaining y santa didnt come,why theres no tree up and tht mommy will be ok its just her own personal battle. thank you for hearing me and god bless... much love A. starke praYing for a oiu call from santa



answers from Dallas on

Hi I was Wondering do you know of any placse that adopt a needy family for christmas I'm a single mom with7 kids and need help please let me know


answers from Atlanta on

angels with faith ministries 501 c3 non-profit charity needs Christmas angels to adopt a family or donate toys,gifts,clothing,shoes,coats,baby needs,food,gift wrapping supplies,gift cards,monetray donations via paypal on our website at donations are 100% tax deductible for FULL market value & 100% go toward providing Christmas for children 0-18 who would not otherwise have a Christmas.If you are a family in need or know of a family in need & are not receiving Christmas assistance from any other charity or agency& have a financial need please contact us to be immediately added to our daily updated & growing Christmas 2011 needs list on our website.We do not turn anyone away & hope that that every child on our needs list will have something under the tree Christmas morning with the help& donations of Christmas Angels.Contact L. at ###-###-#### or via email at or Vickie at ###-###-####



answers from Dallas on

You might try calling a church near you. Pastors always seem to know who needs what. Another idea would be to call the counselor at a local school. They often know which families are struggling. Hope the blessings flow right back to you!

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