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ADHD Child - McKinney,TX

Looking for thoughts on alternative treatments to ritalin based medications for my 5 year old ADHD boy.

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I hve a hm-based business with nutritional food-science company called Reliv. What if I told you we hve a product for kids that tastes good that has a patented brain formula with amazing results with kids with ADD, ADHD, Autism. I can connect you with a mom who was at the end of her rope. Very busy lawyer who had tried everything with her ADHD child, Conner. To this day, she is estatic with the results Conner is getting. She said when she got her 1st good behavior note from school, she was amazed. I live in Carrollton, but there is a distributor in Frisco, too. Y.Fischer ###-###-####

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Here is a website. It's about the feingold diet to help with ADHD
Good Luck

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This is a problem close to my heart, my 4 yo grandson was diagnosed with ADHD and they wanted to put him on ritalin. We started him on a juice called Original Limu with Fucoidan and the change has been remarkable. It is healthy and safe for him and now my whole family is drinking. I get it at wholesale by being signed up with the company. Go to www.absolutefreedom.originallimu/lorijenkins to find out more information. I also have a book I can e-mail you. Trust me you need to look at alternatives.


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I hve a hm-based business with nutritional food-science company called Reliv. What if I told you we hve a product for kids that tastes good that has a patented brain formula with amazing results with kids with ADD, ADHD, Autism. I can connect you with a mom who was at the end of her rope. Very busy lawyer who had tried everything with her ADHD child, Conner. To this day, she is estatic with the results Conner is getting. She said when she got her 1st good behavior note from school, she was amazed. I live in Carrollton, but there is a distributor in Frisco, too. Y.Fischer ###-###-####

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Wow you have tons of responses! But I'll throw mine in to. My son has PDD NOS w/ speech delays and ADD. HIs speech therapist recommended Nordic Naturals Cod Liver oil and removing dairy from his diet and that has worked wonders. He now talks and has wonderful focus.


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Yoga therapy is available. It is a wonderful tool to help a child pay attention to their bodies, their breath, and their thoughts. I hold a license in the Yoga for the Special Child (R) method, and there is another practitioner in Fort Worth also. For more information on this therapy, please visit my website at:

Good luck! And thank you for seeking alternatives to ritalin!

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concerta. I live by it!!! Would need to speak w/your primary physician about the dosage (MG) to use.

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First, take your son to a psychiatrist and make sure that ADHD is his real diagnosis. We tortured our son and ourselves for 2 years on Ritalin-type drugs before finding out that our son actually has a mood disorder. Now we treat the mood disorder and the ADHD is tolerable without Ritalin.
There have recently been some studies showing Fish Oil to have great benefits and I know several moms who swear by it.

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Hi J.,

I was speaking to a friend at church the other day, and I had commented on her son. And the change I had seen in him. He had sat next to me thet morning in the early service.(He has ADHD as well as my 8 year old). Her exact words word, "he is starting to make sane and rational decisions, and is now hungry all the time."

I am taking my son to the Doctor today; we feel his current medication is not working for him any more.

The name of the new med is Vyvanse. I called the pharmacist, and it is the same price as the one he is currently taking. We self pay, no insurance. If you would like me too I can give you an update in a few weeks. Just send me a private message.



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Don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but there is a website www.flylady.com. I recommend it because it is a system to get your house in order/organized/etc. There was a testimony about one lady whose son did a 180 when she cleared out most of his toys except the few he really liked, and started getting the rest of her house in order. It is a lifestyle change rather than a medication or treatment.


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Here is a website. It's about the feingold diet to help with ADHD
Good Luck

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Hi there, contact www.neurogistics.com and ask for the Director/Owner Pam. They specialize in amino acid supplements (based on urine testing of the child). Ritalyn and others are way to powerful. Check out their website, see the testimonials and then answer the questionairre. Then call and get a urine test sent out. Also, diet and fish oils are a big, big thing with ADHD. There are some fish oils for kids, you must take them 6 months or so to see changes. This is well documented at Andrew Weil (www.drweil.com). I can advise you on diet as well if you like, let me know. I am an adult ADHD and work with an ADHD therapist who works both the medical side and alternative side. She is a huge fan of the amino route and acknowledges the issues with Ritalyn and such as far as personality changes, side effects, and especially anger issues as the child (especially males) approach puberty. She doesn't work with kids but I have learned alot. The last thing i will say as an ADHD person myself is that Ritalyn stifles my creativity. I learn differently and I have adjusted my life to help my brain without medications (other than supplements). For example, I have everything organized with labels so everyone knows where stuff goes. when I can't find stuff, I get really cranky. this helps everyone know that things have a place and it cuts out some of the frustration. Hope that helps! (you can also check out www.neurosciences.com I think for more info on aminos).

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I have a great doctor for you to go to for alternatives. I don't blame you for wanting to get your son off those dangerous drugs. The doctor's name is Constantine Kotsanis, M.D. He is an expert in ADHD and other developmental disorders. Ph#: ###-###-####, Web: www.wellnessandaesthetics.com Good luck and I know you'll love his approach!

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First off... some of the responses you got were very good ones.. and I would explore several possibilities. Diet is a factor to seriously consider but in my case diet was not enough!!!
BUT I did learn some of the trigger foods that would set him off. so that was good.. I have learned through many years of doing alternative health and using herbal products etc.. just doing ONE thing is typically not enough you have to find the right combination of things that can work together to bring about the results you need. everyone is different so what may work for one over here wont necessarily work the same for someone over there. So keep a open mind and explore what your options may be.

I know just the thing to try and is totally natural and not a bit harmful to use. I went through a bad case of ADHD with my son when he turned 3. he had a form that most dont get the dr said he was more verabal and violent if he didnt get his way was unreal and a living nightmare. I refused to put him on retalin etc....I am into alternative medicines. I know the dangers of the drugs they put children on. We had a hard 3 years with him nothing I tried was working. I nearly lost my mind in the process. My mother had a business at the time and she was studying )cant remember now what it was.. but in the course they used products developed by this dr.. and she read about one of them that balances the brain hemispheres.. and one of the things it listed as helping was ADD and ADHD...so we thought lets try it.. and within one week I had a totally different child.. and he only took one bottle and was balanced out. I kept him on a second bottle to be sure he was balanced and then kept him on a one pill a day maintence for I knew part of the problem may be the environment as a contributing factor we had a cement plant not far from us and was a very toxic situation. I wanted to move but my husband would not listen to me. I took him off if it totally after about 6 months and he has done fine ever since !!! HE is a totally bright, level natured child. all of the violent irratic scattered behavior was gone !! and he began to focus on school work .. I was homeschooling and up to that point was beating my head against the wall most of the time with him.
My mother can still order the product if you would like to give it a try. We had others who tried it and their children responeded like my son they were amazed. we had one boy who we didnt know at the time was also autistic and he began to talk the family was totally astounded!! He was around 13 or so in age. and he ended up the next summer working at a local market helping out. We have seen some wonderful results from using this product. It is called formula B for the brain. Cant remember the specific info been too long on who it is put out by.... it isnt something you can get in healthfood stores you have to know someone who is a distributor of this company. One bottle costs...trying to remember less than $30 unless it has had a price increase.
Many would not try it with the argument.. well if it is so good
why dont the Drs use it...?? well... $$$$$$$$$$$ IS THE REASON!! Drs and pharmacitucals get a lot of $$$ from prescribed drugs especially drugs like ritalin that so many kids are on and a vast majority of them should NOT even be on it. and it does mess them up!! I have heard of schools getting kick backs from X amount of kids being prescribed these drugs.
I have found in the alternative health field so many things go on like this. Drs will NOT use something natural that wont be any $$ in the pocket..the pharmacutial companies are the biggest drug business going.. street drugs have nothing on them! if your get well from a simple herbal or natural product.. you wont be back!! ANd the natural products do NOT have the harmful side effect that they condtition people to accept as the way it is. No one should take anything into thier body if it is going to be harmful to them in the process. I have had medications given to me that the side effects were worse than the drug for the problem I had.. and was not a big deal at all to the Dr!
IF your interested in knowing how to get this email me and I will get hold of my mom and get the current informatin on it.

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My past experience with ADHD with my two sons was successful.
Combination of things play a role and each case will have its differences. They had a teacher with written permission to touch the shoulder while giving homework or school assignments or special one on one learning instructions.
1. Touch is very important if YOU really want to make sure the message reached the childs brain. When YOU take time to touch during instructions or the teacher/instructor/parent learns to see the invisable wheel chair of the brain, then you will form a habit of touch then talk with ADHD children. Touch releases a natural chemical in the body to coat the nurve passages assisting with messages properly arriving or leaving the ADHD child. Attention is improved with TOUCH. You can tell by the eye and facial if it worked. When in doubt have them repeat the information back to you. Once they know for sure what is expected of them children love to please adults around them. Give me 5, or special hand shake or occasional hugs with words to the ear. You can be creative in the positive touch without being so obvious and intruding into child right for space.
2. The small rebounders that is good for exercise is also good for ADHS children. The small one fits easy under the bed.
Pull it into visable area (like while you cook breakfast or watching TV) have the chilren playfully bounce on a rebounder. This action helps to release natural chemicals in the body that coat the nurve passages and it seems to blend out the hyper energy and they sit still longer. Just before church they get dressed first with assistance; then they bounce while I finish dressing. They don't bounce to exhaustion (it must be play), they usually do NOT exhaust easily...hahehe. Min 3 minute to 10 or 15 minutes have been good for my boys. (bouncing is encouraged but not force, yet highly rewarded with a high 5 "You are really something on that bouncer..good exercise is important...I am proud of you".
3. We NEVER had problems with sugar base items. Just the opposite. If chocolate candy was given in small portions I actually seen a more positive effect...not sure why. Maybe the caffene in chocolate was why it worked in special environmental conditions like at the Movie Theatre or childrens parties.
4. Coffee wakes you and I up. Coffee slows them down!! NOT NOT COLAS>>>NEVER>>>NOR DIET COLAS which worse than sugar Kolaid beverages. Natural juices, low sugar punch but never dietary mixed. They are not on a diet, they have a chemical release problem and dietary sugars is only mixing chemical with their chemical imbalance. Sugar is small portions seem to keep my children happier and less frustrated in social settings.Coffee did the opposite with my children...body chemistry different than the norm. After they rebounded for a few minutes before we left for an event they would have a half to a full cup of milk coffee. Coffee, with lots of milk plus regular sugar. They look forward to it each time. The climbing the walls and over furniture or constinant chattering was greatly reduced. Going to a restraunt. I would do jumping jacks for 1 or 2 minutes before leaving to restraunt then order coffee for them with me. By the time the meal arrived they were very calm. It may or may not work for you, yet it would not hurt to try 4 o5 times and see it you see a difference.
***Have a good life with children they leave the nest very fast, and watch your grandchildren for they may LOVE the way you do not fall apart when they visit you. You will be a master of ADHD creative environment and methods that make them feel normal instead of different from society. Good LUCK
5. PE time slot at school is a blessing for these children, never let them ground them from recess. Notice which classes they are best in...mostly like the first couple after rebounder and coffee that morning. Class just before PE may be a nightmare to teacher...show her compassion. If more than one PE time is available request the earlier one. I NEVER feed the children coffee at lunch I found way they could be active it I had to pick them up and challenge them to a race to the house. Jumping Running Rebounding helps these children calm down for short sessions WITHOUT MEDICATION<

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Hi, J.-
I am an OT. It looks like you have received some really good ideas from other mamas as starting points and for researching!! There are definitely many options to explore before medication.....such as diet changes, supplements, kids yoga/taekwondoe/other similar activities, structuring the environment differently, listening therapy, some types of chiropractory, etc. My advice is to try other things....but slowly....only one or two at a time and give them time to work (or not work) before changing so your son is not going through the "revolving door of alternatives". Also, you may want to consult an Occupational Therapist who could help you work through some of the options, do a Sensory Processing evaluation, help with structuring and putting in place some other aides for him. I would also recommend this book: The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz...it is a very easy read and you can skip to the parts which apply to you. You may also want to try Juice Plus which is an all-natural fruits and vegetables only supplement to a healthy diet. Good Luck and hang in there...you are your son's expert...you know him best! And, you are his greatest advocate!

Feel free to contact Krystal or me (both pediatric OTs) with any other questions!
Little Hands OT Services
###-###-#### D.
###-###-#### Krsytal

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J. - I have a 12 year old daughter with ADHD (with some other issues, as well), 9 year old son with High Functioning Autism, and a 6 year old that may be heading down the same ADHD road. The medication route did NOT work for us. We found a doctor in Hurst named Dr. Mary Ann Block. She doesn't file insurance and I'm afraid our Blue Cross Blue Shield did not pay much of it when we filed it (Although I am told some of the other companies are better at paying). It was WELL WORTH it! She actually did blood work and found that the two older ones were B vitamin deficient and that our son also had low blood sugar. Vitamins and good protein snacks fixed those problems. She also did extremely indepth allergy testing on them (about to start with the 6 year old). LOTS of food allergies showed up that really seemed to affect behavior. Two weeks after starting allergy shots with my oldest, I got a call from her teacher. She wanted to know what in the world we had done because my daughter acted like a different child. She was happy, enjoyed school, could concentrate and finish all of her work. I also know people who have had considerable success with the Feingold diet. I love that we actually know now some of what caused the symptoms - not just having a label. I don't any one thing works for everyone - but maybe this will give you a place to start.

I have a great alternative to medication. Call Intgrative Pediatic Therapy, the website is www.integrativepediatric.com/. They do PT, OT and craniosacral therapy (all alternatives to meds and worked wonders for my son's speech problems!!!!). Also, look at www.learningrx.com. Both have worked wonders. I hope these help. I, too, wanted to stay away from meds and have been able to do so. Also, realize that boys aren't as focused as girls (they have ants in their pants). Don't let a doctor or teacher talk you into medication until you've exausted all alternatives. The meds scare me to death. Older kids crush up and snort ritalin to get high for a reason. That reason is my reason for not giving it to a young kid (that is ONLY MY OPINION, I know others DON'T agree). Good luck!

This is a problem close to my heart, my 4 yo grandson was diagnosed with ADHD and they wanted to put him on ritalin. We started him on a juice called Original Limu with Fucoidan and the change has been remarkable. It is healthy and safe for him and now my whole family is drinking. I get it at wholesale by being signed up with the company. Go to www.absolutefreedom.originallimu/lorijenkins to find out more information. I also have a book I can e-mail you. Trust me you need to look at alternatives.


There is a Natural Remedy called "Bright Spark" you can get it online from www.nativeremedies.com , It works Great!


Nutrition has been found to help kids with ADD,ADHD and Autism. I am part of an international food science company that has shown very positive results for these cases. I would be very happy to share some info and stories with you. Please e-mail me at ____@____.com interested.

Thank you,

L. K



I know it seems pretty sci fi. I was very reluctant at first but it has made all the difference in my kids for ADHD and many other issues where I didn't want to use medication.


You need to look most at diet and TV. I have a 3 yod that is highly effected by food that he eats. If he has anything with high fructose corn syrup or any artificial dyes, I will lose him for a couple of days until they leave his system. He's the same way when he watches TV. Food allergies and sensitivities can also make it worse. There is a doctor in Frisco named Dr. Deborah Bain. Her son has ADHD and he is drug free. She is very much into preventative medicine and supportive of you if you go the route of alternative medicine to help him. She can help you get him off ritalin. That is one of her main goals.

God Bless,


There is a neurologic chiropractor named Julie Powell in Plano that does work with ADHD children. She doesn't use drugs. Also, my son has just begun Biofeedback training with a therapist in Rockwall named Pam White. Biofeedback is also an alternative to drugs.

Hi J.,
I'm a holistic health counselor and I have seen first hand how healthy changes in diet can virtually eliminate ADHD without drugs. I recommend reading information on www.naturalnews.com and/or www.newstarget.com. My whole family takes Juice Plus, which is a variety of raw fruits and veggies in a capsule. Juice Plus also sells chewables and gummies for children, so it's an easy way to up your child's fruit and vegetable intake. He also needs Omega 3 fish oil - there is a huge correlation to fish oil intake and ADHD. Kids, and many adults, just aren't getting enough. But you get what you pay for, so go to Whole Foods and get them to recommend one from a reputable company that would be appropriate for a 5 year old. You have to buy JP+ from a distributor. If you have a friend who sells it, great! If not, I'll be happy to get it for you. As busy as you are, JP+ will give you peace of mind knowing your child is getting the nutrition he needs. I'll be happy to send you information about it, just let me know.
C. S

Dr. Kevin Gregg in McKinney could also help. He's a naturopath and works wonders with no medication. Good luck to you and I praise you for taking the natural route!


In this area Mary Ann Block would be the expert on alternatives for medication managed ADHD.
Meds work for me and my kids, but I have several friends who have gone to Dr. Block.

I know a few ladies whose children have ADD/ADHD and something that has definitely helped is changing products. Ex: getting toxins and chemicals out of your house. Cleaners, personal products, laundry etc. I use the products and they work great...they are the best of science and nature and are awesome...they are safer for my children and puppy :o)

Contact me if you'd like to hear more...

Good luck!!


Wow there are a lot of responses to this, which is great!!

I recommend Dr. Ross Stewart at http://www.drrossonline.com. My father and husband both go to him (for dementia and sleep disorder respectively). His treatments are also amino acid based and his biggest passion is treating ADD/ADHD. One of our kids had ADHD and I wish I had known Dr. Ross years ago to avoid Ritalin.

I have a grandson that was tested for ADHA. He bearly got on their charts. They told us to give him coffee everyday and that should help. It has but now they are going to test him on Gifted and Talented. Every year when he starts school we ask him how school is going and we get the same speech. We did all that last year and he doesn't want to be stuck doing it again. Our biggest problem is he is extremely bored. His teacher said that he is very good in everything he likes but that also goes for things he dislikes. This child hates writing so it takes an act of congress to make him do this. So please make them test your child on more then just ADHD. Sometimes they put these children with the ADHD because thats the easiest thing to do and it scares me that they have labeled the child with that. There are some really good books on the market to read so you are completely informed. Our next door neighbors son was tested and his Mother had to fight with the school district all the time to make sure he was getting a decent education. He has now gradurated from high school. He is working for a electrine installing furances and air conditioners. He could go take his test for his licence but is afraid that he wont be able to pass it. He has always done well with his hands. Built beautiful wood boxes. My husband taught him how to make belts and wallets in leather. This was when he was in grade school. I doubt that he will ever be able to sit behind a desk but he will always be able to use his hands and do wonderful things. I can tell you this. He would remember when he wouldn't take his medicine because he could tell how much he was stressed out. If the school will work with him in speech therapy and you help him also he will catch up. There isnt a better or a love like Moms. Make sure you get his blood test done when they need to be. Have a quiet one on one with him each night. That will settle him down and after he goes to bed you can take care of the things you need to do. Good luck and I will keep your family in my prayers.

My biggest concern about alternative medication is there is no regulation. They are not FDA approved and the pills or liquids are not consistent. One bottle may be stronger than the other. My doctor said the better brands are more reliable than "off the wall" brands. they will have better quality control.
the Caffeine suggestion has been around since before ADHD was a common thing. It is a quick fix, but wears off easily. My sons have ADHD and took medication. I felt safer knowing they were taken a proven medication that had been studied than a medication I just heard about. I also take medication as an adult. I wish I would have had it when I was in school. I would not have gotten in trouble for talking all the time.
The exciting thing is all new brain research that is being done for ADHD. Exercise is a biggie. Look for the book Brain Gym. It has great easy exercises to help the brain. Amazon has it.
There is no "test" for ADHD. It is a clinical diagnosis, meaning it is by observation. Get teacher input before you go to doctor. There are check lists and your school should have some. If you take them with you, the doctor will know if the meds are working. If they are wearing off in the morning or afternoon. Any medication is an on going treatment and as the child grows it will have to be changed. My son changed 3 or 4 times before we found one that worked. Don't give up after one time.
BTW all my boys are over 6 foot so medication didn't stunt them. There are a lot of myths out there about Ritalin, most are not true. Be informed, do you own research.

Our ADHD son has problems with impulse control and oppositional symptoms, but he also has anxiety issues. We have been through diets, behavior counseling/coaching, psychological counseling, parenting classes and had private consultations with behaviorists at our home.

At the moment, we are currently in the COPE program at UT Southwestern, but we have also been seeing Dr. Burgos (he just opened a McKinney office in February and also has one on Forest Lane). He put put our son on guanfacine last month (our first med) and we have seen a bit of a difference, with no side effects.

He only takes half a pill, that is crushed into apple sauce at night. What we notice is that our son's personality has not changed...but when faced with the opportunity to make a good or bad choice, he is making better choices more frequently. We have been very happy so far.

Good Luck to you during this difficult time! Remember that YOU are an expert when it comes to your child. YOU know them better than anyone else.


Hi there... You're in a tough situation. Boys are energetic enough without the ADHD! I have one six year old. I work full time as well, so I can sympathize with your situation to some degree. The only advice I have is from a pediatrician who suggested karate/martial arts before succumbing to medication (which you may have to do regardless). The discipline and focus required really help out. I don't know where you live, but the martial arts at PReston and Forest is WONDERFUL.

Good luck


Get online and find out the correct diet for your child.
Go to the library and see what they have in the way of
information on diet for ADHD. There is also an alternative to ritlain, check with your Dr. Also suggest a second opinion if
you have not already done so. My step-son was told he was ADHD, which after 3 yrs on ritlain turned out not to be so.
During the time on the med. he had no appetite,had headaches and nightmares. Said his head felt funny all the time.
Often times there is no ADHD and you have a very active boy,not saying this is your situation.but knowing from past experience I would check into getting informed on ADHD.

I have no advice from personal experience, but I do know that my pediatrician's son has it and is BIG into ADHD and not at all into unnecessary medicating. She may be a good resource. Her website is www.healthykidspediatrics.com
Good Luck.

I'd like to suggest two books, The ADD Answer and The IQ Answer: Maximizing Your Child's Potential. Both of these are by Dr. Frank Lawlis, Ph.D.

My name is H. Tongai. Check out this site, www.advocare.com and look in the kids kickstart section. They have supplements for kids that are great. These help to give kids the energy and mental focus they need as well as a balanced nutrition. They are not a replacement to medication but they do help support kids nutrition and mental focus. let me know if you are interested in trying this out.

My son takes a liquid vitamin from the health food store. It's called ATTENTION and it's made by Liquid Health. It has made a HUGE difference in my son. I was told about it by a coworker who gives it to her son. His grades have drastically improved at school and he's so much easier to get along with. We mix it in orange juice and it masks the flavor the best of anything else we've tried.

I tried to read everything, but could not get it all. Even though, I did not see that anyone posted anything about behavioral therapy. This therapy is the leading therapy in treating the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. It is very simple therapy that you can teach yourself or a counselor can teach you how to use. It is mostly about being consistent and rewards, etc. I'm sure if you google it you will get a lot of info. Just be careful--do research on any doctors who publish books and such. If you are able, read their research. YOu when then know if they are reliable or not.

I was very interested in the diet--my mom did this with my brother when we were little and he never took meds again.

I was also interested in the the formula B for the brain--that sounds promising--Good Luck!! Believe me you can do it.

I know many parents here have stated the same, but wanted to give my two cents as well. Food allergies are a major cause of behavior issues, included ADD & ADHD. We see an applied kinesiologist chiropractor who only uses all natural products. He is amazing and has done wonderful things for our entire family. His name is Brian Hickey, DC and he is near the ballpark in Arlington. His number is ###-###-####. He is one of those people that you meet and you feel like you have known all of your life.

Try to find a homeopath doctor in your area. I go to one and if you have a question email me. ____@____.com
There are many alternative treatments for ADHD. Look on the SAMSCENTER website for info on Neurofeedback. Google Alternative help for ADHD. Craniosacral therapy is also helpful

Hello Jammie, I would get the book that Kennith Bock has written on this subject. There are things that you can do and the medications can be very dangerous.

One more thing that i might add is to never vaccinate again. Vaccines can damage if not destroy the central nervous system. My grandchildren will never be vaccinated for anything as they have ruined my son's life. And chances are that is what is happening to your child and if my research is correct you could make your son worse by giving him more vaccines.

Talk to your childs Dr about Clonidine it is a blood pressure medicine but my 6 yr olds Dr put her on it because she to is ADHA, AND IT IS GREAT! SHE TAKES A HALF IN THE AM AND 1 AND HALF IN THE PM TO HELP HER SLEEP, THERE ARE MEDS OUT THERE THAT CAN HELP,

There are so many other ways to treat ADHD without medication. Dr. Derrick Blanton, a clinical psychologist is a firm believer in treating the disorder without meds. If you are having difficulty in school, Great Lakes Academy, in Plano is a great alternative to public education. We have small class sizes, individualized attention, social skills classes, and RECESS that isn't taken away. Once you have visited our website, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

You have a ton of responses, I will try to make it straight and to the point. We took our son to a new place in Trophy Club called NeuroSensory Centers. We went there because a neurologist had told us our son could possibly have Asperger's and at risk for ADHD. We've also been told he has sensory integration dysfunction. Dr. Ronald G. Morton is who he saw. They told us they could help balance our son out. It was complimentary screening, so I don't know any details until our next appointment when we discuss further with him. My husband and I did notice a lot of supplements in their office. I don't know if our pediatrician will give us the referral we need for insurance because he is leary of the place...probably because it's an "alternative" to medicine. Here is there website www.neurosensorycenters.com. We were referred there by our son's occupational therapist, who knew of another OT that took her son to see Dr. Stewart in Austin through the center there. The phone number is ###-###-#### if you'd like to give them a call.

Also, if you know anyone who sells Advocare, I've heard that parents are using their Spark Engergy drink in place of medication for ADD/ADHD kids. I'm going to give it a try myself.

Good luck and I hope that you find what you need. I know it's a challenge and we only want what's best for our children. God Bless!

Hi J.,

Research shows that good nutrition, including lots of fresh, raw fruits and veggies helps tremendously with ADD and ADHD. Here's a link to the section of Dr. William Sears' website with a bunch of information on it: http://www.askdrsears.com/html/10/t101000.asp

I found a product that makes it easy to get all the nutrition m family needs. They put fruits and veggies into capsules for adults and gummy treats for kids. I love it so much, I decided to market it so I could make it available to other people like me. For more info, check out my website and my coupon here on Mamasource.

Good luck!

"My son eats all his veggies now. Even the green ones."

Take a look at www.blockcenter.com
We are very fortunate that Dr. M. Ann Block ,who is a renowned expert in treating kids without medication, is in the DFW area. She has also written a book that gives parents a step by step guide to dealing with the issues yourself. She is amazed at the number of parents that aren't willing to do some of the basic such as adding the appropriate nutrients, limiting sugar, food colorings, etc. For some kids the ADHD is due to food allergies/intolerances. That was the case with my youngest son, whose behavior has improved tremendously on a gluten-free and casein (dairy) free diet. We also have to keep him away from artificial colors.

My child was diagnosed with ADHD by her teachers when she was 5 yrs old. They kept pressuring me to take her to our pediatrician to be put on something. I didn't do that. Not until last April when she turned 9 yrs old. By then, it was starting to affect her work and so I took her. I've worked with kids most of my life and I've seen how they are before & after they take Ritalin, so I didn't want my daughter like that. My husband talked to a friend and they recommended Adderal. Said they put their 11 yr old daughter on it for 2 yrs and then took her off. Said she was fine after that and haven't needed it since. So that's what I requested. My daughter's been on that for almost a year, except for the summer- I don't give it to her then. She's done great with it. And she also has a challenge- she is deaf, so I know about the problems at school things like that can have. Her grades are not the greatest, but she's more focused and she wants to learn and read and do her homework now. The only side affects that I've noticed and she notices too, is a loss of appetite and some emotional over-sensitivity. I hope this helps.

i have always had adhd and tried many meds my favorite was concerta had the least side effects took it for years

My son has a very high iq and was miss diagnosed 2 years ago with adhd. What he ended up having was obstructive sleep apnea. He couldn't get a very restful sleep and thus was a terror during the day. He spent 2 years on medications that really didn't seem to help that much. He had surgery last Sept. and he is absolutely perfect. The Dr. removed his tonsils and adnoids that were enlarged. His attention span is normal and does not have any issues at all at school. He hasn't had meds since Sept. as well. His symptoms at night were - light snoring, restlessness, fliping, kicking and turning all night. He had a very short fuse as well and would explode. Now his is just a very normal but very smart young man. There will always be issues because of the high IQ but that we can deal with. Good luck and have him evaluated by an ENT Dr. and a clinical psychologist before you make the decision to medicate. The medicines didn't hurt him though so if you are medicating now, don't worry about it.

Dear J.,
I always look first at the easiest ways to treat anything. My husband is a RPH, and he believes most cases of ADHD can be treated w/ diet. No white bread/potatoes/white rice, cut back on sugar, cut out soda. I personally would add, get a good quality H2O purifier to take out Cl and other toxins we don't need. Stick to the basics
I guess we are so strong about how we feel cause we have friends that took ADHD meds for 20plus years due to hype of media, and now have heart problems, rotten teeth and many other things. Good luck. You are doing the right thing to invest in your sweet child's health, mental also. May God Bless you in this. Sincerely, D.

You may want to look into cognitive therapy. It helps train the brain to focus better. We did a stint at the Learning Rx in Plano with my 8 year old son. He is doing better focusing now than before. We've never put him on meds so I don't know if this would completely eliminate the need for medication.

Go see Dr Rao. He treats kids biomedically. YOu won't have to put your kid on medication. Good luck.

Try a gluten free diet - it will help. You will see a difference in a few weeks but you must give it several months to see its full potential. If he gets gluten then you will know it!!!! Tons of people are sensitive to wheat and gluten and don't know it but in a child that is sensitive it acts like an Opiate in the brain.

I have an 11 1/2 yr old ADHD son... he is on Stratera. It seems to work well. We also have taken a lot of sugar out of his diet and try to use fresh fruit, vegetables, etc instead of canned or processed. And ROUTINE.... if they know what to expect it's definitely easier for them to follow. We also use notes, if you're son can read or when he does, it helps them remember multiple tasks.

Good luck!

My ADHD child is 19. Have you had him evaulated? Try Fair Oaks School, they do a great job. Also, call Link for Life and talk to Tamela ###-###-####. She is my herbalist, and I'm sure she would have great ideas. She's not weird, and has really helped me feel better. Run that little sucker. All the sports known to man. Walk the dog in the evening and have him bike with you and run.


There is a woman named Susan Owens in Garland who is researching lowered oxalates in autism. My son has Asperger's and is ADHD, and we were able to take him off Ritalin and cure his severe asthma, eczema and food allergies after 9 months on a lowered-oxalate diet. He is no longer on any prescriptions or daily medicines. Something you might want to look into - Susan runs a listserv at Yahoo Groups called trying_low_oxalates.

J., before I would give him Ritalin, I would look into giving him natural foods without high fructose corn syrup and other such additives. I have heard of many cases where a change of diet completely wiped out the ADHD symptoms. You can also research online by entering "alternatives to Ritalin for ADHD" and it will bring up a number of sites. I would definitely choose natural over chemical treatment, if possible.

Try the book "Transforming the Difficult Child". It is behavior modification with an interesting twist. It works!

Cut and paste this link into your browser & check out the following article:

Also here are some additional tips to help your child learn and comprehend:
Support oral instructions with visual cues.
Divide assignments into manageable "chunks."
Focus teaching on concepts rather than facts.
Opt for short-term assignments over long-term projects.
Creative and concise lessons.
Activate non-competing modalities. (Ex: Don't require writing and listening at the same time as these activities compete for the student's mental energy.)
Incorporate technology.

There are coping strategies you can read about on the internet as well. You can select the ones most appropriate for your darling son and change/include others as he matures.

I've actually fund that a good caffeinated drink in the morning helps A LOT! My 6 year old has had serious issues and we've tried everything. Each child is different, but the caffeine seems to work wonders! We tried cokes, but didn't work because he simply wouldn't drink them and the caffeine wasn't strong enough. Coffee? Nope. What worked?

Frappucinos!! I keep them cold and give him one in the mornings, before school. It's made a HUGE difference! Sometimes, I'll stick it in the blender with ice and make a "milkshake", too.

Read the book, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics by Kenneth Bock - it will rock your world and give you HOPE!!!

Look at Sensory Integration Therapy and checking all his internal,immune health. Dr. Rao of Plano is great for this.

Good luck and remember - they do not have to live with this - there are cures!


I am a nurse and work with an RN that has a child with ADHD that chose to not give Ritalin and she gave her son chocolate milk and when he was little older coffee....the stimulant in both of these acted a lot like the ritalin without the "zombie" effects.

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