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I think my 7 year old may have ADHD, and the doctor suggest medication but I don't want to do that can anyone recommend any other solutions.


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I would like to 'Thank you" for all the great advice I will be looking into alot of the information you have sent me and please keep sending me any information you may think is important. I will update everyone soon.

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My son has had very good results with the Feingold Diet.
He has been eating off "the list" since Jan 2006 and his symptoms have improved greatly.
Good Luck!

An old boyfriend of mine has ADHD and his mother (when he was younger) use to give him caffeine instead of medications. It acts the complete opposite in their brains as it does in those who do not have this type of chemical imbalance. I have also seen this work in children who have ADHD and have made visits to the hospital for one reason or another.
Just a thought.
Try it out!

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My youngest son (age 10) has severe autism. Through his school, I have met and become friends with many other women whose children have special needs (autism, developmental delays, ADHD, cerebral palsy, combinations of those, other things all together.) Get five of us a room and we'll have five different treatment plans for our kids; get ten of us, and we'll have ten different treatment plans. Everyone of us has tried many, many, many different things. Some have worked for one of us, some have worked for a few of us, none have worked for ALL of us.

Kids are different. ADHD and other neurological issues aren't clearly understood. SOme kids make AMAZING improvement as a result of dietary intervention; I've known some kids that even make it off their IEP's and out of their labels as a result of dietary changes. However, it did nothing for my son and for some other kids I know; likewise, it had only a minimal effect of a few more.

Some families have tried the medication route. For some, the meds only made the child sleepy or constipated. For others, they helped maybe. Or maybe not. For us, medication made all growth possible. The medication made my son available to, focused on and interacting with the treatment modalities that we were using.

Ask about sensory integration training and you get the same answer. DOes brushing work? For some. . . what about behavioral therapy? for some kids . . .

The truth is, you don't really know what will make it possible for your son to control his behavior. Maybe diet changes will help . . . maybe biofeedback is the key . . . maybe he just needs a chance to mature . . . maybe it's medication that does the trick . . . maybe it is something else entirely . . .

Please don't discard any option just because you don't think it will work or you don't want to go that route or it's too much work. Do whatever it takes to get your son to be his best.

(When I first started down this road with a special needs child, I met another mother with a child with autism. She talked about all the treatments that she had tried, the ones she discarded and the ones she kept. She said, "I was afraid to NOT try something; I was afraid that I might miss THE cure. After all, if I knew it took 1 tsp of honey and 1 tsp of lime juice everyday to stop this autism monster, I'd make for damn sure that my kid got that -- every day. If I knew a bath in baking soda was THE answer, he'd take at least one a day. THE CURE could be anything. And I don't want to find out that I doomed my child to a less-than-perfect life because I didn't like honey or baths.")

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There are diet changes that can be VERY helpful for ADHD. See Julie Matthews' web site info about autism and adhd here:


She is an amazing resource in our community. I would strongly encourage you to contact her for her advice.

Hi P.. I also do not like the medication route right away. An excellent book to read is called, "The ADD Solution" by Dr. Lawless. It's a wonderful book and has proven techniques. A lot of times children with behavior issues are misdiagnosed with ADHD. Now, "behavior" doesn't always mean bad behavior. It can mean making a strict routine and sticking to it. Finding things he's interested in to keep his learning attention focused. There are all kinds of ways to get your child on tract. I have had much experience with children with ADHD and have seen great change in many just with a few environmental changes. If you'd like to email me, feel free: ____@____.com. I work with children with ADHD all of the time.
Good luck.

Hi, P.:

Although not often talked about in our society, ADHD is still a highly constroversial disorder (some researchers believe it does not exist, etc.). From my research, conversations with others, and personal family experience, ADHD is a ready diagnosis for children that don't fit the norm that schools and other institutions deem normal, and this is especially true for boys. I highly recommend that you seek a naturopathic or holistic doctor or therapist who can better determine if the ADHD-like symptoms your son is demonstrating are indeed ADHD, in which case he may need meds, or something altogether different like allergies to foods or environmental toxins, an ill-fit with his school, etc.

All in all, I recommend doing some pretty extensive research prior to accepting meds. let alone the ADHD diagnosis.

Good luck.


I have heard that removing sugar and simple carbs from the diet can help and keeping a tight schedule. Keep learning a hands on thing too.

I'm a pre-school teacher & know a couple of people with kids of ADHD. One thing you can do is monitor your child's diet. Some have problems with sugar while others (which from what I'm told is allergic) to a red dye (which is common in many juices..including some grape & other dark juices so it doesn't look red either). I know another parent who gave her foster child a herb, but didn't seem to help. I would try diet first if my child was ADHD. I also know that there are books that have some common diet problems that can help children with ADHD (a friend found out her son had a problem with the red dye found that info from a book).

The teachers use to say this about my son since 1st grade. They all were trying to tell me that medication is the best thing for him. I refused to give him any medications. I just worked with him real hard at home with his home work and focusing issues. Cut down on sugar and artificial flavoring. Now he is in 6th grade and an A student. I make sure in all his classes that he sits in the front of the class so he can stay focused. Keeping her on a schedule is real important. Hope this helps you.

Hello, I was a single mom with 2 business, and 4 properties and 2 spirited children. I always knew my son had somthing missing and it turned out to be he processes things differently. He has ADHD with impulsivity. His brain is in high gear all the time. I am so happy I put him on Concerta 3 years ago. He is 10 and is very bright but he couldn't focus at school so he was loosing grade average. He is now excelling and has friends. I can see his brain work while he thinks about things and he can draw and create projects that he would never have been able to without medicine. I think that if parents do due diligence with their children it is not fair to the child to not give them medicine because of the hype. If I would not have given my son the medicine he would have been lost in school and social settings. I want to give him all the self esteem he can get before he has to hanlde things without me there. They do not understand why everyone doesn't think like them. And when your in a world that you feel like you don't fit you think there is something wrong with you. Having a child feeling like that is so much worse than medicine hype. And believe me I tried everything first, behaviroal therapy, Feingold diet, I mean I don't even have him eat food die's, ext,. But we take the magic pill every day that helps his brain slow down to relize the consequense. I hope that helps, it was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make and I have had to battle his Dad this whole time. I would never take it back. J.

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