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Activities for a 15 Month Old

I am wondering how little is too little to sign your child up for any recreational activity. For example....dance, any sports, ice skating etc? I'm a first time mom so I'm kinda clueless on this one!

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I would suggest finding classes that you can do together. My daughter is 16 months old and I signed up for a mommy and me swim class so we will be in the water together, yet we'll be able to interact with other moms and kids. Have fun!

My daughter is 15 months old and we have looked into signing her up for mom and me gymnastics class and swimming lessons. Both are a little pricey for us right now as we had to cut back so I could stay home with my daughter. But if we could afford it I would do both.

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I would be in no hurry to sign her up for anything official. Try the story-times at your local library and other free activities in your area. They are good ways to start her socializing without getting too involved. Let her just play!

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Hi N.,

I'd not be in too big a hurry to sign the lass up for dance or ice skating right now. She's probably only been walking a few months at most. When my youngest son was 10 months old, we moved to a house with a garage, and he picked up a Little Tikes hockey stick and played with that. I'm not one for sigining the kids up for anything and everything until they express the desire. I learned this the hard way. I signed my oldest up for soccer and he HATED it with a passion. He ended up quitting then getting involved in band. He's been in band since 5th grade and is now in the 11th grade. My youngest started on the cello in the 5th grade, and this year in the 6th grade has moved on to percussion, as he wasn't happy with the cello.

Until your daughter is old enough to express interest in dance or sports, I'd just let her be a toddler. Mommy & Me activities where you're doing something with her is a great way to get her doing something, and you too. Check out the local pools and see which ones have Mommy and toddler swim lessons. Babies tend to love the water, leastwise, mine did.

Hope this helps.


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At 15 months she is probably open to just about anything, but it makes sense to let her try lots of different things. Kids develop their own interests in time, but they do really enjoy doing something with mom and dad! So it's always a good idea to have them try something that you're interested in. We taught our kids to skate and ski at early ages because we like winter sports, and we wanted to include them in what we did. As she gets older, keep an open mind about trying different activities - sometimes kids surprise you with interest in some sport or activity that never occurred to you. But whatever you do, avoid overloading her with structured activites, especially at such an early age! She needs time to play and read - it'll give her a chance to be creative and self-directed.

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I would suggest finding classes that you can do together. My daughter is 16 months old and I signed up for a mommy and me swim class so we will be in the water together, yet we'll be able to interact with other moms and kids. Have fun!

Hi N.,

I teach an early chidhood music and movement program called Music Together in Canton, MI. In 1999 I began this program as a parent with my 1 year old daughter Brennan (now 10), and stayed with it through my younger daughter Julia's 4 th year. I took the teacher training with one of the co-founder's in Princeton NJ in 2003, and have been teaching Music Together classes ever since!! In this 45 minute class we dance, sing, and explore safe, developmentally appropriate instruments. These classes are for babies, toddlers, children to age 5 years and their parents or caregivers.
I love this program as a parent and as a teacher!! I offer free classes for families to trial the class. Our Spring session begins April 2nd and runs for 9 weeks until May 31st.
My website is www.HarmonyAndMeKids.com, and you can view a video clip of classes at www.Musictogether.com . Please feel free to contact me with any questions N.!
M. Bila Regan


It seems you have gotten a lot of great advice. Here's my two-cents:

Parent-Tot swimming classes are great for getting children accostomed to the water in a safe, fun, and loving environment.

Check out tumbling classes. I live in Portland and our community offers these classes for specific ages. You can check your local community as well.

Any type of free-form dance / music class is beneficial for her mental and physical development.

As others have said check out the programs at your local YMCA.

Good luck!

Our daughter is 15 months as well and we signed her up for swimming lessons since she was 8 months. She loved it. We want to start her in gymnastics but they say wait till she is 18 months. She is almost 16 months so only 2 more months and we are going to get her started. I think with dance too they are suppose to be 18 months. We have a friend who teaches kids to play soccer and they are about 15-18 months and up.

A lot of activities like dance don't start til she'd be 3 but you can do things with her at say play groups if there's any near you. There's a place in Saline called My Urban Toddler that has stuff geared for 5 and under. You can also take her to Jungle Java since they have a toddler area. Not sure where you live so cannot give you anymore info than this.

Hi N.-

Check out the YMCA or Gymboree Play and Music for group activies for her age group. They are usually afordable and a great place to meet other Moms with children your daughters age to set up playdates.

I hope this helps!

I have 2 daughters who have both been involved with dance for 12 years now. The general rule of thumb is to wait until they are potty trained first. (at least it was that way with our dance studios)
Our girls started attending with they were just 3 years old.

Good Luck

I did some mommy and me gymnastics when my daughter was about that age. Check with your local school. Ours offers 8 week classes for 40 dollars. The teacher is fantastic and they keep it very fun for the little ones. When my older boy did hockey, they had an 18 mos, 2yr old and 3 yr old in the learn to skate classes. This can be pricey, but it is amazing how much they learned to skate. All that being said, she and I both got the most out of non structured activities, like the hartland pool (which has a wonderful kid area and a toddler swim time). We went once a week with friends from playgroup. Join a playgroup if you haven't already I am in Mom's Club http://www.momsclub.org/ They have low membership fees and several activities a month. Howell has Castaway Cafe, like a huge mcd's playland, free if you get there between 9 and 9:30. Have fun.

I have two very active children. They are eight and six now and involved in hockey and figure skating. They have been on the ice since they were 3 years old. We went to free skate many times as a family prior to that. Honestly any activity is great for kids. If they like it do it. It may be a lot of trial and error, but at least they are not in front of the TV and active. The hard part is, you have to be ready to run. Clubs are great, it can make things crazy with the running around but still the best when you see them enjoying themselves. If you do it at 2-3 don't expect a lot from them. The first couple of years of skating is a lot of on and off the ice but once they are 4 on up they really take right off. If you're not sure try a class or go to your local rink and see when you can do the family skate and see if your little one takes to it. Good luck!

Hi N.!
My son and I have been doing Gymboree classes since he was 16 months (they start at 0 months). My son is a monkey, so the gym class is perfect for him. They also have art and music classes.
Another thing we do together is laptime at our library.
Eventually, he will be able to do some classes at the YMCA. He could take swim lessons right now, and a movement class. The others start at around two.
One thing to keep in mind though, she may not participate in the whole group acitvities....my son doesn't always. Good luck and hope this helps!

I have been a part of MOMS Club since my daughter was 2 months old...although she couldn't do any of the activites it got me out of the house and with some other adults. I also put her in swim lessons when she was around 6 months old, she seemed to enjoy those.
I have found that most classes (dance, etc.) are geared for 18mo. and above most of them even 2-3 and above so it all depends on the place offering the classes. I just signed my daughter up for a short Music and Movement class through the YMCA, it's only 30min. a week, for 8 weeks, but will give her some exposure to music and basic dance.
I would say it all depends on your schedule (I'm a stay at home mom so I have most of the day to work with) and the type of program. You don't want your child to be over scheduled but it's got to give them some structure and exposure to many different things.

Most dance places start at age 2 1/2. Lakeland ice arena learn to skate program that starts at age 3 - I highly recommend it. Oakland Gymnastics has some really fun parent / tot classes that you and your child may really enjoy. Huron Vally school has a great pool and fitness center that offers fun parent / tot swim classes. There pool is zero entry so everyone can touch. If you look in the schools commuity educaiton brochures or online you can find lots of calsses gearer to this age.

If you would like more idea please feel free to contact me. I have a 3 year old daughter that ice skates, dances, and swims and 4 and 5 year old boys that play hockey, swim, and soccer. I have hjad them in tons of activities since a young age and they are very active and love it. It is so much better to have them involved in active movement than playing video games.

Have fun,

You have to look at the activity and see what the age requirements are.

There are swimming classes for all ages, Gymnastics starts at 18 month. the recreation departments have mom and me classes from about 18 monhts. of course gymboree has classes from birth but they are pretty expensive.

In general classes start at 18 months- but really they cant do much until they are 2 and can follow directions a little bit..

-- look into musicalstorytime.com

they have classes for children as young as 5 months.. it is fun we take our daughter

My daughter is 15 months old and we have looked into signing her up for mom and me gymnastics class and swimming lessons. Both are a little pricey for us right now as we had to cut back so I could stay home with my daughter. But if we could afford it I would do both.

There are lots of things for a 15 month old to do!! My daughter is almost 2 but she has been doing things since she was about that age. Gymnastics for kids that age is GREAT!!! THey can't do much but play but it plants a seed and gets their energy out!!!! Also swimming lessons!! It gets them used to the water and plants the seed for water safety..and again with the wearing them out!!! Kindermusik is another GREAT thing for kids. Go to the Kindermusik website: www.kindermusik.com and search for a teacher in your area!! My daughter loves it!!! Also, check with your local library..most libraries have some programs for young kids!!! I always had the classes either before bed or before nap so that they could get nice and tired and then sleep well.

Good luck and have fun!!!

E. Z.

I think some things are ok to do young--like swimming as long as you keep it fun. But, (IMO) I would hold off on any real sructured activites until they are older (4-5). All they really need is you at this age. Do fun activites at home with her and just enjoy this time you have. Do not rush to have her grow up--it will be here before you know it, and soon you'll want your little one back again.

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