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Activities for 10 Month Old

I leave our 10 month old with a nanny during the day and have noticed that even though he has a routine there are no structured activities. For example, he will have breakfat, bath, have lunch, take a nap at certain times but in between when he is up and about the nanny just lets him entertain himself while she is on the phone, her laptop or lying down. I have no issues with her multitasking or relaxing a bit but I feel that she is not spending the time focusing on him - she is just doing the basic neccessity tasks - feeding, diaper changing etc but not working on him learning new things. He is crawling now so he does like to explore........I was thinking of recommending to the nanny that she spend time each day reading his numbers, alphabet books etc and then possibly even some music/dancing type time - she loves to dance so this is not an odd request.....do you have any other ideas on structured actiivites that the nanny can do with my 10 month old? I already take him to the park every evening after dinner and don;t really want to encourage her to drive around with him since I think she talks on her phone while driving.............

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I have two cameras at home that I can remotely access and that is how I know what is going on at home. It seems like when we are around the nanny does the right things by playing with my son, being silly, dancing etc but when we are not around she likes to do her own thing. She does know about the cameras............I will watch her for a couple of more days and then if this is an established pattern I will address it with her..........My son loves her and that make it harder to just look for a new nanny.........please do keep the great ideas coming....I love all your suggestions and advice!
Thanks for all the comments! The little one is going to go to Montessori school/daycare in Jan for half a day. I plan on very diplomatically, without talking about the camera, discussing with my nanny my expectations as far as her cell phone/laptop use while she is working. I also really like the idea of having her bring to the table some activites that she can do with the baby. Completely agree that at this time anything he does like playing peekaboo is a learning experience that is why I just don;t want him to be sitting around on his own for a majority of the day!
Brenda M – I am glad that my little question makes you feel better about your decision to stay at home.

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if my boss said, "hey i've been watching you on my nannycam and you need to do more with my baby, instead of just the basics of caring for her" i might get a little defensive. just be super nice about it.

honestly i feel like nannycams are more for ensuring the physical safety of the child...this seems borderline nitpicky to me.

maybe avoid the whole topic of judging her performance, and just make flat out requests. "i was hoping you could take the baby on a walk today, he hasn't been outside lately." "sometime today would you mind getting on the floor and playing with him with these blocks? he really loved them last night when we played with him."

*after reading other responses* i agree with Marda that at 10 months old there's not a lot of structured play required....he's a baby...let him be a baby. as long as he's happy and thriving. i don't see where 10 months is the time to really worry about enriching activities, etc. everyone is different (case in point the 10 month olds fluent in sign language) but to me it's really not necessary.

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Do you know that your nanny isn't playing with him? IF so, how do you know? I could see that she might be doing the things that HenrysMamma 1 is suggesting but you'd not know it because you're not there.

I suggest that you find a way to spend a day with her and your baby so that you can see how they interact and then if there are things you'd like to see her do that you make those suggestions. Include her in planning activities so that she feels she's a part of the process.

I suggest that reading is an excellent activity but question teaching numbers and letters at this age. I think we push our babies too much in the direction of academics. They're busy with development tasks. Learning to walk, for example, is a major task. Learning shapes and textures, about gravity, how the world works are all major and energy consuming.

Because you said your baby loves her I suggest that you be very reluctant to fire her. Having consistent loving relationships at this age are necessary for growing a sense of security. And.....it won't be easy to find another nanny, let alone one who will connect with your baby.

Yes, suggest more activity, if you think that is important. But I suggest that love and an easy going relationship is more important than organized activities. Babies learn security from loving interaction. And feeling secure in the first years of life set the tone for the rest of their life.
Babies do feel the loss of a caretaker.

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Our DS 11 months likes to play independently, nonetheless, whether its us, the manny or my parents, we try to make a point of naming things, stacking things, knocking things down, rolling things back and forth, pointing out body parts, showing him how to touch gently, tickling, singing, babbling at him ba,ba,ba,ba, da, da,da da, la, la, le, le le, etc, to introduce consonant sounds, we read, take walks, and try to talk with as many people as possible.

If he's safe, well fed and well rested, and seems happy to be with her, you are probably in good hands. activities are preferable, but not always necessary. believe me, he's constantly learning, whether you are constantly teaching or not.

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10 months is a great time for sensory tables, books, sorting, learning colors, cadence of words and all can be done just by playing.
I would recommend nanny take a few courses in early childhood development, and show her some of the fun,e asy things that she can do with your son.
Even peek a boo teaches object permanence, daily book time and she should be touching and interacting and giving eye contact with him frequently. Babies are, for most part, good at parallel play, but that doesn't mean they need to be left alone to do it by themselves. I think your concerns are justified.
A simple conversation with nanny that " jack is getting older and he needs more structured interaction, books and reinforcement of fun lessons. Can you share with me tomorrow what some of your ideas are and I'll bring some of mine and we can decide how to move forward together!"
Also with the weather finally getting cooler, she can take walks around the neighborhood and simply sit in the front/back yard with him and look at the grass and leaves and feel the wind on his face - heaven to these little ones.
Good luck it is a fine balancing act for all of us:)
OH EDIT - I forgot there is a great newsletter called "Growing Child" and it is sent monthly to your home up to 24 months. gives ideas and tips that are all developmentally appropriate - my mom got them for me and I love, love, loved them - taught me sooo much and gave me good games to play - there is also a book called "games babies play" full of great ideas.

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It sounds like to me you have a babysitter and not a nanny. A real nanny would already be doing those things. In this economy you should be able to find yourself a good one....In the meantime; You are the boss and it is time to give her some direction. Tell her to keep the phone calls short and to do her job!! Nap only when the baby naps etc....You work hard for the money, so don't let her waste it!!!

Take Care and God Bless!

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Interaction is the key. Structured play isn't really necessary. She can take him on walks and talk about what they're doing together. She can do things around the house and talk to him about what she's doing. I think coming up with a few things that you'd like her to do with him is fine, but 100% baby time isn't really possible. If your baby loves her, don't mess with success. Your baby is still a baby - relax about the "educational" stuff.

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Maybe before each nap some reading time? Could be part of the bedtime routine and definitely a beneficial activity. Also - can she take him for walks or maybe just go sit outside on a blanket? There's lots of fun stuff to do, but I guess I can see your concern if she's on the phone etc. Maybe you need to set some ground rules with her use of phones/laptop and laying down. I used to nanny a 7 month old and they asked no TV on when he was awake and I was fine with this. I think it's fair to talk to her about limiting phone and laptop time to when the baby is napping. Grated, your baby does need some time to explore or play on her own, but definitely not all the time and she can learn a lot by an adult playing with her, laughing, being silly, etc. It's sad you don't have a nanny you trust to take her to things - such as story time with other babies at the library, etc. I would re-think your relationship with your nanny!

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It sounds like your nanny needs a talking to or a trading in. It sounds like she's more interested in her gadgets than her job. Sure she takes care of the basics but there's much more to childcare than that. I, too, would suggest reading before naps, stroller walks, music time etc. But really I might start looking for someone else. Also, have you considered part-time daycare? He'd be exposed to other kids and more of a structured environment.

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I would just sit down and talk to her and let her know the things you would like her to do with him. There are not many more things other than the ones you sugguested. I don't know if I would tell her you've been watching her. But if you talk to her and let her know what you want and things do not change you will know. If you have not told her your expections she may not know what you want. If you want it very structured tell her I would like you to do this at this time and see what happens.

Good luck and God Bless!

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That's why we sacrificed and lived on very little when our daughter was born - so I could be home to raise her.

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well for start he is just a baby he is just 10 months old if you want a your 10 month old baby to learn why don't you put him in a daycare. Because nanny in your home will not teach him what you want her to well think about!!

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