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Activia Vs. Other Yogurt Brands

I decided to take the Activia challenge, eat Activia for 14 days and it is suposed to make you regular. I don't know exactly what that means. Is it for people with constipation? or irritable bowel syndrom? or bloating and gas? Anyway, I guess my question is, has anyone taken/eaten it for 14 days or longer and what results did you find? And is there really any difference between this and regular yogurt? What is Bifodus regularis? vs. other probiotics? Any help, advice or personal experience will be appreciated.

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Well I didn't make it the 14 days, I was pretty sure that i wouldn't. But I did it for about 5 days and began to see a difference. I do think that it is different than regular yogurt. although I prefer the taste and texture of regular yogurt. I will continue to eat it here and there, but not daily. It did help regulate me, and created more solid movements w/o any emergency runs to the rest room. So I would say it does do what it says it will do, but eating it only sometimes seems to work well enough for me. Thanks everyone for your advice.

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I eat Activia light regularly (about four to five times a week) but it's because it's the only yogurt out there that I like. I laughed when my mom saw me eating it one day and asked what was wrong with me.

Take the challenge, it won't hurt. If you have the desired results, all the better. If not, you'll be eating yogurt for two weeks.

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No - there really is no difference between this yogurt and other yogurts.

If you incorporate enough fiber into your daily diet - you should stay regular.

I take several types of vitamins each day and included in those is a papaya supplement that regulates your system as well as a Acidophilus supplement (it's the active yeast culture in yogurt).

With a healthy diet, vitamins and exercise - your system will stay on a regular cycle.

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I eat activia and other digestive health yogurt often. I do not know if it really affects my regularity (having a BM everyday, about the same time every day) as I generally have a higher fiber diet. BUT, I do rev it up if I am particularly bloated or have been sick.

Good Luck and God Bless your serviceman!

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My mother in law eats Activia. I am not for sure about the Activia challenge but did hear recently that Activia has been told that they must modify their advertising since they were making claims about the results that were not true. Didn't specify which claims - they didn't say it was BAD yougurt or bad for you, just that the claims it made were not realistic on all people.

I did notice that Activia has high fructose corn syrup in it. I have used the Stoneyfield Farm probiotics - but a doctor friend we have recommends Keifer.

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I have never taken/eaten Activia for the 14 days. However, as a herblist, I recommend just taking a probiotics as a supplement, bifidophilus or acidophilus, and food enyzmes. Probiotics help fights candida in the lower and upper intestinal tract and promotes good bowel health. The American diet leaves us depleted of the good or friendly bacteria that we need to digest our food. When people are irregular, usually they need to replenish the friendly bacteria in the digestive and intestinal system. Fiber also helps by absorbing toxins and removing them from our system.

Activia may have more disadvantages than advantages, so READ the label before you take the challenge. I recommend a detoxification program or cleanse (with 3 suggestions above plus a few others) which is better and healthier for you. Email me if you desire more information.

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I second Charise H get more fiber and water and take a probiotic it's much better than yogurt

Be Blessed

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My teen daughter takes acidophilus every day and it cured her 10-year constipation issue. It turned out her problem was excessive (necessary) antibiotics as a baby/child (long story) that had depleted all the GOOD bacteria and now it is restored, due to the supplements.

She also likes Activia.

I wonder why her doctors didn't know this 10 years ago???

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S., I have never tried the Activia challenge, but I do know what Regular is LOL...There is no normal when it comes to frequency of bowel movements, only averages. It’s average to go once or twice a day, but many people go more, and some go less -- maybe every other day, and or as infrequently as once or twice a week. As long as you feel comfortable, you don’t need to give your BMs much thought.

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I eat non fat plain yougart. its not for everyone but they put so much sugar in the regular yougart its not exactly good for me. probiotics help keep your digestive system functioning properly (regular). they also help to maintain a healthy vagina. you could always do a search and type "define probiotics" to find out what its really about. good luck. if your constipated i recomend high fiber to get you back to regular again before thinking activia is going to fix a problem...i think its more of preventint a problem.

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Great question. I responded to read your replies. I have IBS, so I may learn some very helpful information. Take care.

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