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Acne in a 4 Year-old

My daughter has a painful red bump just below her nose. Her description of how it hurts in addition to its appearance indicates a pimple below the skin. I can't find anything on acne in preschool children and wondered if any of you have experienced this? She's had small white heads before and they didn't last very long. She's just too little to have to deal with this nasty stuff! I don't know if it's normal or something I need to call the pediatrician about, so any experience you have would be appreciated.

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Thank you for all your suggestions! I called the pediatrician's office, and they believe it's a pimple (it came to a head overnight) and said to put Bacitracin on it. If she gets another, I think I'll just take her in. They also said she could be reacting to something, so I'll have to put on my thinking cap to figure out what it might be.

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Before calling a doctor I would adjust her diet. Get rid of high fat and high sugar foods, go to organic food for a while. Put her on a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, have her drink a lot of filtered water. In other words, detox her body. This will take about a month.


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Like the other posters said, I would go to the ped. If it is acne, your daughter is too young to have it, so there might be a problem there. If it isn't acne, its something else which should be treated. If your doctor thinks that it is acne, I've heard lots of stories about people who switch to all hormone free milk and dairy products and these problems go away. (In the meantime, a nice hot wet washcloth on the problem will help it feel better and bring it to a head.) Good luck!

Just be careful and if it doesn't go away soon or gets worse, take her to the ped to look at it and make sure it's not a staph infection (or worse, MRSA).

It sounds to me that what your daughters gets is little skin infections. I have four girls and they have all had that at some point. They just appear occassionally, they are there longer than pimples. Tell your doctor about them. THere is a cream antibiotic that my doctor gave us that makes it go away right away. She probably picked it up at school. Good luck.

Warm compacts help to bring it to a head and relieve the pain

I would take her to the doctor and have him or her take a look at it. My best friend's daghter had the same type of "pimple" looking thing, and it ended up being MRSA. Her daughter was given an antibiotic and a cream and everything was fine after treatment. I think it's always better to have it checked out. Good Luck.

you need to take her to the ped.

Have her doctor look at it. Sometimes "pimples" in young children are actually impetigo. Here's a link to an example... http://www.visualdxhealth.com/images/dx/webInfant/impetig....

If it is a pimple or ingrown hair, you can athe it in warm, wet, folded washcloths twice a day, 2-3 days. I should break and be gone. Make sure she ges no dirt in it. She'll be o.k. mommy.

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