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Acne During Pregnancy

Hello all, i need a little help here. i am currently pregnant with #2 and it seems that ever since i found out, my face has broken out horribly. Right now i'm trying this acne-free facial cleanser then using an oil free severe acne lotion afterwards, but nothing seems to be helping. i know i need to drink more water but my husband and i were both sick with a stomach virus a few weeks back and now all i have been wanting is ginger ale. it's the only thing i drink anymore it seems. i do drink milk in the mornings and occasionally at night but water really isnt in the mix at the moment. i also started a pregnancy workout dvd, it's called preggie bellies workout for 2 and let me tell you, if you are pregnant and looking to stay fit the whole 9 months you should do this video, it's awesome, not over exerting and you use an exercise ball for all the cardio and ab work. it's a really great workout for pregnant and postpartum mommies :) but back to the question at hand, if anyone has any suggestions as what to use for my acne that would be great. i feel look horrible and my husband had made comments about it too but i keep telling him it should get better after the baby. i just dont feel pretty like i used to considering i had just finally lost all the weight of my first pregancy and then BOOM out of nowhere i am pregnant again. any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Also, has anyone experienced upper back pain/spasms during pregnancy? for the past couple of days i have been waking up with pain/spasms between my shoulder blades. i was at walmart the other day and almost dropped my 2 year old getting him out of the cart it hurt that bad. some things i do make it worse but this morning all i did was move my arm and i got the sharp pain again, it only last a few seconds or so but the pain is constantly there. could it be that i need a more supportive bra or just need to stretch those muscles out more often?

i never had any of these problems while pregnant with my son so this is sorta new to me...

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I had the same thing with the acne. what helped me the most:
pull hair back as much as possible.
orgins mint face wash! and you only need a tiny tiny bit.
also I switched to bare minerals make up. It really helped too!

good luck and try not to stress, that helps too

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Dear Terri,
I don't remember much acne with my son, but when I got pregnant with my daughter (like you, right after I finally lost all but the last few pounds of baby weight from my son), it seemed like my face went into triple-overdrive on the oil production. Since I'm a Mary Kay consultant, I used the Combintation to Oily 3-in-1 cleanser & moisturizer, and spot-treated with the acne treatment gel. That combination really seemed to do the trick for me.
Naturally, you should try to get your water intake up, and the sode intake down, but at this point, even balancing it 1/2 & 1/2 ~ deciding that after one glass/can of soda you can't have more until you've drunk at least that much water as well.
I also had back problems with my daughter, and I would recommend a good heating pad. However, a word of caution, DON'T use it while sleeping & of course, only on your back, neck, shoulders, and NEVER on your belly.
Good luck with your pregnancy. I said a prayer for you & your family!

My left shoulder blade hurt through my whole pregnancy - my doc said it was the way my body was compensating for the weight. Massage and a heating pad was really the only relief I got from that until my daughter was born - then it was other shoulder/neck pains from carrying her and breastfeeding;)

As for the acne, mention it to your doc at your next prenatal appt. After the first trimester, my doc let me use a lot more stuff in general, so perhaps there is something safe he/she can recommend. It is definitely hormones and will go away when #2 is with you!

Good luck!

Sounds like this pregnancy could be a girl...lol!! I had such acne when i was pregnant and some funky pains also. Just a fun thought...

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I had the same thing with the acne. what helped me the most:
pull hair back as much as possible.
orgins mint face wash! and you only need a tiny tiny bit.
also I switched to bare minerals make up. It really helped too!

good luck and try not to stress, that helps too

Your hormones are going nutts there isn't much you can do. When I was preg the same thing happend to me, things went back to normal after I had my kids.

I currently use acne free products. It is a 3 step system consisting of a cream cleanser, toner, and a repair lotion. It took about 3 weeks of using it to clear my skin but I have had only the occassional small break outs since starting this product. I have bought mine at Walmart. You use this product twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. I have oily skin that breaks out constantly and this is the first product to truly help me.

I would offer this advice:
Use a good cleanser on your face and make sure to wash it after your workout video :)
Go pamper yourself with a hair appointment and/or mani/pedi as often as you can and relax about your looks. Try to really enjoy being pregnant!
As for the back pain--maybe a correlation between it and the workout?

I had acne really bad with my 2nd baby. And nothing helped. It was all hormonal.
That baby was a girl. I really feel that you have so much extra girl hormones floating around in you and that is what causes the acne. JMO.
Who cares what you look like? You are making another human being.

Hi Terri,

I don't have any personal experience with acne while pregnant, but I looked it up on Kellymom and this is what she says: <http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/acne-meds.html&gt; All of her references are for taking acne medicine while breastfeeding - but it should be pretty similar to what you would do while pregnant.

Congrats on your 2nd baby-to-be!


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HONEY!!!!!!!!! When I was pregnant with my Marley, I looked like a thirtenn years old again. I had acne, backne, neckne, it was all horrid. I kept my hair off my face and washed it so much I think I became borderline OCD. I also used Thayers Lemon Witch Hazel instead of astringents. You can get it at Whole Foods or you can order it online. After about the fifth month it cleared up, but I scarred pretty badly. Just keep your hands off your face,use light moisturizers, and look in the morning everyday and say, "Dammit, I am so beautiful!" Enjoy number 2!

Can't help much with the acne (battling adult acne myself and have found nothing to work well enough for me to stick with it) but I do suggest a chiropractor for your back. Some people have very strong feelings about chiropractors...not me. My back hurt in the beginning of my pregnancy I went ONE TIME and I was good for the remainder...I mean NO back pain even at two weeks PAST my due date. My backpain literally shot down my spine and across my left butt cheek in half a second flat. It was the most sharp, intense pain I've ever felt triggered by bending, twisting, or stepping a certain way. I completely suggest visiting a chiropractor during your pregnancy. If west chester is within driving distance I know the name of a WONDERFUL man I've only visited once (my grandfather goes to him religiously, though).

Sounds like your body is telling you that you might be out of line. I have gone threw that, but with my left hip to a point that it would hurt to walk. I started going and seeing a back cracker that works a lot with prego ladies and it has helped. It is also said that when you get cracked or re in line during this time that it can help with labor. Also a prego massage is good also. Along with the water and banananas and things like that.

you need to call your doctor. another thing to do is to get one of the pregnancy books which may have some tips about the acne.i had aching in my upper back because of the job i had. once i went on maternity leave it went away.the only pain reliever you can take safely is tylenol. at least take that and see if it helps the pains.
in the meanwhile talk to your ob/gyn and may be make an appointment with a dermatologist for the acne.

I feel your pain! With my first pregnancy I broke out all over my chin with my son.... it never went away. Now I'm pregnant with #2 and its worse all over my chin and painful. I have a dr appt tonight and I'm talking to him about it. It's embarrassing :( I've never broken out in my life lol so this is all new! I had a boy the first time around and a girl this time around. So it's just the hormones in general. As for the back spasms I got those after I had my son, I think just because of the extra weight around my middle. The Dr said as I lost weight it would get better and it did. Your body is probably just getting used to the weight shift in your body and the changes for round 2 :) It's all worth it in the end ;)
What did you do to get in shape after your first one? I'll message you after my appt and let you know what my dr says about the acne thing.

Hi Terri

I had the Same thing...Acne...ewwww, right? I used Pro-active and it worked ...I still broke out but not as bad. And I had a Beautiful Baby Girl...so I think that's what you're having too. good luck.

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