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Acne Care for 8 Year Old

My 8 year old daughter is having problems with acne, mostly on her forehead and around her nose area. We have been using Neutrogena exfoliating pads but I think that is actually making it worse. She has seen a dermatologist before for another issue, but before we went that route I thought I would try asking if anyone here can recommend a good acne product for an 8 year old? Thanks.

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Hello, I am reading all of the answers that you are getting, what she needs is a good deep cleansing facial not a ordinary basic facial but Iam in Orlando so it would be to far for you to drive to so if you can find someone that has a lot of experience in skin care and a great product for acne is
the Control Corrective skin care line, it has great ingredients to control breakouts, if you would like me to send you a few samples please call me and I would be happy to send you some for her to try. It will help breakouts but if she has blackheads or millea then she has to have a good facial to be extracted. Where ever Salon you choose, ask them on how they prepare the skin before extractions? Do they use a good enzymes with the steam to soften and clean out the skin to make it easier on extractions? I wish I was closer to you, I have been in the skin care business for 17 years and I started into it because my daughter had acne at a very young age and no dermatologist was able to help her. So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me at any time. ###-###-#### or my website is
www.beauvisageinc.com and dont believe all these different skin care lines that you are told about that are not a proffesional and dont help and please do NOT use AlCOHOL on her like someone is telling you, that will dehydrate her and make her worst.. I can not believe people are still using rubbing alcohol on there face. You want to catch her acne in time so she wont have scars when she is older. If you call me I will give you a lot more pointers to help her. good luck M.

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My 8 year old daughter uses Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash and its mild and doesnt irritate her skin.

You are a great momma for asking.
From my teenage acne years I learned the following, after many mistakes (I burned my skin with various drying substances etc.):
1. Gentle cleanser with no drying alchohol or menthol or lemony stuff. No fragrance either. one does not want to irritate acne. (good cleansers -- Cetaphil or Purpose...)

2. Gentle toner if needed, but probably not necessary especially as a pre teen. only if they wear make up. Again, no alchohol, lemon, menthol, camphor, peppermint or other irritiating substances..

3. Acne fighting medicine (only if necessary)-- either with benzoyl peroxide (2.5% to start) or salicyic acid or dr. prescribed....(some acne medicines cause reactions to the sun, so don't use in the day and use sunscreen!!!!! and do patch test first on wrist to ensure no alleric reaction.)

4. At a later age....exfoliator based on BHA -- saliycic acid -- again, no alchohol. Clinique Sensitive Skin toner is good. (probably not necessary on a daily basis as a pre-teen).

5. non oily sunscreen (to prevent scarring after pimple heals. sometimes pimples leave pink marks which disappear in a few months. not to worry. cover up with SPF 15+ foundation or cover stick



a great website to learn how to gently take care of your skin at any age is www.cosmeticscop.com or www.beautypedia.com
Paula Begoun shares how to take of your skin, and rates products from the drugstore or dept. store.

Good Luck.

Do you know about Biotine(vitamin) it promotes healty skin and hair. Not sure about dosage or effectiveness because my girls were not consistant in taking it. But I heard it works. We did go to proactive and it helped alot. But it became exspensive w/ 2 kids using it. We found a walmart brand(compares to proactive and it was pretty good in contrast. Hope this helps. Of course you know . tons of water, less fried food and junk.
Penny(Trinity, Fl)

I would consider changing her eating habits? Shes pretty young for acne although it does happen. Encourage water, and avoid sugary drinks, soda etc. Greasy food, can play a part although people will say thats not true. My teen boy was having alot of acne problems, and once we revamped his eating habits, his skin is MUCH better. Also make sure she washes her face at least nightly, wash her pillow cases alot, make sure her hair is clean since its around her forehead. And we also had success with proactiv, a little expensive but it worked

You've had many great responses ... her diet is a key ingredient. My 13 year old is going through this now and we've tried washing his face at night 3 times a week or so with baking soda. Just make a paste with water, apply as if it were a mask and leave on for a couple of minutes. It has worked well for him and is inexpensive and natural. Good luck!

Use a natural herbal acne remedy (look for things like aloe, neem, and tea tree oil for ingredients in skin creams), clean up her diet (no processed foods, use lots of fresh fruits and veggies, antioxidants, omega-3s, etc.) and help her process and release any emotional frustrations. Most doctors don't know much about treating what's causing a condition like this, they may prescribe drugs to temporarily suppress the symptoms, which can often aggravate problems.

lavender essential oil and tea tree mixed together. just rub on irritated area a couple times a day and it will clear right up. :)

I actually am experiencing the exact same thing with my daughter. We started out with the usual Neutogena products, but being a nurse myself, it hit me, she is too young to really be having any hormonal changes at such a young age, so I began to investigate a little further. There is a POSSIBLE underlying medical condition dealing with the endocrine system that may be involved, and it may be a smart idea to have your daughter checked by her Primary Care physician, just to be on the safe side. I don't mean to be an alarmist, HOWEVER, seeing that acne at that age is pretty rare, an underlying condition is most likely to blame. I hope that helps and your daughter and yourself get the situation resolved soon. GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY HEALTH TO YOU.

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