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Aaaagggghhh! Found ONE Head Lice in My Daughter's Hair!

Is it possible that my daughter could have just "picked up" this one head lice? Yesterday morning, I was brushing my 6 y/o's hair and saw something move. She has long, straight, fine, light colored hair. I pulled the bug out with my fingers and about "eeked" at the sight of it. My first instict was to pretend I didn't see it, but being a responsible individual, I told me daugher "no school". My hubby said it was no big deal, since there was only one, but I thought different. I used some Nix, and then thoroughly went through her hair. I found NOTHING! My daughter does have eczema and has several patches in her scalp. (The night before, after her shower, I had gone through her scalf with a comb and put medicine on all spots...I can't believe I didn't find that critter then!) Anyway, I took her to school late, and told the office and teacher, and then went home to clean. I did her bedding, the extra bunk bedding, my bedding, and the blankets/ pillows in the living room. I did so much laundry - ALL day long. I swept and vacuumed...cleaned the throw rugs, and even lice sprayed the couch and mattresses. I bagged up all her stuffed animals too. I feel like I did a thorough job...I even told the neighbors that she played with on Mother's Day, along with all my family that we visited on Mother's Day. How awkward feeling...
I checked her last night and this morning and NOTHING...should I be concerned. Is it possible she just picked this critter up and it was the only-lonely one? I really don't think I am in denial. Also, any other suggestions of things to do?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

I never found another bug - and didn't ever find any eggs!! Thank God!! I think we made it through this one, and hope not to have to deal with lice again!! Thanks for everyone's helpful advice and encouragement :-)

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J. ; no usually when you find one you find others, but you attacked it and got rid of them, so rest if you do not feel rested , treat her hair again, you did well in all the cleaning, it should of gotten rid of them, the mediines they got today work well, take a breather, you got them all, its always good to keep that stuff around and treat everyone in household too, i know the feeling, i would watch my nephew and he had them and his mom did not treat him at all, i had to do it, he had tons, which was really bad, so any way we conquered it, but not till after months of it, so hang in there, you did a great job, have a good day , D. s

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Hello J., Yes, it is possible to have just picked up the sole hitchhiker. When my son was about 6, I took him in for a hair cut. The stylist found the louse! I was mortified!! She said there were no nits at all, and no other bugs. I had both of my other kids and myself checked right then and there. None of us had any either. Being responsible like you, I did all of the same cleaning. Never had any other problems. Good luck.

Where there is one, there is more. Have you ever seen just one ant or just one mosquito?

Its hard to tell, but you did the right thing by treating her hair and cleaning the house and all. The worse they get the harder it is to get rid of them so its better to be safe than sorry. My now 6 year old had lice when she was 4 and it got so bad before I found it because i never had an issue with it before. It took forever to get rid of it. It was very frustrating and a lot of work!

I would check her head in another week or two to make sure nothing hatched. Dry skin will flick off, whereas, the nits will stick to the hair.

You did a great job Mom. Good luck! :)


I have experienced that also and it is not fun. Sounds like you have everything covered at home...
But keep checking her hair once a week for awhile just to give you a piece of mind.
Yes, she could have picked it up from someone else. Those little suckers can jump.
Tea tree oil in her shampoo will help keep them at bay..

Good luck.

One lice can lay several eggs that can take 3-5 days to hatch, so I think you ned to keep on checking. And I would definitely use the lice treatment and throughly check for nits daily. Lice scurry when they sense movement, so the fact th at you only found one, doesn't mean there is only one. It only takes one to start an infestation. You are a very diligent parent, and I commend you for taking such steps. The steps youa re taking is what stops it from spreading. Hang in there!

Oh no, it is an awful feeling! Been there. I think you did the right thing with everything! But I would re-treat again! I highly recommend it. We went through this last year. Also, I forgot how long it said to keep the stuffed animals in the airtight bags, but I did it twice as long! I think I went overboard, but I even washed her sheets, blankets and pillowcases EVERY SINGLE night in HOT water for a couple of weeks. Was it a hassle? YES!!!! But it just grossed me out so bad. I would go through your daughter's hair every night. I would examine what I pulled out with a magnifying glass and you would be amazed at what looked like a speck to the naked eye was actually lice! My husband and I were shocked!!! Also, buy some tea tree oil shampoo, I have read over and over again lice do not like the smell. After the second treatment, several days later I had found a home remedy where you use white vinegar and listerine I believe it was. We did that too! (I told you, I think I went overboard!). I felt so bad for my daughter and tried not to make a big deal about it to make her feel bad, so I even did the listerine treatment with her, acted like we were having a spa day with our shower caps, etc.! I think that helped her a lot!

Most importantly though, please don't feel bad. You did the right thing (it is so hard to tell people). If you research it on the 'net, it's the people with clean hair that get it! I think my daughter picked it up at Chuck E Cheese, because the school office said there were no reported cases when she got it.

Best of luck! Hang in there! :)

ok i vwould say you did everything you needed to and your an awesome mom. I feel you did good. there is tons of possibilities it might have came off an animal in your home or hopped in when the windows was open and just so happened to find her hair. I think your good just be aware of her hair. Check it out daily and you will be fine.

Sounds like you did a very thorough job - what I've done when it hit my house. Yes, one is a big deal because of the eggs they lay. I'd say to recheck her in a week to be sure and do another treatment if you find anything.

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