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A Smaller Tummy and Waist

what will make my tummy and waist flatter im thinking of wearing a corset for a couple months will that work have you tried it if not what will work

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I had a daugter 6 months ago and I had the same problem. Before I got pregnant I was 5'5 and 107 pounds. Now I am 115 pounds. wearing a coset will work, I wore a faha and I got it at the indoor swap meet at the shop where they sell undergarments. I wore it faithfully for 30 days and only took it off at night to sleep and my stomach went back to shape. I also used the palmers firming lotion.

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Exercise and diet. The slim in 6 program works as well as winser pilates, you have to get a little cardio in to work it off before you tone it. I have 3 children I hate exercise and I will do these programs and I am a size 3. Check them out!

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I had a daugter 6 months ago and I had the same problem. Before I got pregnant I was 5'5 and 107 pounds. Now I am 115 pounds. wearing a coset will work, I wore a faha and I got it at the indoor swap meet at the shop where they sell undergarments. I wore it faithfully for 30 days and only took it off at night to sleep and my stomach went back to shape. I also used the palmers firming lotion.

It sounds to me like you are probably not breastfeeding because I dropped the pounds so fast due to breastfeeding my baby, I can't give any advice for this child, but for the next to loos the weight fast don't use formula, breatfeeding takes a lot of calories from you and you'll shed that baby fast so fast you won't believe the scale.

I guess since it's too late now for that though, for me what has worked in general for loosing weight is cycling at the gym (or buying one for the house like I did) It's a really easy exercise you can do for a long time because you are sitting, but you can burn a lot of fat in an hour. And if you like to read the time goes by fast, or if you don't like to read you can bring it out into the livingroom and watch your favorite show or two while cycling. And regularity is key, I used to cycle 6 days a week and do power style yoga for an hour once a week (this really makes you sweat too and is great for muscle tone and flexability)

I beleive that we have to observe what kinds of food we are putting in us and how much water. ALso are you constipated? Carring a baby in the abdomen area moves all your internal organs to new locations. This causes our elimination process to be restricted. Constipation is a epidemic with people not being aware becasue this is not taught. Pooping is looked at as dirty, gross, disgusting and you know all of that embarassing stuff. So we don't release as much as we put in and it becomes toxic matter causing other symptoms. (diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, depression, weight gain and so many more) Expereince COLON HYDROTHERAPY to recive the release that you need to rid constipation. www.lapazspa.com
Remember to breathe also good stuff.

My daughter just had a her baby on Feb. 28, 2007. She has been wearing a corset for the pass to months. It has worked for her. She is back to a size 3. You will have to get a size smaller then you are for it to work. If you are at a small it will be hard to find a x-small. Try it it works!!!

I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and started wearing a PostPartum tummy belt from Babies R Us right away. I should have gotten the Small one b/c the medium is not tight enough anymore. Its worked wonders! I usually take a shower in the evening, slather some Vicks (old "remedy") right after all over my waist and abs, and velcro that thing on pretty snug to sleep. So far its worked for me. A pretty tight girdle from the swap meet, like the other person wrote, works just as well. I wear that during the day sometimes.
As for the Hollywood set, the trick is to use hemmorhoid cream before an event all over the belly instead of the Vicks. The models and actressses swear by this. (also for puffy eyes).

My son was born three years ago. The first year I didn't focus on exercise as much since I was getting used to motherhood and returning to work, but after that year I retruned to the gym. About three months into I joined an outdoor fitness camp for a jump start. After that I hit gym classes for cardio. Although, I saw slight changes it wasn't until this year. I think I have seen more results in the past three months than ever before. I met with a trainer for an hour to review my plan. He recommended good nutrition and consistent exercise. You probably hear this advice all the time, but it's true. If you want lasting results that are healthy (unlike quick diets and other gimics), it is the best method in my opinion. I suggest a food journal and if you feeling even more up for the challenge include your caloric intake. I also use the bodybuilding.com as a guide. At first, I though this site was all about those who compete or "weightlifting fanatics", but actually, they give you good, healthy advice. Give it a try.
As for the corset. I guess it will give you the boost you may need, but I think viewing your diet and incoroprating exercise is your best bet. Exercise and good nutrition do wonders for stress and overall energy. Good luck.

Hi T.,
well since you just had a baby it does take a while to get your body back. of course it won't be the same. If you are already thin from your waist and just want to target the baby belly try some sit ups. What you do is lay flat on your back, (don't bend your knees) and do a couple of sets each day. You don't have to go all the way up. Don't strain yourself, just enough to where you can feel it working. Another is laying on your back close to the couch. you hold on to the bottom of the couch and pull your legs up together and bring them down, but not all the way, and just continue up and down. also a couple of sets will be good. This one you will feel even faster.

I have exactly the same problem. My baby is almost 11 months old, and people are always asking me if I'm already pregnant again. A low-calorie balanced diet and daily exercise are working for me. A corsett will make you look smaller while you're wearing it, but it won't change your body. If diet and exercise don't help, or if your tummy feels hard (and you're positive you're not pregnant), you should see a doctor about it. SparkPeople.com is a great, free website that helps you work out how many calories you need to consume to lose weight, and also how muc exercise. It has tools that calculate how many calories are in the foods you eat, how many calories you burn doing various things, etc. It's been really helpful to me. Good luck!

I have massaged with cellulite creams and then worn body shapers at night to try to smooth my contour and I do think it helps. I have never tried it for a prolonged period of time, but I heard on E News that celebrities do that after having babies and have good results. Also Pilates is wonderful for getting rid of the baby belly as well as the perimenopause belly. I started Pilates with a wonderful fitness trainer (Leslie Funk) and am really noticing a flatter tummy. Good luck!

Hi, Don't use a corset, that is very uncomfrotale. Use a belly binder. They gave me one at the hospital when I had my son. It is a big piece of elastic that streaches around your belly and secures with velcro. It really helps.And it is ajustable as you get smaller. You still have to eat right and excersice. You can get them at babies r us. They are around $25 in my neighborhood. I think they have them at target too.

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