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A Sing-along Cd for 3Mo Old

Hi Moms--

Any suggestions for a nice singalong CD i can get for my 3mo old. we have lots of lullaby cd's, but i don't know a good cd for singing and i'm running out of songs.


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I felt the same way. When my oldest was 6 mo. I started a Kindermusik class. You can get all the info at www.soundsteps.com. With each class you get a cd & they have all been great.

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Hi C.!
I was at Grapevine Mills this weekend & I came across a stand that had just what you're looking for. It's a sing along cd that is customized to your child's name. It comes in Veggie Tales,(our favorite!!), The Wiggles & one more but I can't remember who. They type your child's name into their computer & the characters use it throughout the cd. It's really cool!! I think it was over by Group USA & Old Navy. Hope this helps!!!!

I felt the same way. When my oldest was 6 mo. I started a Kindermusik class. You can get all the info at www.soundsteps.com. With each class you get a cd & they have all been great.

Grapevine Mills (and I am sure other places) sell the customized Barney and Veggie Tales CD. I got customized one for my son when he was 4-5 months old and they repeat the name over and over in various parts -- that makes it really cute for your child to listen to in the card. My son is almost 1 now, and loves it every time I play the cd - -and they sign his name through each of the songs. I highly recommend these for listening enjoyment for you kids in the car.

Oh yes, do I have a cd for you! Actually, I have 2 suggestions. "Philadelphia Chickens" and "Dog Train" both by Sandra Boynton. She is the author of many children's board books, and is very funny. I have used both of these cd's with my daughter starting at about 3 months, and there were nights that they were the only thing that would calm her down. The songs are clever, and not annoying, and they have actors and pop/rock groups singing songs. You cannot go wrong with either of these, and your baby will love them!

"Cows, we're remarkable cows. And whereever we go,it's quite a show oh you know we are cows."

Sang that song to my daughter at 5am to quiet her down, and it worked!

Hi! My kids (now 1 year old and 4 years old) love all the Baby Einstein music and videos, and also a series we got at a local Christian bookstore - I think Lifeway or Family Bookstores. They have cute videos of little kids singing all kinds of songs - gospel, traditional children's songs (Polly Put the Kettle On, etc), and others. The videos are cute, since they show the kids playing as they sing.

We have also enjoyed different CD's from Martel Bookstore that are Christian songs, spirituals, gospel, and some non-Christian traditional. They are great for traveling, and it's fun to see them memorize and begin to have favorites.

I hope this helps!


Try 101 lullabies ..they r sooooonice..infact even now when my hubby hears it..he is the 1st one to be fast asleep :-)

Mardel's Christian store has a whole section of sing-a-longs for toddlers. They have both Christian and non-christian and in my experiance kids love them all.

Try the Laurie Berkner CD's. My son loves them. We bought the music video DVD and he now dances along and always wants to listen in the car. It's "catchy" music too. Not like a lot of the annoying ones. You might find yourself singing along.

If you want something appropriate for children, but are tired of the same old "Wheels on the Bus" stuff, get anything by Dan Zanes. I recommend "House Party". I put that on every morning during breakfast and my 19 month old gets a good giggle at Mommy dancing around the kitchen and singing while getting breakfast ready... Some of the songs are "Uncle Joe", "Joe Clark", a West Indian counting song, "Tennessee Wig Walk", "Walzing Matilda". Dan occassionally does "music videos" for Noggin. You can get the lyrics from http://www.festivalfive.com .

I also recommend "Seeds of Change" by Pete Seger and friends (or anything else by Pete Seger for that matter). John Denver albums are great for kids too... very "singable".

I just figure my daughter gets enough of "itsy-bitsy spider" at daycare and want to expose her to some other music as well, grin.


Little People, Baby Einstein are really good.

My family really likes Laurie Berkner. Her Victor Vito CD is great. Also check out Dan Zanes and Friends. Both have been featured on Nick Jr. (or maybe Noggin?) so you may have already heard of them.

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