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A Name for My Baby!!!

I need HELP!!!! I am 35 weeks and have NO NAME for my little girl! A few people tell me "its ok, we didn’t know until they were in our arms" but I know it wont be that easy for me! How did you find your baby's name? Nothing is coming to mind and there are so many names in baby books, where do you even start? My husband picked a name, its after his grandmother but I said no (hopefully that doesn’t sound too mean but I don’t like the name and I told him I want our baby to have her name from the both of us and we could use his grandmother's name as a middle name) Even if I don’t know her name by the time she gets here I’d like to have a few I like, so PLEASE HELP ME!!! Any advice, suggestions, or anything to help is GREATLY APPERCIATED!

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Thanks so much for EVERYONE'S help! We finally decided in the hospital the day before we took our daughter home. I'm still not in love with her name but we are both happy with it. We used his Grandmother's name and my middle name as her first name and then we had a list of girl names and he really liked one that we use for her middle name and that is what we call her. so, our daughter's name is Paula-Maria' Makenzy..... i still wish we had gone with Makenzy Maria' but owell! we are both happy and that is what matters!

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My first little girls name is Laila Paige. I don't really know where I got that name from. It just popped into my head one day and that was it. My second little girl name is Armiley lynn. I got her name from Harry Potter. The girls name on there is Hermoine and I thought they were saying Armiley. I thought it was really different,and once I told my fiance', that was it, we both agreed.

Here are some names that I like; Nevaeh(which is heaven spelled backward), Ava, Taliah, Sara, Gabriella, Ella, Ruthie, Ruby, Olivia, Tori, Corbett, Andie, Isabella. These are just a few. Don't panic about not knowing. I have some friends that didn't name thier baby until he was 2 weeks old. Good luck and I hope these help.

Hi My daughter is 6 months old and she did not have a name til the end. I was watching a movie and I liked the character.So my daughter is named after Skylar the girl in Good will Hunting,and I was shocked when my husband actually liked it.So don't worry,It will come to you.Good luck!

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Here are a couple of suggestions:

My son is named after my husband. My husband's name is Blake, and my son's name is Kaleb. If you switch the letters around in Blake, you have Kaleb.

My daughter is named after our favorite holiday, and my favorite actress (Natalie Wood). My daughter's name is Natalie, and her name means Christmas.

A relative of mine just had a baby girl, and she named her baby after their lifestyle. She and her husband are very outdoor-sy and both have a great love of nature. Their daughter is Aspen Brooke, and it suits them just perfectly!

I agree with some of the other comments. You should try to find what kind of name you like, ie., family name, biblical name, the meaning of the name, favorite memories, etc. then go from there. Picking up a baby book and just trying to pick one out of the thousands of names would be difficult without a plan.

Hi S.,
My daughter's name is Ayla, a name I got from my favorite book. Also, Ayla, in Hebrew, means Oak Tree. I went on and on about names until I decided to forget about it. I did have some guidelines though. I wanted my child to have a name that was strong, gender specific without being overly male or female. I wanted to make sure my child's name was unique without being out in left field. I also made sure to use a family name to give my daughter a sense of belonging. (Ayla Darlnene Baldwin) her first name is her own, Darlene is my grandmother on my mom's side and I never married so she got to have my last name. While you still have time, read a good book or two. Sound them out on your tongue, yell the first and middle name as if you are scolding her. Trust me, these names must flow or your scolding wont sound as menacing, lol. My name is T., and my mother named me after a friend's daughter whose name was OcTavia. Think of something you want her to emulate. If you want a girly girl, give her something flowery, or if you want her to be kind of sporty, give her a girl's name that can be shortened to something more tom-boyish. Keeping in mind that if you give your child a name that is really common, she could get lost in the crowd, or if you give her a name that sounds like a tease word, she could get made fun of. Because a name should be your own and you should be proud of your name. Good luck.

Have you tried any web sites? Even if you go onot Baby Zone and do a name poll, maybe it will help get some idea started. There are also lists of the top 100 names so you don't have to dig through the books.

Hi S.,

I know how hard it is to find a name. I have had a girl's name picked out for ages. However, I had two boys and could not come up with a thing. The baby name books are so overwhelming and my husband did not want to discuss every name in the book with me.
What finally worked for us was to sit down with either a website or a book and we each picked out 1 name per letter that we liked. And then we kept narrowing it down to the ones we both agreed to. We finally got down to about 3 sets of names (first and middle). We tested them out for a little while and by the time the boys were born we had the name.

Here are a few websites that helped me.
www.whattoexpect.com/ (if you create a profile you can save the names you like)

Good luck. I'm sure you will find something perfect.

A. K

Here are some names that I like; Nevaeh(which is heaven spelled backward), Ava, Taliah, Sara, Gabriella, Ella, Ruthie, Ruby, Olivia, Tori, Corbett, Andie, Isabella. These are just a few. Don't panic about not knowing. I have some friends that didn't name thier baby until he was 2 weeks old. Good luck and I hope these help.

My husband and I had a name picked out, Presley Miquel...we picked it out when I was only 9 weeks pregnant...but right after she was born I changed it!! Just at instinct, I knew that her name had to be Caroline Rose. Her middle name, Rose, is after her grandmother and great-grandmother.

My suggestion to you is look for baby name searches on the internet or buy a book. Also, listen to people's names and make note of the ones that you like. Think of what you want...something original or something traditional? Make sure that you put it all together and listen to how it sounds.


I too had the problem of coming up with a girl's name. I had two boys and named them with somewhat ease... I went into the hospital with a few names that I liked and I really did have to look at her and the boys to know what her name was... Wow! They don't tell you in the books that that is such a big task. And that most people will not agree with what you choose to name YOUR child... But with my first son, we went with his family name William and because I couldn't see making him a fourth his middle name is Hunter(that is what we call him). With my second, my husband was in Iraq and we had a bet going what color hair he would have.. (my husband is blond and Hunter is just like him, I am very much brunette) We picked out Dayton (blond) or Holden(dark)... His name is Holden Eugene. For my little girl, my husband wanted Isabella but I didn't want it as a first name, so I changed up an old fashion name and came up with Harlynn. I like boy names for girls. Dylan, Charles(call her charlie), Aidan, etc. Also, having something that flows together is good... Our last name is rose so it made it hard to find something I liked. Sorry so long, hope it helps!

Yeah, this can be a tough decision! I think you got a lot of good advice. I might add that when you decide on what you like, look at the initials and make sure they don't spell or stand for something bad like(S.O.B),for instance, lol. Same goes for the name that rhymes with something bad. Those are things kids will just make fun of. And, just seeing how it sounds with middle and last...do they flow or is it a tongue twister. Also, how does the name sound when you put it in a last name first type situation? Sometimes that can sound funny if your last name is a common word like Olive Green would be Green, Olive. If you are creative and want to create a spelling of a name, you might write it down and show others just to make sure they can pronounce it. It may look different to them. It will all depend on what kind of a name you like. Traditional or current. Sometimes you will know the name when you see your baby for the 1st time, it just fits! There was a name I liked a few years before we even decided to get pregnant. I told hubby and he liked that name as well, so we just had to wait about 5 years for her to be born. Her middle name is Teresa from hubby's g-ma that just passed at 105 yrs and from my great g-ma who passed only 8 days after my grandfather was born, so it was special in both ways. Best wishes for a happy, healthy baby girl, no matter what her name is!

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