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This may be a silly question but here's my predicament. Me and my daughter are moving soon after having lived with my parents. She has a lot of toys here and I know it would be stupid to pack them ALL up and take them with but I'm having a hard time picking which ones to leave here. Do any of you keep toys at the grandparents' homes or do you bring them with you. And if you keep toys there what do you keep there for your kids so they have something to play with and make them feel at home? OR do you just leave it up to the grandparents? Any suggestions and tips would be helpful.

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Thank you everyone for your advise. I've read all of them and I'm taking them all into consideration. If anyone else has a suggestion I'm open to hearing it. Thanks for the help.

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Hi, I am a grandmother & a great grandmother. I have a big toy box with all kind of toys in it. The kids love it when they come to spend the night, they have all those toys to play with. Its almost like new toys for them.
I agree that you should get rid of the toys that are in bad shape & the ones that they have out grown.
Have a nice weekend,

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I definately have toys stashed at all the grand parents houses!
I guess it depends on how much room they have. My mom has a toybox and she keeps whatever can fit in there!

Hi S.,
My daughter is getting ready to move in with me with my 16 month old grandson so she is going through the same thing you are. She is leaving all of the "large" riding, motorized toys at the the grandparents down south and some of the small toys as well. I have already moved up here a few of the baby's smaller riding toys that I could fit in my Jeep. We will move a bag or two of small toys with us when I go back down to get them. Wehn they move from here to wherever they get new orders to, I am sure 1/2 of the toys will stay here as well. that way, when the baby comes to visit, he has something familiar here. I have let my daughter chose what to bring and what to keep at the other house. I hope this helps.

Well my daughter Isabella has toys everywhere, at my Mom's, my Sister's, and my Grandmother'. It makes it so much easier for me not to have to bring them with me. I grouped the toys by age, and then left the toys that she hasn't gotten to at my Mom's. And as time passes or if she brings the toy with us that's how they come home. Hope this helps

Hi, I am a grandmother & a great grandmother. I have a big toy box with all kind of toys in it. The kids love it when they come to spend the night, they have all those toys to play with. Its almost like new toys for them.
I agree that you should get rid of the toys that are in bad shape & the ones that they have out grown.
Have a nice weekend,

My mom got a new house when my son was one year old. The first time we went to visit, she had purchased a few toys and a child-size bean bag. She kindly made it clear that these were not "gifts" we were expected to take with us, but rather the beginnings of her "Grandmother toys." She wants to have a corner/chest of toys when any child comes to visit. I think the important distinction is that my son plays with them when we visit, but they are not our responsibility. I would recommend sorting out your daughter's favorite toys and definitely taking those with you. Try to remain realistic about many factors: 1. Weight allowance for the move. 2. Space in your new quarters. 3. Age appropriateness of the toys. 4. Gift-giving holidays approaching. When I was a kid, I used to go through a toy purge every fall to prepare room for my Christmas loot. Now that I am a mom, I often find that sorting my son's toys is much harder. I remember who gave him what and when or times he played with it.... but I appease myself with the fact that I take lots of pictures and the memories are not in the things. (Thank you Clean House and Clean Sweep.)

After your sort, allow your parents to "shop" through the remains. Let them pick out what toys they may want to keep around for your daughter (or other children). You may (or may not) want to offer that option to the other set of grandparents (if they're in the picture) or anyone else you may visit frequently. Then the rest can be donated or discarded. I think that system holds benefit to many. Good luck!

I agree to get rid of things she's outgrown or store away in the attic (in case you decide to have #2).Leave just a few things at grandma's to keep her occupied when you visit.
By the way, my husband's in the navy too... if you ever need to talk, I'm here! He's a chief on the USS GW.

My son has a toy box at both sets of grandparents house, the solution is easy, her most favorite toys, bring them with you, and leave the ones that she rarely plays with at your mother's that way, when you go for visits, you don't have to worry about bringing toys, and she's going to enjoy seeing these toys, because they're not her "everyday" toy!
Good luck with the move!

I kinda went through this with my daughter's dad when I moved from IN to SC to be with my now hubby. Anything she had doubles of we split. She had tons of books so her favoite ones went with us. As for her toys, things she didn't play with much went with her dad and the rest with her and I. This is also a good time to sort through those toys and get rid of anything she has out grown, missing parts or broken. Is your hubby getting out of they Navy? And if he is, are you moving yourselves or having movers come in? Make sure you know your options between a DITY (do it yourself) and a TMO (movers pack and move it) and the weight limits for his rank.

Good luck to you guys and have a safe move!!


My suggestion is to group like items and put them into rubbermaid containers. Leave one at Grandma and Grandpa's house and take the rest with you. When you go to her Grandparents, let her play with that container. After a month or so, switch out containers. Leave a "new" one at the Grandparents and take the "old" one home with you. As you sort them, get rid of toys that she no longer plays with or is to big for. Either put them away for baby number two or donate them, or Freecycle.org them to someone in your community. I would leave the "older" toys-ones that she can play with now and in six months-at your parents. It worked well for my children. I hope that it works for you. BTW- good luck with starting your own business. I am exploring avenues of personal business life myself!!!!

Hi S.. I lived with my mom for 18 months when we moved from Raleigh back to Jacksonville (my hometown). In that time, Tyler was born! When we moved, he was about 4 months old. We left about half and half (of course he didn't have that many being so little). Then anytime Grandma bought a toy, one time it would go to our house, the next it would stay at her house. Then for his birthday, he got three play phones and two play cellphones. One of each stayed at Grandma's house. Most of his toys fit in a wicker laundry basket at Grandma's. Some of the bigger ones sit beside the basket.I definitely reccomend leaving some toys there. One less thing you have to worry about taking when you go visit. My mom also has diapers, wipes, cups, and some baby food. Most of the time I don't even take anything to my mom's. Now going to my in-laws in VA is an entirely different story!! Hope this helps and good luck on the move.

I'd say let her pick some to leave there to play with. And then change them out every so often.

have her pick the toys she wants to take with her and toys she wants to leave with grandma and grandpa

Hi S.,

My parents have some toys at their house and we have most of them at our house. They get carried back and forth, so the variety at either location always changes. As for my in-laws, we take our toys there and back home every time we visit. What ever works best for you. I have special things that I leave packed to take to my ILs so the kids aren't sick of them, but I can't leave them there because of the other grandkids. All of the things at my ILs belong to the other kids and if I leave something, our things become their things.

Good luck!!

Although my daughter is a teenager now, we did the same thing -- lived with my parents a while when she was an infant. I also have two nephews 3 yo, and 1.5 yo. My parents always kept some toys at their house for several reasons. First, it makes it easy on YOU, as you will not have to haul a trunk load of toys each time Kerah goes for a visit. Second, Kerah will get used to looking for "those" toys at her grandparents home. And third, it made my folks happy to have a little reminder of the grandkids around. It doesnt have to be many toys, just a few, and make sure you take her *favorites* home with you. Good luck!

I usually leave old toys behind. When the kids get to my moms house it's like the best toys ever because they haven't had them in a while.

First, I would go through and pick out all the "Junk" toys! Anything coming from McDonalds or just very cheaply made, and throw them away. Then just go through, count how many dolls, for example, and split them evenly. This is what I do with my boys' toys. I also go through every few months and get rid of the junk toys!

what ever toy she has grown up from throw them away or give them away.leave some at gma's house and the ones she really plas with take with you. that way when she go visit she will remember the toys that she had and use her own creative mind to play with them differently. Tell Gma not to throw them away.

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