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A Corset to Flatten Tummy

I want to know if wearing a corset for a couple months will make my tummy flatter if not wat will

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hi! T.,
A corset helped my mother after she had 6 of us. So, yes I think a corset helps. also breast feed as well.

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I don't know. but if it works let me know i will use one too

hi! T.,
A corset helped my mother after she had 6 of us. So, yes I think a corset helps. also breast feed as well.

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I just had atummytuck and I have to wear a girdle for 6 months or longer to have the skin reattach itself to the muscle. I think as you are losing wieght fat inches you should wear a corset to have the skinattach itself to the muscle. Just think after liposuction they make you wear a girdle for a month or less. Try it you have nothing to lose. good luck

Try Spanx. I hear they work great undergarments.

No a corset will only temporarily flatten your tummy while you are wearing it. There are under garments that you can get at target or walmart or fredericks or Victoria secret, where ever your budget and prefference is, that will give you that temporary solution.

Women are especially challenged to lose that flab and baby fat. If you have a gym membership, try and talk with a coach about exercises that you can do to help that out. Crunches will only do so much, but ultimately they alone will not give you the results you want. working on things like flutter kicks and then also working the upper body will give you better results.
But in general, all women who have had a child struggle with and almost always maintain some extra "flab" from the pregnancy.

Good luck!

Dear T.,

No on the corset. Corsets are uncomfortable and make your body move in a stiff way. These new corsets are better than the ones that I remember, but don't do it. It is unnatural, you are living in a nature loving society. Go to the library and check out a book about new mother's exercises, I bet they have one, or one that will work. Do exercises at home, and enjoy the baby.

Sincerely, C.

Corsets or girdles will weaken your abdominal muscles which will also weaken your back. Our abdominal muscles weaken in pregnancy. My back went out several times when my daughter was a baby. Concentrate on working out your abs. Did you breastfeed? Breastfeeding shrinks the uterus faster. I used to do crunches with my daughter on my tummy. There are lots of cool excersises you can do with your baby.

"You can work out with your baby. Try abdominal head and shoulder raises with your baby lying on your thighs, or press-ups with your baby lying on a rug between your hands."

Yes it can. I use the whole spandx thing that the other girl mentioned. It worked but I'm a little off in body shape because it didn't cover everywhere. I think I would have been better wearing my corsets instead.

Hey T., well a corset, no matter if it's spandex, spanx, or lace up WILL make you look skinny, until you take it off. If your baby is only six months old you have not had enough time to get rid of that tummy flab that hangs out after baby is born. My son was born when I was 25 and I was in pretty good shape. (he is 2 now) Afterwords my hips were wider and my tummy had a pooch. And I kept exercising. Well, I am now in intense physical training for an EMT job and part of that pooch in hanging around!! Granted it's smaller but the skin is still wrinkly and not tight like it used to be. The ONLY way to get rid of that belly is a healthy diet, cut out unnessasary sugar and white bread, limit the unhealthy carbs, lots of veggies and fruit. Oh yea, EXERCISE. Up the cardio.You can do situps until the cow come home, but if you are not getting your heart rate up at least 3 times a week you will not see results. Also start doing some weight bearing exercise as this will help tone and muslce burns more calories than fat.
Sorry for the longreply, I just don't want to see someone try a method for getting skinny and having it not work! Plus you're little girl is only six months old! Give your self time, you will not see intstant results, remember it took almost a year to lose the body, it will take a year to get it back!!

Hello T.
I know how you feel about your little tummy. I have started a group called Stroller Strides wich is several mommies like you and me and we go power walking do sit up and try to get back into shape. I went this past wednesday and I already started feeling better. You should come join us. We are all meeting again on Friday in Fontana off of Beech. E-mail me if you are interested!!! ____@____.com

I am a stay at home mommy with my first son who is 5 months old, and two step sons who are 9 and 6.

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