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A 3 1/2 Year Old Wetting the Bed?

My 3.5 year old daughter is wetting the bed again! She was fully trained at 2 and now she has wet the bed 5 days in a row!! What is happening? Is this common?

What can I do next?

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Hi! My daughter did the same thing! It was so frustrating! But I heard that their bladder isn't growing as fast as their body, so their bladder can't keep up. Just get her a pull up for night and tell her it is a new kind of underwear so she doesn't think she can pee in her undies again. Make sense? That is what I did. Be patient and it will stop soon!

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She has no control at night, if she is a heavy sleeper there is little she or you can do but wait until her bladder is more mature. A lot could have been how much she drank those stretches before bedtime. Don't push her, night time can take a long time and she is 3 and a half!
Put her in night time pullups and give it time.
Make sure she isn't drinking a bunch before bed and just wait.
Also you can get her tested for a UTI if she takes baths that can happen in little girls often.
She is very young, you are blessed she trained early but she is still young.

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My oldest was day trained at 2 1/2, and at age 3 he 'appeared' to be night trained. He went about 2 or 3 months with only a very occasional night time accident. Then suddenly, he started having accidents practically every night again. This continued until he was 5, then he started remaining dry again, and has continued ever since (now age 7 1/2). Not much help here, just another story to compare to.

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This is a typical response to new stresses or changes in a childs life. Has anything changed or have new people been introduced in her life? Look into the things that have happened recently and maybe you can find a trigger.


Have a GREAT day!


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Hi B.~

My daughter also started wetting the bed out of the blue, after being fully potty trained for a long time. I thought it was to get attention (in her case, having a new baby sister around) so I told her about the laundry. I explained that I had less time to play with her now because I had so much laundry to do. I asked her to help me with it (an opportunity for some time together, and a lesson in how much extra work there was from her peeing in the bed). She got it, and we made plans to spend more special time together.

Each case is different, but maybe that will help...

Good luck!

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I wouldn't be too concerned. My daughters went through some back and forth phases too. I think that sometimes they may have times when they sleep more heavily and wet because of that, so I would just use pullups. Do you think she is trying to get attention for some reason? Is she upset or anxious, or have there been some major changes or stresses happening? If you think not, I would just give it time, and definitely don't be upset with her about it - don't give it any undue attention. Someone once said to me that you don't see any high schoolers wearing diapers... that's tongue in cheek obviously, but there is a valid point, that they all do grow out of it sooner or later!!

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Have her checked for a UTI (urninary tract infection). Lack of bladder control and bedwetting are symptoms. My daughter has a very long history of bladder infections and when she was young the only symptom she had was a fever. When she got older the only symptom she had was bedwetting. If you do take her in make sure the doctor doesn't just do the urinalysis (dip stick test) on her sample; it needs to be cultured as well. When my daughter was young the urinalysis was alway negative, but the culture showed she had a rip-roaring infection.

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Little girls can get UTI infections very easily. I would have her tested for that. Also, if there has been any changes in her routine or anything that gives her stress then this will happen. Don't make a big deal about it-just put her in night pull ups until she can get her sense of control back.

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