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9 Yr Old Having Tonsils Out

My 9 yr old daughter is having her tonsils and adenoids removed next week. I want to know what should we expect and how long is recovery. The doctor has told us she will need to miss an entire week of school! I have never been through this so I have no idea what to expect so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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She had her tonsils and adenoids out yesterday and did wonderful. She is a lot sorer today than yesterday but is loving the fudgesicles and attention, and can't wait to go get a sonic slushie. Thanks for all the great advice!

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I had my tonsils removed as a 27-yr-old. I told my boss I thought I would be out just a few days, but in total I ended up missing 7 or 8 days of work. It was an incredibly painful recovery. I have heard this surgery is much worse for adults than for children, so I hope your daughter comes out much better than I did! But I would for sure plan on her missing a week of school. Make sure you've got lots of fluids around, and cold things like ice cream or frozen yogurt which are soothing on the throat. I would also get a little writing pad and pencil on which your daughter can write you notes the first few days when it's too painful to communicate using speech. Hope it goes well for you guys!

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Both of my children got their tonsils out at a young age, 3 and 4. It isn't fun by any means. They hated taking the medicine, but once they realized it made them feel better, it became a non-issue. The thing you probably want major heads up on is that the 3-5 day can be pretty bad because the healing really sets in. Both of our kids have thrived since having it done, though. We would absolutely do it again in a heart beat. Good luck!

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I had my tonsils out when I was 13 and only missed 3 days of school, they came out on a Monday and I was back at school on Thursday. Two of my daughters had theirs out at 3 1/2 and where back to messing around the day after. Just stock up on a lot of popsicles, ice cream, soup anything that doesn't scratch the throat. Good Luck!

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My daughter just had this done last week,,,plus a little cyst removed by her temple..her tonsils and adnoids were huge...she was very sore for three days getting better the fourth and back to coloring! She was out for Chrsttmas break anyway, but i would think that a week woudl be a good amount of tiem to miss school. Getting her to drink fluids was a challenge, but after the second day it will get better...A

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My 5 yr old daughter did great just week end recovery time. My son on the other hand was 11 his throat still hurt off and on for a month. Every child is different but I wouldn't let them have any pop or carbon berv. it hurts going down. Good luck!

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Hi, T..

I am 33 with 3 kids and my 2nd one is 9 having Adnoids taking out tomorrow for the 2nd time. When his tonsils were taking out before with the adnoids he had had a sore throut for a few days but nothing motrin didnt cure.
He has a lot of anxiety and is nervous about it tomorrow but Ill let you know how it goes this time at age 9.

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My son, Ryan, had his tonsils and adenoids removed at the age of 4 and I can tell you that it DID take a whole week for him to recover. I suggest you block out your schedule for a full week to sit and watch her favorite shows, eat a lot of icees, and be prepared to just help your child through this. If you don't think you can do this for a whole week, you will definitely want to call in for back up service if at all possible. I couldn't believe how sore Ryan's throat would be, but I guess the way to look at it is like having your throat on fire, sore, and scratchy for a long time. Perhaps this perspective will make the healing process easier. As a student, it may be hard to put aside your studies for the week, but perhaps you can fit in some reading, etc. when your daughter naps through the first day or two.

Hang in there! It won't be forever, but it WILL take a while!!

I am a 48 year old mom of a 16 yr. old son, 13 yr. old son, and 9 yr. old daughter.

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You can expect quite a bit of soreness and tenderness. Your daughter may not be able to swallow well for that first week and may still have some trouble after that. She will need to be kept as quiet as possible for the first day or so at least, and plan on lots of popsicles. The cold as well as the liquid will help. My daughter was 12 when she had her tonsils out, and it was very hard for her. I hope this helps you. Good luck.

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