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9 Year Old Daughter's Hair Smells like Mold

My daughter spent the night over a friends house 2 days ago and got in their hot tub. When I picked her up, I immediately noticed the stench coming from her hair. We washed it twice that day and once every day after. I've tried different shampoos and conditioners. I've even washed her hair myself (thinking she wasn't getting all of her scalp). I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

I haven't noticed any bumps on her scalp, everything seems to look normal. Thanks for any advice:)

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It took a few times washing her hair with a vinegar rinse to get the smell completely gone. I really appreciate all of the advice. Thanks to everyone:)

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Try baking soda-the easiest way is to make a paste of baking soda and her shampoo. I would also try vinegar-if you try them together you can do science experiments in the bathtub-ha ha. Good luck!

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try baking soda and I would be checking the rest of her body cause if the hot has mold and I really don't understand that but anyway that could cause problems else where on her body and I sure wouldn't let her go over there again I think I might even call the person that owns the hot tub to let her know about the smell in your daughters hair good luck

I would definitely try the vinegar rinse.

A. :)

I've had the same thing happen to my hair if I don't dry it all the way. I have really thick hair. After you shampoo it, use a generous amouth of Witch Hazel. Rinse it and dry. Do that a couple of times as a part of your regular shampoo regime. That should take care of the smell and keep her scalp free of anything that may have been in the hot tub. Good luck.

She probably won't like it, but try a vinegar rinse. I do this periodically myself to remove residues from conditioners, products etc. Anyway, i read about it years ago and it's supposed to strip the hair and scalp clean of any residue on it. She may smell a bit like a pickle for a day, but most of it washes out with the first wash. But, it just might work! Best of luck!
Have a lovely day and god bless!!

I would also go with tea tree oil. You can buy shampoo with it already added, or buy the oil itself and add it to your fave shampoo (I think adding is the best option, and I know the oil is available at my Wal*Mart). Helps with oily scalp too. Also...I saw someone say don't let her go to bed with wet hair...I agree...blow dry that stuff!

Good luck,

YOu might try TeeTree oil shampoo. I got out skunk smell with it so I know it works. You can get it at a beauty supply store.

I know this may sound odd but have you tried making a solution of water and baking soda about 1 tbs per cup to rinse her hair with, and I would also try a bit of tea tree oil in her shampoo, a few drops of that added to your shampoo and or cream rinse may take care of the odor and also helps the scalp. Bblessed always in all things

Try using vinegar for a rinse.

Try baking soda-the easiest way is to make a paste of baking soda and her shampoo. I would also try vinegar-if you try them together you can do science experiments in the bathtub-ha ha. Good luck!

This may sound silly but my daughter is a hairdresser and she told me this. Tide laundry detergent will do the trick. Be very careful not to get it in her eyes as it is very harsh. You will want to use a good conditioner afterwards because it strips your hair. This also works if you dye your hair too dark. Goodluck, I hope this does the trick! Post back so we will know.

Is she going to bed with wet hair? She may actually have mildew in her hair if she is. Wet hair gets the pillow wet, and if the pillow isn't dried, mildew grows. Take off her pillow case and check the pillow for mildew spots. I found that out the hard way when my daughter was younger. I started blow drying her hair at night after her bath and that took care of the problem. Good luck!

My Hair dresser used to suggest this recipe to get rid of any build up, product or otherwise.

1 gallon distilled water
1 cup epsom salts
juice from one lemon

mix all in a container and let it sit overnight (no idea why)and then holding your head over the container use this water to rinse thru your hair several times, let this sit in the hair for a few minutes before washing as usual. I have only done it once or twice as i don't use a lot of stuff in my hair- but my sister swears it works wonders.

i would try that or maybe as a previous poster suggested- using vinegar a time or two- i imagine the acidic nature might help strip away whatever is creatiing this problem.

I wish you the best of luck!

Maybe try a vinegar rinse. It gets the mold/mildew smell out of laundry. Good luck!

try soaking it in shampoo with tea tree oil added to it ( 5-10 drops)

or just use vinegar.

let it sit for, oh, 1/2 hr w/ plastic bag on top if it's messy.

Try getting a can of beer and drench her hair with it. Let it stand for five minutes or so. Then rinse it out and wash her hair with dandruff shampoo. That should take care of it. Plus it will make her hair shine. I hope this helps. Good luck!

S. T.
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