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9 Weeks Pregnant - Tested Positive for Group B Strep in My Urine

As if pregnancy isn't nerve wracking enough, I found out today that I tested positive for Group B Strep. They found it in my urine. I have no symptoms. I have been reading all day and I'm more confused than ever. It appears that it is quite common, however, could still be a big concern at delivery. I've already stated Penicillin and they intend to treat me again at delivery. I'm concerned and would be grateful to hear from any moms who were treated this early and how things went for the baby at delivery. Thank you!!

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I too had it with my first child.. Like the other mom said I dont know why they tested you too soon.. it is imperative that you are tested at or around 8 to 8.5 months.. All that happens is that you are given antibotic during delivery.. With my 2nd child I was tested twice, they both came back negative but I opted to have the antibotic anyway, only as a precaution.. it doesnt hurt to be safe, with the 3rd delivery I wasnt tested I just chose to have antibotic.. All 3 of my kids were born fine. My advice is regardless of what the test comes out at 8 months, ask to be given the antibotic, it will not hurt to be safer since you are aware that it is in your system..But dont worry everything will be fine.

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I had this with my second and third pregnancies. Don't worry they just give you antibiotics (sp) while you are in labor. The docs gave me 2 bags of meds in an IV. both of my girls are fine. It is common for women to have this.

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I was group B strep positive during both pregnancies. I've never heard of them testing so early on - it's usually something the test for towards the end of the pregnancy, but my youngest is 3, so it's been that long and medical practices change. It is usually not a symptomatic "infection" rather just something some women have. They treat you at the time of delivery just to be on the safe side- I really would not get worried over this - it was hardly even an issue, just make sure you mention it when you go to deliver, just in case they don't see it marked on your chart (I remember seeing it in big letters on the top of my intake papers). Definitely not something to worry about!

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Don't worry! I tested positive during my first pregnancy and my doctor assured me that it is VERY common. I was given antibiotics during delivery as a precaution and my daughter and I are both perfectly fine. I don't recall if they tested me during my second pregnancy, but I believe I had antibiotics again to be safe. Again ... don't worry!

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well, i'm not sure why you were tested so early. it is only a MILD concern during delivery, in which they would give an IV of antibiotic. it is normal vaginal flora, and it could come back, so treating it now doesn't make much sense to me. just make sure you are tested at 8 months if you are having a vaginal birth to make sure appropriate measures are taken. please DON'T WORRY about this. MANY moms have it, i did when i had my son.

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My girlfriend had it with her third pregnancy and she had to take medicine and they just watched her and the baby closely at delivery but since they were prepared and aware there were no problems. She didnt have any symptoms of it either when they told her about it. Apparently as long as they are aware and you have meds for it you should be fine. Good luck

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As other women have stated, I am not sure why they tested you so early. From what I understand, they are not supposed to test you until your 8th month, or right before your due date. As others have said, it is no big deal. Some test positive, some don't. All they do is give you some antibiotics in your iv during delivery. I would, though, question why they tested you so early and why they are giving you penicillin now...that to me sounds like major overkill...I mean, why put you on medicine when you don't need it???

Having been an OB nurse I saw this frequently. It is very, very common that women carry this. There's no rhyme or reason why some do or some don't, it's just the way we are. As your doctor probably told you if and when you go in to deliver (be it term or preterm, you never know when this could happen) make sure and let them know so they can treat you with IV antibiotics during labor and delivery.

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