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9 Months Post Partum and Still No Period?

Not that I am really excited to get Aunt Flo back, but I am just wondering? I had my son at home with a midwife (I am going to call her today) 9 1/2 months ago and still no signs of a period? He is still mostly nursing but is finally getting interested in solid food. He eats solids about twice a day. (I do try to feed him more often but he usually locks his mouth shut until I put him near the boob, then he's like a little bird waiting for a worm). I absolutly love nursing him and plan on letting him self wean like my dd. Anyone with any insight on the period issue? Is this normal? I am 90% postitive that I am not pg again.

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Totally normal...I didn't get mine until my little guy was 12 months and we started to decrease the number of feedings. Good luck!

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I've heard that some women don't get their periods back until they stop nursing. My neighbor was like that. I wasn't that lucky. haha I got it right away. So enjoy! ;) But remember....that doesn't mean you can't get pregant again.


With my first I got my period back at 18mos, with my second 9mos. Everyone is different. My daughter nursed like crazy and didn't get in to solid foods until after turning 1, my son enjoyed solids early on and although loved to nurse he was very efficient and didn't nurse for more than 10-20 min at a time. I think that has something to do with my period coming back sooner than with her.


I have a 13 month old that I am still nursing and I don't have a period yet either. My doc says it's normal. I had a 2 day light period when he was 8 months, but nothing since. Enjoy it while it lasts I suppose. I think it's natures way of saying we don't need another child yet, not healthy yet for our bodies???

It is normal. My first was about 10 months before I had my period. I was told it was okay and completely normal. I have a 10 week old and hope it is longer this time around:) Also, it took a good year after that for my cycle to regulate. I was told it was fine.

I wanted to let you know to just enjoy not having a period I did not get mine until 11 months because I was nursing

Hi - I think this is quite normal if you're still BFing. I didn't get my periods until 9 mo and 11 mo after my two when they BF'ed multi-times a day. I'm sure your midwife will tell you the same. Good Luck!

Not so unusual if you're breastfeeding regularly. I've even heard of a few people who take a month or two past completely weaning a child before a period returned. I'm sure your mid-wife will probably tell you the same thing! Hope this helps.

since you are still nursing alot, i'm sure that has a lot to do with it. with my daughter i didn't get my period til about 9months, and with my son it was about 8 months. it was when they either were starting to wean or solids were more a part of their diet that my body decided to invite aunt flo back for her monthly visits.

I wouldn't worry at all. With my first son, I didn't get my period back until about two weeks about he was completely weaned (about 14 months). I nursed my daughter until she was 16 months old and got my period while was I was weaning her.

My OB told me that it's common for nursing mothers to not have periods. That was true for me up until recently and my son is almost 8 month old. I think I started because I've only been nursing him 2-3 times a day, now that he's eating more solid foods, and juice, etc. So it could be that you will start your period when you start nursing less. Don't know for sure but this is what I've experienced.

As long as you're breastfeeding, this is completely normal. And unless you're trying to get pregnant (a friend of mine wanted hers close and this was an issue for her) then cross your fingers and thank your deity! <grin> You're perfectly normal hon, no worries.

Aunt Flo returned to my life when my daughter was 27 months. I did not miss her one bit. it used to be 'my friend is coming' now it's 'aunt flo that b**ch!" I also did CLW (child led weaning). She said she was done at 47 mos. Now she's just turned 5 and says she made a mistake. She wants to try once in a while! LOL What age did your first self wean? Just curious...so proud of you for giving your children the best! H. ps Solids were not a big thing for my daughter until she was around 11 mos. Did you know a baby can live solely on breastmilk for 12 mos and still get all the nutrition they need? Amazing!

I nursed my son for 2 years and got my period at about 10 months post partum. However I have had friends whose periods did not return until they stopped nursing (over a year). I think it is different for everyone but wouldn't worry about it because it's likely beause your son is still mostly nursing.

With my oldest I did not get my first period untill she was almost 11 months old. She pretty much breastfeed only untill almost 10 months. With my second I had one period a little over 2 months after having him. Then after that I did not have another period untill he was 15 months old.

Hi J.~

I nursed for eight months and didn't get my period until the 10th month and have had it like clockwork ever since. I wouldn't worry until you've weaned him completely and let your body and hormone levels get back to normal. Enjoy this time! :c)

Good luck!

With both of my children my period didn't return until I stopped nursing so it sounds normal to me!

I think that is still normal. I didn't get my period until my son was 9 months old & I still haven't stopped b-feeding (he's 15 mo. now). Everyone is different.

I didn't get my period back until my daughter was 14 months. Then didn't have one the next month and then had one at 16 months...and got pregnant! On purpose though.

Anyway, if your son is nursing a lot there is a good chance it is normal that you haven't started to menstruate yet. Always good to check in with a professional though.

Hi J.-

I went 13 monthes after my first one without a period, and 12 monthes with the second. When my second was 15 monthes, I skipped a month as well, (talk about being SCARED!) Anyway, my OB told me that that can happen because my body was still fluxating with the hormones.


I also had my son at home with a MW and my son slept in my bed til he was nine months old or so.I nursed him until he was a little more than 17 months. (We stopped just a couple of weeks ago actually, with no problem, we were both ready). I didnt get a period until he was 11 months old. And I was just fine with it! (not that i really mind having it now). if you are regularly breastfeeding, it is not abnormal to not have a period. your hormones are still balanced for milk production and not for procreation. Dont worry about it...unless you are anxious to get pregnant again, in which case, you might just have to stop breastfeeding first. And be sure your iron and fat levels are up to par, because if they are too low -which is common when nursing- it can prevent menstruation as well. In Joy

I have had seven kids and for myself it is normal to be without a period for 1 year plus. I have always nursed my babies exclusively until 6 mos. and then introduce solids then, but continue full time nursing until at least 15 mos. or older. I have a fifteen month old and just got my period back. I am still nursing about 3 times during the day and usually once, sometimes 2 times during the night. My period stays away longer when the baby chooses the middle of the night nursing. For some reason it is particularly the middle of the night nursings that suppress your fertility and of course your period. I know it is normal, and once your baby starts nursing less frequently especially in the middle of the night your period will return.
Enjoy this absence from flo, because once it returns so does all the other burdens of moodiness and bloating and all the discoforts of your period.
I know lots of moms with multiple children who nurse and half of them seem to get their periods back right away and the other half all have their periods suppressed for as long as they nurse.
I hope this helps you feel better, and good luck. Enjoy this precious time nursing your little one it goes so fast.

After #1 I didn't get my period back until 3 weeks after I stopped nursing at nearly 16 months...as for #2 I got my period 17 months pp as I continued to nurse. I'm still nursing at night going on 23 months now and have only had a handful of irregular periods. It's always a possibility you could be pregnant, however, your situation seems completely normal.

My daughter is 10 months old and still nursing and I too have not started my period. It is very normal. Dont worry about it.
Great job on nursing for so long!

I didn't get mine back until my son was over a year old. (Nursed him until he was 20 months old.)
Then I got pregnant again 6 months after aunt flo started back up. So don't worry, you are normal. Enjoy the break.

I wouldn't worry. I didn't get mine until at least a month after I quit nursing my daughter at 1 year. Its common not to get your period back until after your are done nursing.

I didn't get mine back until 11 months post partum and I was nursing too.

Hi, I never start a period until after I am done nursing, or down to like 2 feedings a day when I am weaning my babies. I think you are okay, and lucky! Good luck!

Hey J., I have a son who is 8 months old, and nursing it seems all the time, and still no period. With my 2.5 year old daughter, I nursed her for 1 year 5 months and got my period after 1 year and 4 months of nursing. My sister got her period after 6 months of nursing, I just think everyone's body is different. I wouldn't use that as a source of birth control, it is a myth that you can't get pregnant while nursing, just because you don't get your period. It happens all the time.

Take a pregnancy test if you are concerned...just because you're not having a period doesn't mean you're not ovulating! And yes, it's normal! Breastfeeding WAY delays getting your period back for many women...my daughter was a year before I got mine again.

My daughter is 21 months, I'm still nursing and no period. My doctor says it's completely normal. I'm fine with it too :-)

Totally normal...I didn't get mine until my little guy was 12 months and we started to decrease the number of feedings. Good luck!

Breastfeeding moms don't get a period.

After my son was born, I didn't get my period back for a year...it came back the week after I started weening him. Didn't miss it and loved that it was gone for so long! Enjoy it! You're just fine.


I breast fed for 11 months. I never got my period and I still don't have it. Most girls who breast feed don't get their cycle. But remember....that doesn't mean you can't get prego!

It's normal. The books say if you're still nursing, you'll get your period anywhere between 6 months and 18 months.

I have a six month old baby girl (still nursing), and I started getting just a little spotting last month.

Hi J.,

I wouldn't be too concerned if you are still breastfeeding a lot. I breastfed my son for 15 months total. For the first year, his only real interest was breastfeeding, although I did give him other foods as well. I didn't get my period for 10 months. It felt strange and wrong, so naturally, I thought something might be going on with me. I asked my doctor. She said not to worry since I wasn't pregnant and the breastfeeding was still so regular with my son. After I had my daughter, my first child, I got my period around the 3rd month, so not having it for 10 after my son, as one could imagine, kind of freaked me out. Don't worry about it now. If your intinct tells you otherwise, then look into it. Other than that, you're not missing anything! :)

Have a great day!

I did not get AF until 2 weeks after I completely stopped nursing both of my girls. Even when I was just down to bed time and nap time nursing I still didn't get it. Enjoy while you can. :)


Go get one of those pregnacy tests. That will rule out that possibility or confirm it. Then enjoy not having a period. You also might want to do a phisical at the doctors office and have them check your Iron level. With my babies, I had to have them back to back, because of infertility, and my babies stopped nursing when I was pregnant. I was told by a nurse that the breast milk changes flavor when you are pregnant.Good Luck. D.

I nursed by boys for 16 months and 18 months. No period for at least 10 months in both cases. Perfectly normal. I was hoping it would be even longer. Enjoy the break!!

I didn't start my period again until after a full year after my unplanned C-section. I was and still am nursing also. My OB told me that a year was normal so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

I also have a 3 yr old daughter and 9 month old son! Anyway I nursed my daughter til she was 15 months. However my son had a severe digestive problems so I stopped nursing at six months. He is better now. About your question, it is not surprising that you still haven't started especially if you are still nursing a lot. You will get it back. If you are really concerned and think it's something else going on see your Gyno but it sounds normal. I've known women who start later. I've heard it takes anywhere from a year to 18 months for your hormones and body to regulate.


First of all, yayy for homebirth!! I'm a homebirthing mama too :)

I have a lot of friends who didn't get their period back for a year or more while they were nursing. As for me, I get mine back about 6 weeks postpartum every time, even with around-the-clock, exclusive nursing :( I would say that what you're experiencing is pretty normal.

I didn't get my period until 1 year after my son was born (I guess it was just an extra surprise at his birthday party). I nursed him until he was about 10 months and it just got too hectic with my work schedule (there was just only so much pumping I could do). I say enjoy the fact that you're not having to deal with the monthly visit. =)

My son is 15 months and Aunt Flo just came for the first time this week. It's normal when you are nursing, especially when baby is putting on a bigger demand.

Hope this was helpful!

Normal. I've had four children and nursed them all- some longer than others. This is absolutely normal and as long as you nurse, your period may not return. It also may return, though you are nursing, and be inconsistent or even back to normal. The gamut of return is wide. Depending on how often and consistent you are with nursing Auntie Flo may or may not come back in full swing sooner or later. Your body will tell you when.

Generally you don't start your period until you are through nursing. I would think that is a bonus!

My understanding is that as long you are nursing, you will not get a period.

If you are really concerned about it then please check with your ob-gyn but from my personal experience this is normal for a nursing mom. I didnt get my cycle back until around the 10th month after my first child was born. I was not so lucky with my second child because my cycle started again 4 months after giving birth.

While you are nursing it is normal not to have a period. Nature's Birth Control to give you time to care for your little one. Don't worry it will be back soon enough. I nursed both my boys past one year and didnt have periods until they were 9 months or maybe more, I didnt exactly write that one down in the baby book. Anyway enjoy it while it lasts!

I breastfed my first daughter until 18 months (started trying to wean at 12 months but she wouldnt have it) and didnt get my period until 12 months. I think it's pretty normal if you're breastfeeding exclusively - we started feeding her rice cereal at 4 months and solids at 6, but she always nursed a lot too...

I nursed my little girl until she was 12 months old (4 weeks ago). I have only had one period which was at the 11 month postpartum mark. Still waiting for another one. I've been told by other nursing friends that this is completely normal and to expect some long cycles while hormones readjust after weaning. Hope this helps.

It was 17 months before mine started again. I just spoke with a nurse/lactation consultant who said she sometimes gets women who go years without because they get pregnant again before it returns. The most extreme case she spoke of was a woman who had and nursed four children so hers didn't return for 9 years!

hi J.,
I went 3.5 years without a period. Had my first baby, and then went 17 months and ONCE got some spotting, then got preggers with baby number two and finally just got my period back recently..........it was always funny when they asked the first day of my last period and i would say May 20th, of 2004.........they'd look at me like i had three heads!
It's normal.
No worries!
p.s. On a side note, i did have some strange hormonal behaviors (like i was super mean mommy sometimes and had major mood swings) but that all has leveled out since i started my cycles again......so just keep an eye out for that and stay well..........working out is the best thing for my mental health!

I didn't get my period until 9 months post partum. My twins starting eating solids at 6 months, so maybe it takes a few months of them decreasing their milk intake to change the hormone cycle? I am still nursing (twins are 18 months) and my hormones are definitely stronger than they were pre-babies. Not sure if they has to do with the pregnancy and birth or the fact that I am still nursing.

Hope this helps - P.

If you are still nursing, then this is completely normal. I am still nursing my 19 month old, in the hopes that he will self wean (hopefully sometime soon!!), and my period is nowhere in sight. If you are not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon, then just look at this as a blessing :)

This is perfectly normal. I didn't have a menstrual cycle for the whole 13 months I breastfed my baby until he weaned himself.

I did not get my period until I completely stopped breastfeeding my son. Even when I was cutting back and weaning him I did not get it until a month after I was completely done with everything.

I'm still breastfeeding my 18 month old daughter (only twice a day - full time until she was one) and I didn't start my period until she was almost 11 months old. Totally normal. Enjoy the time off! :)

Don't worry you will get it when you stop nursing so much. I have a 3 year old girl and got my period whens she was six months. Now I have a 8 month old boy with no period yet. It will come and when it does you will hate it. Enjoy it while you can.

I didn't get my period until my daughter was 14 months old. She was still nursing twice a day (morning and night) and eating solids during the day. I think it's great that you're going to let him self wean. I loved nursing too and nursed my daughter until she was 16 months old. Now that she's 18 months old I miss the cuddle time when she nursed :(

This is normal if you are nursing. I nursed up until my daughter was 14 months and didn't get my period until like the 15th or 16th months. She started solids at 6 months and I was only nursing twice a day for the last couple of months. Think of it as a blessing!


I nursed my ds1 until he was 2 and I nursed my ds2 until he was 18 months (he self weaned, the stinker). I'm on a couple of different nursing mom list-serves and this topic has come up many times in the past 4.5 years I've been a mom. Some women get AF back really quickly no matter how much the pump/nurse (I got mine back at 4 months postpartum with both kids despite lots of pumping and nursing - I work full time). There are other women on the lists who have been nursing for 2+ years and don't see AF until they wean entirely. There is a huge range of normal. Unless you are worried for other reasons, I'd say just enjoy it. AF will return plenty soon enough. LOL

If you don't want to get pregnant, do use some form of birth control. You can ovulate at least once before you see AF so you could easily become pregnant without ever having seen AF.If you don't care, just let nature take its course and enjoy it as it unfolds.


I went about 18 months - enjoy the break!! My daugter is 21 months and still nurses at night, we enjoy it!

I'm a SAHM of two boys and it took me a year to get my period back with the first one. I nursed him for 10 months.

I was told that you don't get your period when you're nursing, unless you're very fertile like my sister-in-law who got hers 2 mos after giving birth. In my case, I started weaning my baby when she was 8-9mos. Then I started having my periods again before her 10th mo. It's different for every mom but if you're like me, you may get it after you wean.

It is perfectly noemal not to have your period while nursing.But be careful it is not 100% birth control. Now that he is starting to eat other food and as you slow down on the nursing you should start seeing your periods. But keep in mind that they could be eratic for up to a year after you stop nursing.
Good luck

My period did not return for about a year after delivery. Very normal when breast feeding.

Hi, J.. I didn't start my period for at least 9 months either. When I talked to my doctor a few months after I gave birth she said it's normal for nursing mothers to not have a period. It just depends on each persons body when they start having a period again. She mentioned that she didn't have hers until around 9 or 10 months with her child either. And I agree, that I was in no hurry to get it back.

Oh J.!
I read all the responses so far and you're all so lucky!! ahaha....I nursed my first baby 2.3 yrs, every 2 hrs 24/7. I never slept and neither did he. But I STILL got my cycle back around the 9th week after he was born. My second one is still nursing - at 19 mos - she's not as 'into it' like my son was, and is practically weening herself....but I got my cycle back within 6 WEEKS after she was born! My cycle is 28 days like clockwork..to the hour...that's how I knew I was prego those two times....HA
Every 'body' IS different....so enjoy the freedom!!! I looked for it the second time around again and STILL didn't get it. Now I only have menopause to look forward to {;o)

God Bless

I also had my children at home with a midwife and nursed for a long while. With each pregnancy (3 total) I did not start my cycles for ten months. Good luck with you and your family.

My son is almost 9 months and I don't have my period back yet either. I nurse about 6 times a day still plus I'm on the mini pill. He eats solid twice a day too like your son and loves the boob more than solids too. I'm sure it will come back eventually, in the mean time, just enjoy!

Hi J.,

Don't worry about it. I nursed my daughter until she was 3yo. I got my period back only when she was 2yo!!! As long as you are nursing, especially if you are nursing your baby during the night, it can take some time before your period is back.

It is totally within the normal range.

That is awesome J.! That is exactly what your body should be doing. Human evolved to expect many pregnancies and long term nursing. It is called Lactation amenorea. It is natures way of spacing pregnancies. If you go for a lifetime total of 24 months of suppression of your period, you will reduce YOUR chance of breast cancer by 60% !!!! Keep it up !

I didn't get my period back with both of my sons until I had almost stopped nursing them, which was when they were a little over one. Enjoy it!!

I have had 3 babies, and have family & friends who have any many also. This has never been the case with any of us and we all breastfed. I would say take a test to know with certainty you are/are not pregnant. I would say the 10% uncertainty is probably 100%. If you are not pg, then see a doctor. It isn't normal. Good luck & God bless!

With my first I had a period around 8 months post partum, but it was a full 12 months or more with my second. I know moms whove gone longer, its nothing to worry about. I would just be happy you haven't gotten it!

J. -

I did not get my period back with my son, who is now two unitl he was about 13 months. I asked my doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about...it was due to the nursing, which I did until my son was almost one. I just had my second and hoping it stays away that long as well!! :)

I didn't get my period back until my son was about 16 months old, he nursed until 19mo. He also wouldn't eat solids for me, why bother when you can have the boob? :) He would eat really well for my mom or husband, so I didn't worry about it too much. When he was about 10 mo I started him on small soft table foods and he was thrilled to feed himself - took care of that problem! Just keep loving him, he'll grow up at his own rate, and don't worry... you'll have that monthly womanly reminder back sooner than you want to!

I work for an ob/gyn and yes it is normal that a nursing mother not see her period. Also, if you have decided to go on birth control pills for a while the type of pill you decide on can also contribute to this.

Mine didn't return until my son was 13 months old. When did it return for you after your first child?

Hi. I have actually never answered anyone b4 but my son is 15 months now and I solely breast fed til the little fellow got both top and bottom teeth and became a biter. Point being i breastfed for the the first8 months and started introducing food around 6 months slowly. I didn't get my first period until about month 9 and then it was only a 2 dayer and then I actually skipped almost 2 months thinking i was pg. Don't stress to much. You have to remember that your body is trying to catch up and your hormones are crazy.Plus the more stressed u are the longer it will take. I am back to a normal schedule but I originally freaked out also. Good Luck and may the flow be with you.

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