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9 Months Post Partum and Still No Period?

Not that I am really excited to get Aunt Flo back, but I am just wondering? I had my son at home with a midwife (I am going to call her today) 9 1/2 months ago and still no signs of a period? He is still mostly nursing but is finally getting interested in solid food. He eats solids about twice a day. (I do try to feed him more often but he usually locks his mouth shut until I put him near the boob, then he's like a little bird waiting for a worm). I absolutly love nursing him and plan on letting him self wean like my dd. Anyone with any insight on the period issue? Is this normal? I am 90% postitive that I am not pg again.

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Totally normal...I didn't get mine until my little guy was 12 months and we started to decrease the number of feedings. Good luck!

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I've heard that some women don't get their periods back until they stop nursing. My neighbor was like that. I wasn't that lucky. haha I got it right away. So enjoy! ;) But remember....that doesn't mean you can't get pregant again.


With my first I got my period back at 18mos, with my second 9mos. Everyone is different. My daughter nursed like crazy and didn't get in to solid foods until after turning 1, my son enjoyed solids early on and although loved to nurse he was very efficient and didn't nurse for more than 10-20 min at a time. I think that has something to do with my period coming back sooner than with her.


I have a 13 month old that I am still nursing and I don't have a period yet either. My doc says it's normal. I had a 2 day light period when he was 8 months, but nothing since. Enjoy it while it lasts I suppose. I think it's natures way of saying we don't need another child yet, not healthy yet for our bodies???

It is normal. My first was about 10 months before I had my period. I was told it was okay and completely normal. I have a 10 week old and hope it is longer this time around:) Also, it took a good year after that for my cycle to regulate. I was told it was fine.

I wanted to let you know to just enjoy not having a period I did not get mine until 11 months because I was nursing

Hi - I think this is quite normal if you're still BFing. I didn't get my periods until 9 mo and 11 mo after my two when they BF'ed multi-times a day. I'm sure your midwife will tell you the same. Good Luck!

Not so unusual if you're breastfeeding regularly. I've even heard of a few people who take a month or two past completely weaning a child before a period returned. I'm sure your mid-wife will probably tell you the same thing! Hope this helps.

since you are still nursing alot, i'm sure that has a lot to do with it. with my daughter i didn't get my period til about 9months, and with my son it was about 8 months. it was when they either were starting to wean or solids were more a part of their diet that my body decided to invite aunt flo back for her monthly visits.

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