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9 Month Old with No Fever, Acting Fine.. but on Again off Again Vomiting...?????

My 9 month old daughter has been throwing up on and off for the past 3 days. The first day this started she threw up her bottle and then acted fine after, later throughout the day she was fine with no fever. I tried to give her pedialite later and she threw that up as well, then I could tell she felt bad so she didn't eat very much the rest of the day but still no fever. The 2nd day she was fine, no fever still and did the same thing.. threw up her bottle.. all day yesterday was fine, no throwing up..and then today she threw up her baby food everywhere.. but is still acting fine.. I don't know what to do?? She needs to eat but am afraid to give her anything if she is going to just throw it up.. there is a bug going around and she just was at the doc for her check up and they said if she has no fever she is fine, but I'm like okay so how do I get her to eat and keep her food down...???

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My son had the same reactions over 20 years ago now. I am lactose intolerent. I have terrible stomach cramps if I drink any milk products with more than 1/2 to 1% fat. My doctors suggested I switch the whole family, if necessary to Soy Milk Products. These have worked out great, but sometimes a little harder for babes to digest. For the bottles, they suggested I add a bit of corn syrup. This worked great for me, but you need to consult pediatrician. Due to all the food allergies and consequences there of; new mothers are taught to feed babes quite differently now.


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Keep giving her pedialyte and clear liquids and call her dr. and speak to a nurse. You'll probably have to hold off feeding her any solids too, until they can figure out what the cause is. Is she on formula? Maybe she has a milk allergy or a soy allergy - depending on what type of formula you give her - and you just need to switch her formula to a different one. Keep track of what food you are feeding her too, since it could be a food allergy. You can go online and find a list of known food allergies and which foods contain them - then go through your stash of baby food and read the labels! If you have any food allergies yourself, don't feed your baby any food containing it since she will more than likely have the same reaction. I'm allergic to walnuts and onion, so I had to throw out most of the jars with chicken and meat. My son also had mild reflux that made him spit-up all the time. They put him on some sort of prescrip. that took care of it. Is she vomiting or just spitting up? Don't force her to eat anything - and if she does eat, don't pick her up right after since her stomach could be so full that it might just come up with a little squeeze - so let her rest a bit and let that food digest.

She may just have a minor stomach virus or maybe she's experiencing a type of reflux. Easier said than done, but try not to worry too much. However, if it has been 3 days and she's not keeping much down then you may want to call the pediatrician. You just don't want her to get dehydrated. Take care. :)

She might just have a virus, be thankful we went through this a few months ago, really no fever, but she had diarrhea really bad. I would stick to the BRAT diet, bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast like one reader suggested, but first you need to get her to be able to keep pedialyte or water down. She will be fine with not eating that much, just has to have liquid so she won't get dehydrated. Every time I gave my daughter pedialyte in a sippy cup she would throw up again, so I called the nurse and she gave me the best advice I ever got. She said that is probably too much for her to handle, give her a syringe (those medicine syringes) full of pedialyte (about 1 tsp.) every 15 minutes for a few hrs. and if she keeps that down then try some applesauce. It is in such small amounts that it will keep her hydrated, but not too much to make her vomit again. It worked with my daughter, she was also feeling a lot better after she got some liquid in her. We went to the doctor as well and there was nothing that they could do, just let it pass, but my daughter was older-15 months. I would try he syringe with the pedialyte and if she still vomits, call the doctor again. Hope this helps.

If it continues to be this way through out the weekend I would be sure to call your pediatrician. It might not hurt to call today and see if they can at least prescribe you some medication such as Reglan which is for vomiting to get you through the weekend. Give your baby pedialyte and see if she can hold that down better. If she runs a fever, don't give her formula because that just aggitates the stomach. Lots of liquids.

Find another doctor!
If a young child is vomiting that much and you cannot get them to eat there is a danger of dehydration.
There could be a number of things causing the problem:
Foor allergies
Acid Reflux

Any doctor that just brushes off vomiting in a young child because of a lack of feaver, needs to be hores whipped (in my opinion).

Sorry you are going thru this. We went thru the same thing last week. I would try pedialite for a day. Try a little bit every hour or so. Once she goes at least 6 hours without puking, you can try some dry toast - if she's used to toast. Otherwise, go with rice cereal, bananas and applesauce. I would do that for the next 3 days. After that slowly bring in other foods she is used to...try the blandest first.

I learned the hard way. I kept bringing in milk (my 1yo is on regular soy milk) and it was too soon. That's why I recommend 3 days of the BRAT (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast) diet. It took my little one a week to get over the puking. So, just try to be patient. :)

hello! you need to get her to the emergency room or to a pediatrician right away! any time a baby has symptoms as these, dehydration can occur very quickly, which can lead to lethargy and possibly death. please don't wait when you notice anything that does not seem right about your baby, as this can lead to serious complications.

I would say go to another doctor. Something is obviously wrong. I immediately thought of a hiatel (sp?) hernia, but it could be a blockage of any sort. Losing fluids and food and not being able to replace them is dangerous. Good luck and God bless.

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