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9 Month Old with Fever of 104.4(Please Help)

ok so starting on the 12th my daughter started a with a fever of 103.4,i called the doctors they said rotate giving her tylenol(generic) and mortin(also generic) for 24 hours to help with the fever and if it doesnt help to call them back. so i have been monitoring her fever every 4 hours when i give her the meds.it droped but goes right back up.so yesterday it got to 104.4 and i called them back and they said come it.so we took her in and her vitals were good but she had a fever.they checked her for a uti she didnt have one.all they can say is its probley a new viral infections.so they told me as long as she is having a wet diaper at least every 2 hours and she is.to keep her drinkin fluids and give her luke warm baths they help but the fever goes right back up.so i called again to the childrens hospital this time they proceed to tell me that they dont worry about a fever unless it goes on for more than 5 day.i think that is crazy.a fever that high is dangerous for a baby her age.so i guess what im asking is what other moms think about what they keep telling me and if there are any all natural things i can use to get ride of the fever. i know i seen a post about a natural tree oil that could be used but im not sure what the names was.if you could please please please help with some advice that would be great.im going crazy with no sleep and not being able to help her and my husband first time father of a baby is driving me more nuts.he calls from work almost every half hour.i mean what more can i tell him that i didnt tell him 30 minutes ago.thank you for the advice in advance...

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ok thank you moms for all the advice.i called her periatrition yesterday around 2 and she had me bring her in at 4:15 by the time we got there her fever had completely broke and she had a red rash pop up on her tummy,back,face and around her ears really bad.i love her normal doctor i wish she hadnt been on until yesterday.as soon as she seen her she told us yes she does have roseola and that we were at the end of it with the rash.Thank Jesus because my daughter is so misurable.but she said to watch because sometime is can follow with a bacterial infection or ear infections.if anything were to change call her right away.im glad she has 2 kids around the same age as my 2 daughters.because then she know not only as a doctor but as a mother about my concerns..thank you for all you wisdom

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Fevers are parents worst nightmares. The best thing we can do is keep the child as confortable as possible. You can try wiping her with a moist towel, underarms and sole of feet seem to refreshen them faster. Keep the room cool, but not directly under a fan. Hope this helps

We just went through this with my 1 year old. I took him to the Dr. and he told me there has been some new virus going around where fever seems to be the only symptom. I found that Motrin worked much better than Tylenol. I also gave him a tepid bath or two and let him have a few bites of ice pop. I also used a wet washcloth and wiped down his head and face as much as he would tolerate. He ended up sick for about 3-4 days. I know a high fever is scary, but babies do run much higher than we do.

Personally I would be finding a different doctor...Did they run any blood tests? When my girls got a fever Mom told me to strip them down to their diapers. Also the luke warm bath. My doctor always told me it their temp went above 101 to bring them right in. A baby doesn't run a fever for nothing. Are there any signs of coughs, runny nose, watery eyes, etc.?
If you don't want to find a different doctor take her to a walk in clinic..

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When my younger daughter was about 15 months old, she had a high fever for three days and then broke out into a rash (lacy, subdermal). She had a viral infection, though not sure which one since there are several that will do that. I would keep doing that the doctor says, but keep calling them if things don't improve or if anything changes, ie she is listless, refusing liquids, etc. Fever is scary, but it is also the bodies way of trying to fight an infection, so is somewhat necessary, too. Good luck and I hope she is better soon!

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If your daughter's pediatrician checked her ears (usually that's common procedure for well visits and when you bring your child in sick) then just follow the Dr.'s advice. My daughter had the same thing happen when she was 1.5. Her's also spiked to over 104 and just as my husband and I had had enough and were getting ready to take her to the emergency room the fever broke and she went from 104.8 to 99.2 within minutes. She was lathargic the remainder of that day and the following morning but was up and running by the next afternoon. Good luck and hopefully the fever breaks soon!

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The fever is a sign that the body is working to rid itself of toxins that it doesn't want hanging around...so in a way it should be a relief that the body is trying to clear up the situation. I would hang in there another 24 hours, keep an eye on her temp, push the fluids, alternate the antiinflammatories for the symptoms and just spend a lot of time rocking her and comforting her. I know this is hard, and you feel powerless right now, we Mom's are supposed to make everything right for our children!! Try a lukewarm bath if it will make her feel better...not cold....it would be a huge shock her to overheated little body...just make it the same as you would for any other day. You and Dad try and relax, let him give you a little relief at night so that you have more energy to survive the days.
Good luck and keep us posted how she is doing.

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I don't have any good advice because this has never happened to me. But I think it sounds crazy that they won't do anything! You must be scared out of your mind! I would GO to a children's hospital (not call - GO) and insist that she be seen by a doctor. I would bet my money that it is an ear infection. I hope your baby girl feels better soon. Keep us posted.

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A fever by itself is not dangerous to a baby. The doctor's concern is that she is taking fluids, having plenty of wet diapers and isn't lethargic or having seizures. I wouldn't take my baby to a children's hospital, esp to check for an ear infection as another poster suggested - a childrens hospital is for emergencies, an ear infection check is done at the doctor's office. I would wait it out thru today and if she is not getting better, call the doctor's office back and ask to bring her in early tomorrow. Watch for dehydration or seizures.

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When kids are unwell they always get a fever , what the PED says is right , as long as she is having regular wet diapers then she is not dehydrated , what you need to do is make sure she is drinking and give the tylenol/motrin every 4 hrs without fail , don't leave it just to see if the fever comes back , you need to keep the fever down. I guarantee that in another day or so the fever will have subsided and she will be getting back to her self. I know it is scary , especially when it is your first child and they are a baby , but there really is nothing the Dr or hospital can do , you will go through this many times as a parent. Just remember to give her plenty of fluids and not worry about food to much , and keep her cool by giving the meds every 4 hrs so that her temp cannot shoot up again.

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Our daughter was around the same age when her fever went over 105 - same thing, no bells or whistles from the pediatrician or hospital. It turned out that the e/r dr was lazy & didn't move wax that was in her ears that would've shown she had a double ear infection.

It is very frustrating & scary at the same time that it seems as though you are being given the brush off, i know but that is normal procedure. I just found it odd because when our older daughter had a temp of 100 she was admitted right away (she was younger though) & here you could fry an egg on Haley's head & we were given the whole motrin/tylenol thing too. Well, i know it's crazy to say, but try to remain calm & hang in there. Good luck!

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WOW! That is a pretty high fever for a 9 month old. I do remember both of my kids having at least 2 bouts of fevers that were as high as this when they were younger and it is very scary. As long as the doctors rules out bacterial infections such as strep, ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even meningitis, then it is most probably viral. Viruses can throw some seriously high fevers that last days on end. When this happened to one of my kids I would put a Kool Patch on their forehead (you can find these at the drugstore), and I would give Children's Motrin or Advil which last about 8 hours per dose. At the halfwat mark of the Motrin or Advil, about 4 hours in, you dose them with Tylenol. Keep this pattern up until the fever drops and STAYS BELOW 102 degrees. After that, I would stick to the Children's Motrin or Advil and leave out the Tylenol until the fever is gone completely. This does work....I have done it and it did make the fever go down. Tepid baths are also a good idea to lower the body temperature. If this persists more than 4-5 days, take your child back in to the pediatrician or hospital and INSIST on a blood culture and a chest x-ray to be sure you are not dealing with a bacterial Super-bug or anything blood-related. Good luck and I hope your baby gets well soon! As for your husband....he might need some Advil or Tylenol too! I know how that is. They are frightened and concerned but have no idea what to do. Just reassure your husband and keep him updated. Once this sickness passes, you are both veteran's of the Mile-High Fever Club. Welcome to the Club and I hope you don't have frequent episodes of being in it. Hang in there....I know exactly how you feel.

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