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9 Month Old with Cough -- Should I Worry?

My 9 month old son has recently developed a cough. There are no other symptoms -- no runny nose, no congestion, no fever -- just the cough. It sounds like a wet cough when it hits him, but he's not wheezing or anything like that. My mother in law has had a mean case of bronchitis and walking pneumonia since Thanksgiving and started feeling better so we were around her on Christmas day. Should I be worried that he's picking up her bronchitis? What about allergies? We have 3 dogs in the house -- 2 of them are shedders and drive me insane. But can a baby have pet allergies? He doesn't act like anything is bothering him at all. He's crawling around like normal and into everything and he's sleeping and eating well -- he's lost a lot of interest in his bottles, but the ped told me to expect that at his 6 month check up. So I guess I am just wondering if I should call the Dr or just wait it out and see what happens.

Thanks Moms!

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Our little cough that started out as nothing turned into full blown RSV. We've been to the doctor about every other day this week and today she put him on a steroid to go along with the albuterol. He's also developed an ear infection and is on antibiotics. But the little guy is such a trooper and doesn't even act like anything is bothering him! He's still crawling around and laughing and just as sweet as ever.

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hi KR, i'd keep an eye on him and apply home remedies at this point, some vicks vapor rub, plenty of fluids. as long as he's behaving normally, i don't think you need to run to the doctor.
the job situation sounds dire. i sure hope you can find something better and spend more time enjoying your littles. good luck!

I think it's worth calling your pediatrician and getting some phone advice. Both of my sons have "reactive airway disease", which is what the drs. call it when they can't officially diagnose it as asthma. When they have a flare-up, the main symptom is a cough, often with no other cold symptoms.

As for allergies I would told that children to not start to develop them until they are 2. I found that fause b/c my daughter developed allergy related asthsma when she was 1. Broncitis/pnemonia isn't contagious once it hits that stage, and once you have been on antibiotics for over 24 hrs you are not contagious. Now you may want to call the doctor only b/c my daughter developed a cough and no other symptoms right after Christmas as well. I took her to the doctor on Monday and she has a broncical virus which is very contagious and he stated that it is going around heavily. I hope that helps and I hope your little man feels better soon.

Dear K R, It sure sounds like you have your hands full girl. I'm not a doctor, just a mother of two lovely daughters. I wouldn't worry about the cough unless it stays longer than two weeks. It's possible that it's an allergy, but I don't think so. Only because if the baby's allergic to the dogs you would have seen signs before now, more than likely. I like a wet cough better than a dry one. Is it a productive cough? Is he coughing anything up? If the cough lasts longer than a week or two I would take him into see the ped. I did just read an artical on line last night about children and coughs. It stated that at night time, if you put Vick's Vapor Rub on a child feet and then put socks on them, 100% of the time the cough will stop! (I have not tried this, as I said, I just read it last night.) It could be worth a try. I've heard of sillier things that have worked! Always remember that the doctor is a call away. You could just speak with a nurse and get her advice. When it comes to health, nothing is better than a pro!
I hope you get another job soon. One that would give you some well deserved time off, not to just clean, but to give you a break. Best of luck and happy new years.

We usually see a cough as the last symptom of a cold that includes runny nose. Even with allergies, we see the presence of runny nose that in turns provoques caughing. But if your baby didn't have runny nose I would think it would be a good idea to visit a doctor to make sure isn't bronquitis or neumonia. My daughter had early neumomia when she was 2 and a half, that's when we realiced she had seasonal allergies. I would recommend you to visit a doctor just to make sure your baby didn't get your mother's in law bronchitis.
On the meantime, a natural cough releaver is bath steams.
Good luck!!

When my son turned 9 months last month, he had a strange little cough. It followed some nasal congestion. We used the vaporizor at night, and that may have helped. Also, he was teething a lot, so it seemed like the cough was partly due to having extra saliva in his mouth/throat from teething. If it's just a little, occassional cough that doesn't seem to bother him then it is probably nothing to worry about.

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