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9 Month Old with Constipation

My baby is 9 months old, almost 10 months, and has constipation. He has always had a problem introducing new foods, was colicky the first 3 months of life (that changed once we switched to lactose-free)and so we move slowly with new foods. One at a time and only one about every four days. We pretty much have it figured out which ones agree with him and which ones don't but lately we haven't introduced anything new, have been giving him water throughout the day, prunes and apples in his daily diet and also acidophilus at night to help his little digestive system (which he's been on since a newborn to help with the colic) all of these things combined used to loosen him right up! But in the last week none of them are working and the poor thing is struggling to push "deer poop" out daily and is screaming becfore passing anything. Anyone else with any ideas before heading the doctor for stool softener? I really would prefer natural/alternative methods before running to the doc's office. Thank you!

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Thank you to everyone for the help. I kept up with the water and high fiber and we had a "blow out" poop on Monday night, which was great and he was feeling better and since then I have just been giving him fruit, veges and very little oatmeal and of course formula. But even with all that he's getting hard poops again! Prevention is key, and we can't seem to move forward to start new foods without the constipation problem! I think we'll try the aloe juice and try our best to get him to drink more water out of a sippy cup, I think he's just too dehydrated. Any prevention ideas? Thank you again

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glycerin suppositories-over the counter, they melt fast and are just solid glycerin, the oil melts and helps keep the poop loose!!They even have them in small sizes for little ones- I just saw them at k-mart

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Increase fluids. I have always used Prune juice and Pear Juice for constipation (mix 1/2 water and 1/2 juice) and it seems to work. Also whole grains with lots of fiber help also.

SOmetimes going to the chiropracter helps...I know it sounds crazy but a little boy in my daycare was always constipated and they finally took him into the chiropracter.....they just rubbed a certain way by his hips and it helped him.....I have also tried grip water.....that is all herbal and natural. I think that it helps sooth and relax the baby.

I feel for you, I know what your going through, My 2 year old has been going through some difficult times the last few months.
I had some great advise on the subject and had many tell me about Prune, Apple and water. My son is picky and it was a struggle to get him to drink or eat anything new, let alone try and get him to take something for the constipation.
So I have had him on Flax Seed oil, I put it in his Milk or water (He even tells me to put it in his milk every night). I also include Probiotics. This has made him poop.
But being that he is 2 years old he learned if he stiffens his legs and arches his back it will not come out.
He had a yeast infection from the contiptation and when a little poop came out and he has such sensitive skin.
The yeast infection is gone now, but he is still crying when he has the urge to go and wants it to stop.
I think the natural way of Flax seed and Probiotics are the best.

The Dr (His old Dr. had me do 9 days of the following: 1 day Suppository 1 day Enema 1 day Milk magnesia and then repeat. It was horrible to have to do that to my son. I cried, it helped him poop, but I hope I don't have to do that again.

Good Luck to you...

Hi M. I seen that another mom told you Suppositories and they work I have had to use them before just put one in hold the botom to together for like 2 to 3 min then put a dipper on and 20min latter you should have some pooppie in his dipper. I know its hard but pay close mind to everything you give him any lactos family could back him up my brother whom is now 18 has the same problem. We had to do the same if you give him breads or crackers make sure there is no dairy in them like whey and powdermilk you my have to buy the expencive bread but are babbies are worth it don't worry he may grow out of it try a bannana or a fresh pear not a whole lot of pear they help lil tummys. Oh and a ripe bannana cleans you out a green bannana stops you up. Apples seem to stop up my lil one but when I need to give her prunes to go I could only get her to eat apple prunes food thru gerber. Now she wont eat them but thats when I give her a bannana and ruffly 30 to 40 mins later all better for her lil tummy and mommies lil nervers. LOL I hope this helps let me know if it does.A.

Hi M.,
Try 1 or both of these, aloe juice is a natural stool softner among other things. Mix with some juice. (anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial)
Also it sounds like he is maybe to dry, try some ghee or olive oil in what you give him to eat regularly. I have 4 children and work with in the alternative heath field. Maybe do both, especially if he he in pain pushing. Good Luck, S. S

Hi M.,

Infant massage works well. You can google it to see how to do it, but basically you give firm, consistent pressure in a circular motion in the abdomen area. Exercise his legs, take him swimming maybe-- put him in a double swim diaper though- that can really help get things going. Or you can put him in a deep bath with you-- and help him move that way-- lots of kicking,splashing and moving the body. I hope your little one feels better soon-- I know it is so hard to see them like this!


There are suppositories you can use. I used one on my daughter when she was about a month old. Naturally, you don't use the entire thing - her pediatrician had us use about a 1/3 of it, but your baby is older. The best thing to do is to call the pediatrician and get the correct dosage. The result was nearly immediate. The other remedies we had been given were fine for maintenance, but that was the only thing that gave immediate relief. And, when you're in pain, that's what you want. Good luck.

glycerin suppositories-over the counter, they melt fast and are just solid glycerin, the oil melts and helps keep the poop loose!!They even have them in small sizes for little ones- I just saw them at k-mart

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