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9 Month Old Who Won't Sleep!!!!

Help Moms!!!!!! I have a wonderful 9 month old that overall is a great little boy except for his sleeping patterns. My mother in law was watching him during the day but now that school is out I am home with him all the time. Mom in law has had the same problems I am having during the day he will fall asleep after the bottle for her or nursing on me, but the moment we lay him down in his bed he's awake. He will only sleep during the day if he is laying on someone. As for night time he goes to sleep about 10:30pm after nursing then wakes up about 30 mins to an hour after that to nurse again, then back to bed for another hour and half then nurse again, and it just keeps going like that until about 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning when we are up for the day. We have thought about letting him cry it out until he goes back to sleep but his older brother, 4 yrs old, sleeps right across the hall and I don't need him up too. Please help us we would love any suggestions!!!

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You would never think it, but the food you eat can wreck your sleeping ability and quality. You are nursing. Try eliminating gluten and dairy from your diet, and his if he is on solid foods, and see what happens.

I am on a gluten and dairy free diet. My breastfeeding 6 month old sleeps pretty well. I had a dinner than had dairy at a restaurant one night, and he didn't sleep well for several days after, until we both cleared it out of our systems. It also gave him gas.

You can even have babies tested for food intolerances through www. enterolab.com. It's a stool test, so easy for babies. Just send in his stool (1/2 cup needed for testing). Order test kit online. No doctor referral needed. They email you the results.

Good luck.

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My baby had very similar sleep habits (he's 8 months). The book "The No Cry Sleep Solution" was very helpful! There is a send book, "The No Cry Nap Solution" has some good tips for nap times too. After implementing some of the suggestions I am now able to put my son down to nap and he will sleep up to 2 hours (yay!!). He also now only wakes up once at night to nurse, which feels like heaven after what I had gone through. Whatever action plan you decide on, you will probably have to give it a couple weeks to really start working. Remember, your son LOVES cuddling with you, so he insn't going to want to give that up. While you're adjusting his sleep routines, you might try giving him some extra love during the day so he doesn't feel abandoned.
Good luck!!

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Your little one does not have a sleep problem . . . it sounds like he just has a high touch need, which if met, will go away during toddlerhood. I would suggest carrying him in a sling or carrier (such as one by ergo). If you would like some reading material on sleep and babies, feel free to e-mail me and I will give those to you. It is largely an American practice to have babies sleep on there own (not touching a caretaker), but for many babies this is simply lonely and against their natural instincts. Despite common misconceptions, "attached" infants actually become more independent children than the other way around!!!

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I disagree. Your baby does have a sleeping problem. You need to get the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Brain development occurs during sleep, so not getting adequate sleep is a serious problem, and you don't want to just wait and hope it goes away. Babies have to learn how to sleep, and how to put themselves back to sleep once they wake up (which happens many times during the night). He sounds like he is very overtired. At his age, he should be going to bed between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. He may need to eat once during the night, but not every hour or two! He is simply using you to comfort him back to sleep. I have two boys, 2 years and 8 months. They both go to sleep at 7:30 and the baby wakes up at 7:00ish to eat and the 2 year old doesn't wake up until around 8:30. They both nap well during the day (baby for a total of about 3-4 hours and 2 year old for one 1-3 hour nap). My boys share a wall, and even when one cries, it doesn't wake the other up. Both boys have white noise in their rooms.
If you want any other help or advice, please feel free to email me! My 2 year old never slept more than 30 min at a time when he was around 5 months old, I read the book. Within 2 days, his problems were solved.
Good luck. It can be fixed!

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laying against you he feels warmth. maybe he needs warm.

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Above is a link to a really great resource on sleep training methods. Remember consistency is key. Stay strong and stick to which ever method you choose and he'll get it soon. Good luck! You can do it and will love the results once you do.

your baby needs to learn how to put himself to sleep and how to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up. There are so many things we have to teach our children as parents some are harder than others. This is soo important to teach your child how to do this. A skill he will need for the rest of his life!!
this is important enough to maybe put out your 4 year old for a little while. Have a talk with him and tell him that his brother may wake him up with his crying but everything is ok and he just needs to go back to sleep. he is old enough to understand.
Your son is plenty old to sleep through the night all night without feeding!! and another important thing: you can NOT be the best mom you can be if you don't get some sleep! it is soo much healthier for your whole family to teach your so how to sleep through the night.

he should be able to sleep from 8 at night to 7 in the morning. with two 1 to 2 hour naps during the day. set a schedule. He goes down at 10 am, 2 pm and 8pm. that way you both know what to expect.
here's what i suggest. I would also take a long weekend or a stressless week to do this. It may take 4 or 5 nights.

feed him, change his diaper and put him to bed awake! let him cry. Look at what time it is. don't go in there for 20 minutes. I say look at the clock because the minutes will drag by. Go in there and comfort him, don't pick him up. Leave and wait another 20 minutes. Do this until he falls asleep. Go take a shower or do whatever you need to do to not sit and listen to his crying. He will learn how to do this!! remember you are doing this for his health and for yours.

Do u feed him solid foods like mashed potatoes,oatmeal, sweetpeas and such mabey he's hungry and nursing and a bottle is not enough!

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