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9 Month Old Spitting up All the Time

My son is almost 10 months old and has never really spit up before. This past week he has spit up a lot after meals (sometimes as much as 6 times after one feeding). I haven't changed his eating habits, in fact, I started feeding him less hoping that he would stop spitting up but no luck. He is on the same formula and I just can't think of any good reasons he would just start spitting up! Should I call the doctor about this? I don't think it's vomit because it just comes up so easily and he doesn't have a fever.
Anyone else gone thru this?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks for all of your responses!! I took him to the doctor and the only thing the doctor could find was a sore throat. We put him on an antibiotic and he has stopped spitting up.....
I think the spitting up could have irritated his throat but still don't know what causes the spit ups...but at least he is finished with his spit ups for now. Thanks for all the advice!

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you may want to call the dr. and look into the possiblity of lactose intolerance. It can come on at any age and can be solved by using soy based formulas, lactaid milk, or lactase drops.

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It could be a food intolerance. My baby had reflux since she was born, but it had pretty much cleared up with medicine. At 9 months, she stared spitting up again - a bunch of times after each meal. I found out that the day care was giving her yogurt and I was giving her cheese the same day, and on those days she was the worst. I've stopped giving her cheese and yogurt and she mostly stopped the spitting.
You could try to pinpoint the food and eliminate it for a few days, but I would also give the ped a quick call, just to be sure they don't think it's something else.

A., I would certainly contact the doctor, but I would not be overly worried. I have a ten month old daughter and she has gone through spitting up since she was born. But I found that my daughter has become less found of formula, so I have started giving her Vitamin D milk per the doctors orders. Maybe give this a shot. All the best.


When my son was first born he would spit up a lot but he would also cry all the time, so of course we thought he had colic. We took him to his doctor and she actually said that it was acid reflux. I had no idea that babies could have that. He was on prevacid until he was 6 months old. He is now 8 months old and has no problems. So it might be that. Hope this helps andh hope the little man gets better soon!

Yes, take him to the doctor, it sounds like acid reflux, which they can prescribe something for it

you may want to call the dr. and look into the possiblity of lactose intolerance. It can come on at any age and can be solved by using soy based formulas, lactaid milk, or lactase drops.

Hi Ashely,

You might want to talk to his doctor. He may have become sensitive to his formula or he might have developed reflux. I would call the nurse at the pediatricians office and ask her what to do.

Good luck!

My son spit up all the time from when he was a month old until well after he turned 1. We tried all kinds of medications and formulas but nothing worked until he was put on Reglan. He did have a lot of trouble taking to solids, too. He finally stopped throwing up all the time and was able to eat real solids when he was about 14-months old. I would definitely try talking to your doctor. There was a time we were in there 4 times a week trying to figure out what was wrong with my son. I know how stressful it can be watching him throw up all the time, especially if he gets real upset after, like my son would. Good luck, and I hope your baby gets rid of it faster then my son did.

You should definately see a doctor about this. It could simply be nothing, but it could also be gastro-entitis. Better safe than sorry. Also, if he is on formula, you may try switching to a soy based formula for a few days. This happened with my daughter when she was younger and sometimes the regular formula would just upset her stomach. Hope this helps.

could be acid reflux, i'd ask the dr

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