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9 Month Old Doesn't Want Formula

In the last month, I have seen the formula consumption of my 9 month old consistently decline. The pediatrician said that he is just weaning himself from the bottle. But it has come to the point where he takes less than 8 ounces a day.Overall, he's a healthy kid, but I'm wondering if he is getting proper nutrition. His food intake is usually pretty good though he occasionally goes through picky times. Right now, all he seems to want to eat is yogurt. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it just a phase?

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Thank you for the responses. I've started mixing his food with formula so that he gets some of the other nutrition. Sippy cups are next on the agenda! Thanks again!

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I have a three year old daughter and a 20 month old daughter...both of whom went through something similar around the same time. I asked their pediatricians about it and honestly they said as long as they're happy, active, eating solids well, etc, they're fine. The doc said it was only natural to take the bottle less as they were gaining nutrition from another source (solids). And, when the baby turns one and then again at two, you'll notice "spurts" where he'll eat EVERYthing in sight for a couple of weeks, then practically nothing for a few weeks. That's when the kids stop consistantly growing and start having growth "spurts"... eating more when they are in a spurt and eating less when they're not.

Sounds to me like you have a healthy little boy! :)

I have an 8 month old who is starting to take less and less and I have wondered the same thing. But I figure as long as she does not start to lose weight and seems happy and satisfied, then that should be fine. In the mornings, I make sure to offer her a full 8oz. bottle with no food. That is the only full size bottle she normally takes through the day. the rest of the day, she seems to just wash her food down with it. I just always offer it. Today, she took her 8oz. breakfast bottle... and I got a 6oz bottle in her after her nap. I notice she is more apt to take a bottle when she is tired or just waking up.

It is normal for babies this age to go through this. As long as they are gaining weight and seem healthy, there is no cause for alarm.

When you are introducing lots of new yummier foods, that is what he will prefer. Not sure how much yogurt is good for him to have though, so you might want to check on that if he is eating a lot of it.

Look at it in a more positive way....he will probably transition to whole milk and cups easier!!

Hi S.,
I am a mother of three and a granmother of ten. I sounds like you have a healthy little one. I am not a doctor but have had some experience with big eaters and very picky eater. He sounds like he is starting to show his likes and dislikes, which is very normal. It is also normal to have picky spells, whickh can last for days. Then, he could go into a growing spurt. Usually, that is when the seem like you can't get enough food in the house to satisfy their hunger. Remeber, a baby won't let itself starve to death. You have spells where nothing sounds good and you don't eat like you normally do, don't you? I really wouldn't worry unless he starts loosing weight. I went through the same feelings with my first one and quickly learned when to be concerned and when to just let them be. I wish your family good luck with the future and God's speed.
Susie M

I have one year old twins, speaking from recent experience with formula your 9 month old should be consuming between 16-24 oz. min. One of my twins was suffering from acid reflux which was inhibiting his swallow (he's fine now). You need to trust your own instincts-as I've recently discovered doctors are only human, and they DO make mistakes. Good luck, and happy eating. Formula has more nutritional value than yougurt and other calcium fortified foods. Turn that can around and you'll see all the important ingredients your baby needs at this stage of his/her life.

I wouldn't be so worried about this. As long as he is drinking some of it, you are doing a good job. Does he like oatmeal? I would make him oatmeal every morning with formula instead of water. My cousin is having the same problem with her 7 month old. He only drinks about 1-2 ounces per feeding. And that takes her about 30-40 minutes to just get that amount down him. She has tried everything. So she has resorted to feeding him oatmeal 2-3 times a day. She makes it really runny with more formula than oatmeal. She will then spoon feed it to him. Can I ask when you started feeding your child solids? My cousin started at about 4 months, which I think is a little to early for that. That is when she started noticing he didn't want as much milk as he normally drank before. All he wants to do is eat solids.
Just keep trying to feed him the bottle, a little is better than nothing. Once he turns a year you can start giving him regular milk. I noticed my oldest daughter loved real milk verus formula. She drinks is all the time. I would work on a sipping cup right now. Sometimes drinking it from a sipping cup makes them feel like a "big" boy/girl. So you could put the formula/milk in there as well.
Good luck & let us know if any of these ideas work for you.

I switched from formula to milk at 9 months old because of this same reason. Not saying it is right for anyone else or this is the way it should be by any means. If he or she is eating alot of different foods during the day including fruits and veggies, they are just not hungry. My Dr. says that at that age 8-16 oz of Formula is plenty when they are eating other meals and snacks and if you give them juice as a drink thoughout the day. If they are this disinterested in the bottle, the sippy cup could be alot more fun for them. Sometimes Mom isnt ready when baby is. Good luck, sounds like you doing a wonderful job!!

I wouldn't worry about the lack of formula if he is eating yogurt. You get all of your calcium just the same. Make sure it isn't heavily sugared or have artificial sweeteners in it. The baby ones are really nice now. Have you tried giving him the formula in a sippy cup? Sometimes that is fun. You could have your milk in one and have his formula in his. Make a game of it with crackers and sips. When does your pediatrian say to transition to real milk? If it is soon try mixing it to get him interested.

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