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9 Month Old Chewing on His Crib

I need some advice. What can I do about my son, who is 9 months old, chewing on his crib. He has a cherry finish sleigh bed with the plastic teething rail on it.My son has 6 teeth and more on the way. However, he is chewing under the plastic and on the ends without plastic. I noticed red specks on his shirt and mouth tonight. I called my mom and she said I may need to have him tested for lead. Now, I am turning to you other moms out there. I was wondering if there is something else to cover his bed with. Any helpful advice for our situation would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you everyone for such great advice. I have taken many of the suggestions into consideration.

I get him out of his bed immediately upon waking as soon as I hear him stirring. I give him teething toys. I do not put him in his crib except when he is asleep. I don't even lay him in there when he is sleepy at night, because if I do he raises up and gets ahold of the crib with his teeth. I use the playpen, swing or pallet in the floor and then put him in his crib. I also have taken his bumper pads and tied them to the top of his crib where he was chewing. I decided to try this after reading the suggestions about having something made to put across the top. This has helped some. However, he still tries to move this and chew on the bed.

Like someone mentioned that their child eventually outgrew this stage, that is what we are hoping for. In the meantime, we are trying to do everything to prevent him from chewing his crib. I love having the opportunity to ask so many other moms for advice!
Thanks again, you all were quick to respond and gave good advice!

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I know that they have rail covers for cribs, but I don't think (at least I haven't seen) any for the sleigh types. I would try, as one reader said, the biter bite, or like another reader said, some material around the rail.

My son chews on EVERYTHING...they are like puppies that way sometimes! The only reason we even give him a pacifier is because he likes to chew on it and we keep one in his crib for that reason. Maybe that would help? Or keeping some teething rings, etc? Good luck to you!

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Crib Rail Protector/Teething Guard by Toddler Shield

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I dont think lead is a problem anymore! My child chews all over his bed and I had my cousin who sews in the birmingham/Trussville area make something to go across the front. It is fabric that he cant chew through. I would ask your pediatrician on the lead part though. My aunt owns Lullabies in Trussville and her daughter is the one who sews. You could always go there and get her to make you one! Hope it helps!

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Unless your crib is a used one that is several years old, then I wouldn't worry about the lead. They made it illegal years ago to use lead in cribs because of the risks. As far as the chewing part, put something yucky on it and maybe he'll stop...ie: pickle juice, vinegar, ??? Don't know if that'll help but all I could think of. Good luck!

You could try something like a 'bitter bite' substance on the rail to stop him chewing it. It usually comes as a non-toxic spray that dries on the surface and makes it extremely untasty. We used it to get a puppy from chewing our dining chairs.

As for the lead poisoning - manuafacturers don't use leaded paints these days. I am presuming that it is a new bed. It will have been made with child use in mind.

I agree with your mother, but not about the lead. I believe manufacturers no longer use lead paint -- unless the bed is very old.

When children eat "strange" things, testing usually finds they are missing some essential nutrient in their diet.

Why is he in his crib so much of the time?? Cribs these days should not have lead paint on them. It was outlawed in 1978. Talk to your pediatrician if you're worried about it, though. He's probably getting some teeth in and chewing alleviates the pain. Rub some Anbesol or Orajel on his gums. Does he take a pacifier or have teething rings available to chew on? Other than that, take him out of the crib more often and you shouldn't have to worry about him eating it so much! You can try using a playpen, a baby swing, or other baby-activity center seat to keep him confined if you can't hold him at the moment. Those would allow him to be near you and also provide him with more stimulating activities to keep his mind off the need to chew.

I would do as others suggested and contact the manufacturer on the dangers and content of your son's crib. My friend's son chewed on his crib...what they did was get some material...(try Wal-Mart..they have some material at $1.00/ yd) and wrap it around really thick... It probably won't be too attractive, but you could try it. Good luck! Oh, and be sure to keep us posted on what you come up with!!

Not all kids chew their cribs, but it is very common, especially when they are teething. It might help to not let him play much in the crib. As soon as you hear him awake, you might try to get him out of the crib so he doesn't have time to chew. I know that might be a hard thing to do, but good luck.

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