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8Wks Pregnant and No Fetal Heart Beat...

This is H.. I am 8 weeks pregnant, just had a doc visit yesterday, everything was fine with me but not with my baby, doc was unable to find any fetal heart beat. She ordered US. I had both US ,abdominal as well as vaginal but nothing changed, still no heart beat....it just broke my heart, iam depressed, my doc is sure that there is no sign of alive fetus, she advised me for D&C. I had an option of 2nd US one week later, so now i am waiting for my second US. Although i am not much hopeful, but still dont want to think about it. I dont know what else to do. I have a 3yr old son, first pregnancy was fine. I wasnot expecting this to happen this time.
Any good soul,plz give me suggestion about what are option for me. Do i need to have second opinion with othet doc? or if there is nothing else to do then Is D&C better than miscarring naturaly. Any long term complication with D&C, i mean in subsequent pregnancy and delivery. I have no idea about that, my mind is just blakeout...i hope it will be better after a while. Plz let me know of your suggesstion.
Thank you

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Hello to all of you. I am glad to have so much support from so many kind souls. Thank you all so much. Last couple of weeks were so terrible for me, as you all know there was no heart beat on US, then i went for second US, still there was no change, and baby didnt grow at all i was about 9-10wk and baby was still at 6wk growth. So doc came to conclusion of FETAL DEMISE( fetal death). I was still in shocked. Doc schaduled D&C after 2days, finally i had the procedure and came back home empty handed. It was hard to accept that at first, i cried alot, but now i am settling down. It is really hard but now i am hopeful, i believe that everything happens for a reason, and there is always hope. I will keep trying.
Thank you again all, i really appreciate it. Wishing you happiness always.
May God be with you all
Take care

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When I was 8 weeks pregnant, I passed out in one of my classes. I was taken to the ER via ambulance. The doctor tried finding the fetal heartbeat, but couldn't find one. He told me ahead of time, though, that sometimes it's too early to find it at 8 weeks, so if he can't that doesn't mean anything other than it could just be too soon. He didn't find one. And I was nervous. But when I went to my doctor's appointment a month later, she found one. She said some heartbeats can be heard at 8 weeks, but most can't. Don't give up yet. It could simply be too early.

I am so sorry that you are going through this. We went through the same thing a few years ago when we were trying to have a second child. We waited a week to have another ultrasound to confirm the situation. The wait was horrible! I did have the d&c and several months later, I was pregnant! We carried that baby to term with no problems and went on to have a third with no problems! I hope this helps.

I was just reading something that said that ten weeks was when the heart beat was detectable?? I would wait it out...do you feel pregnant?

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Wait a bit. Two beta hcg's within 48 hrs would have been much better than an us at this stage. That is a blood test that measures hcg it should double every 48 hrs. The heart doesn't start beating until 6wks 1 day and most Dr's won't even look for it until 9+ weeks. Considering most woman don't ovulate exactly on day 14 of their cycle and implantation can occur anywhere from 6-12 days after conception you could be a week or so less pg than you think you are. I would ask for the blood test and take it today along with another in 48 hrs. If your #'s are doubling that is a very good sign. I'm really shocked that a Dr would recommend a D&C this early without a blood test especially since you aren't bleeding or cramping.

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Hi H.,

First...sorry for the long note.

I read your post and it is a total flashback for me. I went through the SAME exact thing January 2006. I was 7 weeks pregnant and scheduled our 1st US on my husband's birthday. I thought it would fun to do this, go to lunch and celebrate....well....I went for the US and no heart beat(they couldn't find it). Needless to say I cried my eyes out. This was my first pregnancy and was so excited. We went back to my OBGyn immediately after and he told us I may be going through something called a Missed Abortion (no fetal development). Which means your body goes through the motions of being pregnant, but you are not. I was in such denial because I was so sick, breast swollen, gaining weight, but nothing. I had the option to wait a week and go for another US...we did...still no heart beat, but I needed to kow. It was so hard walking around that week waiting and waiting (crying). After that I had two options: 1. D&C; 2. miscarry naturally. I chose the D&C because (this is going to sound so bad), but I just wanted it out of me and go on with trying again. The thought of walking around and not knowing when/where I would miscarry was more emotional for me. I came to the realization that there was 'never' a baby to begin with. I felt a little foolish and thinking what did I do wrong. Of course we told everyone Xmas Eve we were having a baby, just for a few days later to say I wasn't. The D&C itself was very easy as far as the surgery part . I have the BEST OBGyn. Emotionally...I cried and cried. I also thought it was meant to be this way. Something was very wrong when we conceived and this was my body's (God's) way of letting me know the baby may have not been healthy. If anything this is waht held me together. It's funny how when people find you have miscarried, how many others you know have. I found out a few people miscarried close to me and I didn't even know.

ADVICE.....be VERY VERY careful....after I was given the go ahead for trying again...We got pregnant the very first time (yeah) and now have a beautiful healthy baby girl (9 months). It's funny how I look at her and it makes everything so much better.

Hang in there.....it will get better. I'll think about you.

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H. - I am so sorry for your hardship. I have not personally experienced this, but my cousin and a few great friends of mine have. I have heard it is pretty common for miscarriages to happen in the 1st 8weeks, and back in the day - people did not even know if they were pregnant until after 8 weeks, sort of a hard thing we have to go through with new technology of finding out early. Both my cousin and friends have had successful/healthy pregnancies since having a DNC. I do not think there is a problem with you having a second opinion, the more information the better. Just know when the time is right, you will have a healthy pregnancy and baby...best of luck, our prayers are with you.

Your situation is just about identical to mine. The same thing happened to me in my second pregnancy. At my firt prenatal visit, there was no heartbeat and the doctor could not find anything with a vaginal ultrasound. I was totally unprepared for this news and was very upset. I had to go for blood tests about two days apart, if the hormones that they were measuring went up, that was a sign that the pregnancy was continuing. They were a little lower than normal, but they did go up. I had to go back to the doctor about a week or two later, and there clear as day on the ultrasound, was what would turn out to be my healthy baby boy. Maybe you should ask about the hormone test, to give you a little piece of mind.

Don't get too upset yet, there is still hope. I think my doctor got me more worked up than anything. If she would have just said that it is still early, than I would have been fine. But right away I think she assumed it was a miscarraige and said it happens to a lot of women. When I went back, she didn't even acknowledge what happened at the first visit. It was just another day at the office for her.

Ask for the hormone test and try to keep busy until you go back. Good luck,


When I was 8 weeks pregnant, I passed out in one of my classes. I was taken to the ER via ambulance. The doctor tried finding the fetal heartbeat, but couldn't find one. He told me ahead of time, though, that sometimes it's too early to find it at 8 weeks, so if he can't that doesn't mean anything other than it could just be too soon. He didn't find one. And I was nervous. But when I went to my doctor's appointment a month later, she found one. She said some heartbeats can be heard at 8 weeks, but most can't. Don't give up yet. It could simply be too early.

I am very sorry to hear about your difficulties. You need to do whatever will make you feel better about your situation. If a second opinion would help you, then do it. What would that hurt. Many people have different opinions about wether to do a D&C or miscarry on your own. It is your body and it will do what it needs to do in good time, but unfortunately you don't know when that is going to happen. Sometimes, also you will still need to have a D&C afterwards because of complications. Complications with a D&C are very rare and it does not affect your pregnancies in the future. However, it is a surgical procedure so you need to think about what you feel up to. I hope that you have good support systems to help you go through this. I am very sorry! Hope this was somewhat helpful!


I dont have any advice for you, but I am in the exact same situation. I had my ultrasound on Monday, I would be 8weeks and there was no heartbeat(baby stopped growing at around 6 weeks). I too was devastated. I have a 4 year old son.
My doc wants to do D&C as a last resort. I am to wait and see if I miscarry naturally. I go back in 2 weeks(hopefully have another ultrasound, although doc is 100% sure there will be no heartbeat)to see what our next step is.

I am so sorry for your loss.I will be watching this to see what kind of advice you get. Good Luck to you!

I had the same thing happen to me. Multiple US and no hope. It was very painful to admit that I had miscarried, but I finally accepted it. I opted for the D&C over natural miscarriage and am so happy I did. A friend went natural and was in soooo much pain for 2 1/2 days. The D&C was actually a painless experience, the nurses were wonderfully nurturing and my husband was supportive. I ended up getting pregnant again 6 months later and had a very healthy baby boy. I looked at it this way: Maybe that baby wasn't going to be healthy and my body aborted it for that reason. I still look at it as though I have a baby in heaven waiting for me there. My heart goes out to you. Bless you.

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