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8Th Grade Graduation Party Ideas

My son is graduating from 8th grade next spring and I'm just wondering what most families do these days to celebrate this occasion. I had someone tell me they hired a DJ and had a huge party and I was just wondering if this was the norm for 8th grade.

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A DJ for 8th grade what then for High School A Live Band.
What ever happened to the BBQ for a family party. And with money being such a big issue for all of us today I think this is a bad time to try and keep up with the Jone's. You should do what ever is comfortable for you, as long as you do something for your child I think they will be very happy.


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I think that would be a bit extreme for 8th grade when my mom did mine many moons ago we had a cook out/ open house at a park played sand volleyball, softball and ate burgers and dogs maybe bring a CD Player and play some music

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YIKES! NOT the norm for this family, or in this area. We gave flowers, took pictures, had a nice dinner out w/ family. This generation of children (and I repeat that 8th graders are still children) are spoiled enough and struggle with entitlement issues as it is. Let "Johnny and Susy" have more issues....besides, 8th grade is NOT a graduation, it is a time of passage. We are never done learning....our formal education just may "end" at 12th grade. Acknowledge the accomplishment, be proud, and move on. :)

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My son graduated from 8th grade last spring. There was a ceremony at the local high school and then we went with my parents his favorite restaurant. I asked him what he wanted and that was it. So I would ask your son and see how he would like to mark the occasion. FYI none of my son's group had a huge party. A lot of the kids at that age don't really want to be fussed over and hang out with parents at a big party.

You've got to be kiding me! A family dinner is plenty for an 8th grade "graduation." Do you really want to have to top yourself when high school graduation comes around?

My kids aren't old enough to do this yet, but I'll tell you what was done for my brothers and I, and what will probably be done for them. The night of the graduation ceremony we had a nice dinner with immediate family and godparents. Then within the next month we had a "party" at the house for extended family and a few close friends. It was basically just beef and chicken for food and if there was any music it was from the radio. We played volleyball or basket ball for fun (now days there are the bag games too). We did the same for high school except we were allowed to invite a few more friends.

Didn't even know that people gave 8th grade graduation parties. I've never even been to one and my husband has a huge family....mine isn't so small either.

How about a nice little movie party at home with popcorn and pizza with friends that have also graduated from 8th grade.

Personally I think we do way to much of the party thing these days. A party every year for their birthday, they get dedicated at church or christened, kindergarten, 5th grade, 8th grade, graduation, and so on.....It really does get out of hand. What happened to mile stone parties? We celebrate the momentous occasions so that they are truely momentous and not just another party. We over do it so much that they don't appreciate much of anything after awhile and come to expect everyone to stop their lives and pay attention to them.

I've met adults that pout when a big deal is not made about their birthday. How sad that is? That they think the world must end because they turned one year older. Silly really.

Hi D..
I had an 8th grade graduation party but that was just because my sister was graduating hight school, so my parents combined it. but here was my mom's philiosophy..Why have a huge party for something that is required. It is not an accomplishment to graduate from 8th grade since it is required by the state of IL. In my family, even high school was not considered an accomplishment. College and grad school...yes!

I agree witht he PP's that a dinner is just fine.Or maybe you can let him have a few friends over and go to the movies or order pizza. Good luck.

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