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8 Year Old Daughter Is Losing Alot of Hair

Hello everyone, my 8 yr. old daughter has been losing, what I think, is alot of hair. It is to the point where I have been brushing her hair out on the front porch. I notice it all over the back of her shirt and pillow. The thing is that there aren't any bald spots or patches. It seems to be coming from her whole head. But she still has a ton of hair. Her hair is thick and course. Does anyone know if this would be a vitamin deficiency or something. This happened to her at 2 yrs. old after a set of vaccines. I was convinced it was from the vaccinations. (I stopped vaccinating and haven't vaccinated my other kids). It lasted a couple of months, and then stopped. Now it is happening again. Has this happened to anyone else's child. Any advice would be great. Thanks for everyone's advice!

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I find that when I am not taking my minerals I lose hair also. The fact is that tons of people do not get all of their minerals from their diets (according to the US gov't). Without supplementation, that is going to remain the fact. If you want to look at a great multi vitamin for children, I can help you with that.

Hang in there.


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Vaccinations aren't always the best thing. Look at the one they have for HPV and how many girls died from it. People jump on the band wagon before there is enough time to be sure it is safe. I think not vaccinating is a parents choice, that was really rude of the other Mom to say you put your kids at risk. If you think about it a long time ago before there were vaccination, pesticides, steroids and antibiotics given to animals people didn't suffer and die from the things that they do now. You have to do what is right for your family and I do agree that seeking out a Naturopathic Dr. or someone that isn't quick to give medicine would be something you might want to consider. Good Luck. I am sure she is just fine.

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Hair loss can be from not getting enough protein as well.

I find that when I am not taking my minerals I lose hair also. The fact is that tons of people do not get all of their minerals from their diets (according to the US gov't). Without supplementation, that is going to remain the fact. If you want to look at a great multi vitamin for children, I can help you with that.

Hang in there.


I am very curious about this because, actually, it happens to ME sometimes and I've not been able to figure out the issue, aside from possibly hormones.

D.; yes, i have always had really thick and long hair, in fact the longer my hair is the more i loose it, to this day i still loose alot of hair in the shower, and in my brush, our hair replaces itself, and its more noticable in long thick hair, we all loose them but the short ones fall out of the brush, and fall off easier, if she has long hair, and it is thick i would not fret about it too much, if you are truly concerned, go see a dr, if she is healthy pretty much i would not worry about it, hope this helps have a wonerful day and i bet she is gorgeous with all that hair, i had to eventualy put layers in my hair so it was tollerable, when i was older, D. s

You may want to get her in to the Dr. to check her thyroid function. Hair loss is a symptom of thyroid disease. Make notes on if she has dry skin, how her appetite is, her energy level, how much and how well she is sleeping etc. Those will help your Dr. figure out what is going on.

BTW we no longer vaccinate either...after my oldest 2 have been diagnosed with Aspergers, and Autism it's not worth the risk to me...not at all.

Just recently a girl at my church was diagnosed with alopecia She lost almost all of her hair. The doctor said that they don't know what triggers it to start or stop. But this girl could lose her hair and then just grow it all back and she might or might not have this happen again. Other then that I am not sure what it could be??? I have really thick hair and I lose ALOT when I brush my hair, some days I have hair all over the bathroom.

I have stopped vaccinating my kids as well after I educated myself. I watched a seminar that was given by Mary Tocca and it blew my mind how dumb some of the shots are, and how harmful they are to kids.

Good Luck


First, I want to say I think it is very distasteful that someone would accuse you of putting your children at risk because you didn't vaccinate. It's a personal choice. I believe parents need to educate themselves on all aspects of their and their children's health care. Then, they can make educated decisions. The medical community, most of the time, tries to push a 'one size fits all' type of health care on us instead of looking at each individual case. The recommended vax schedule is very aggressive and the medical community refuses to recognize that it could compromise some small children.

There is no way to know if the hair loss is or is not caused by the vaccinations, a food allergy, or exposure to something else.

My sister has a friend, who when she was about 8, began loosing her hair. She too had very thick hair. Eventually she was diagnosed with allopecia. They don't know the cause and there wasn't any treatment. It was very hard for this young girl. Thankfully, she didn't loose ALL her hair. She was able to pull up her hair and wear it in a bun on top of her head to cover up the bald spots that eventually formed. The good news is, once she got through puberty, it seemed to reverse and now she is a young woman in her twenties with no hair issues.

I also have a friend of mine, who after the birth of her daughter lost her hair. At first the docs just thought it was the normal hair loss you experience after giving birth. But, she knew differently. She knew it was too much. She literally bagged the hair that she pulled out in one morning and took it to her next appointment. The doctor agreed it was too much and did some testing. They found she had a vitamin deficiency and her hormones were completely out of whack.

I would take your little one to the doctor and explain what is going on. Keep asking the questions and keep pushing them until they can give you an answer as to what is going on. We are the only advocates for our children!

Good luck.

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