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8 Year Old Always Tired and Tummy Aches

Hi moms. My 8 year old is always complaining of tummy aches and that he is tired, especially when it comes time to do somthing like go to school, soccer, or to bed. He drags throughout the day and complains of the tummy aches to his teacher as well. He goes to bed at 8:30 each night and gets up around 7:30 so he gets plenty of sleep, and usually eats pretty well, though he is very picky. I'd like to think it's just excuses to not do something, or maybe anxiety. When it's time to play, he seems fine, but claims that it still hurts later. Any ideas?? Also, he tends to make funny noises, repeatedly down in the back of his throat. He says it's sounds that are stuck in his head or he just likes doing it. He has trouble stopping when told. It's loud enough that it can be aggravating some times. Other than that, he's a normal, happy kid. I'm completely at a loss.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Thank-you to everyone for your great responses! I had blood work done on him and they found a milk allergy. We are limiting his milk intake and adding calcium fortified oj and apple sauce and he seems to be doing better.

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A., I can't speak to the tummy aches and tiredness, but I want to share what I've learned about those vocal ticks. My son has been producing vocal ticks off and on since he was 3y.o. (now 9). Vocal ticks are more common in boys, and they usually out-grow them by the time they hit puberty. Since he can't control it, "nagging" won't help -- and may even exacerbate -- the problem. But helping him become aware of situations or times of the day when he does it more can be beneficial. If you google "vocal ticks," you'll find some reliable, helpful websites.

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Definitely take him to the doctor. He has too many symptoms that could be something.

Hi, I have a 9 year old. When he was 7, he had repeated stomach aches everyday. He would have to come home alot because he would be crying with it. We thought it was just anxiety. We took him to the doctor, who in turn ordered an x-ray of his stomach. He had to drink a dye (perfectly safe) so they could see the inside of his stomach. Turns out he had an ulcer. He has had one since then, but it is not due to stress. It is just "one of those things". He had to take a medicine like Maylox and an anti-acid tablet. It made it all go away and feel much better.

Another time he had a really bad stomach ache for days, they did an x-ray and found he was constipated. So they put him on a fiber/stool softener type powder that you mix with water or juice. And that cleared him right on up.

So those are some things to think about. Maybe he needs to see a doctor and have an x-ray done.

Sometimes we think our kids are just trying for attention. But as I have learned, you can never take too much too lightly.

And about the noises. It sounds like he is just being silly. Boys tend to be that way!

Hope this helps.


I don't really have any advice to help, but I just wanted to tell you that I always had that problem when I was young and so did my younger brother. He and I were both prone to worrying and didn't like being away from our mother. We even went to the Dr multiple times for food allergy testing and everything always came back negative. It was just something we outgrew. Although I am prone to having a weak stomach anyway. It could be nothing, or just nerves, or could be food upsetting his stomach. Sorry I don't really have advice to offer. Good luck.

He might have acid reflux causeing him to not sleep very well at night and of course the stomache achs.

Make an appointment with your pediatrician right away. If you doctor cannot give you an answer, find a pediatric doctor at Children's Mercy. It could be anything and it could be nothing, but do not ignore it just in case. I hope you can some answers soon. Good luck and God Bless.


The symptoms you're describing sound a lot like my step-son's. He has acid reflux. He would sometimes say his tummy hurt and was always clearing his throat. We had him checked out at the dr. and they put him on prilosec. He's been lots better.

Hope this helps.

A year ago my daughter was going through the same thing. She complained all the time about her tummy hurting. We were also going through a divorce at the time so I kind of thought she was just stressed. Finally her stomach kind of bloated up. I mentioned it to her dr and they tested her right away for celiac disease. She tested positive. With celiac your body doesn't get the nutrients that it needs. My daughter was tired also. Watch for any other signs if he has any bloating or weight loss or if his legs or arms hurt just like sore muscles. Talk to your dr. Good Luck!

It sounds to me like you should be getting him to his pediatrician. I had a friend whose child had similar symptoms (especially the throat clearing and being tired all the time) and it was her thyroid. Children can even experience thyroid problems and it can go unnoticed very easily...not sure if that is your issue, but being that tired all the time is NOT normal. If I were you, I would have it checked out and write down all the symptoms you notice ahead of time, so that if there is something medically wrong it will be easier for the doctor to run the proper tests and not just blow it off as "being a kid." Good luck. :)

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