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8 Y/o Daughter's Nipples Become Sore After Swimming

Ok this has been going on for the past 2 years now. Everytime my daughter gets out of the pool and dries off she complains that her nipples hurt. They are red and look sore so i know she is not fibbing. It is not specific to one pool, it is no matter where she swims. I have tried letting her wear a t-shirt instead of a bathing suit but that didn't help. I do tell her to put nesporin on them when we get home. But just curious if anyone else has a daughter or someone they know with the same problem before i call the doc. Thanks

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I still have not figured out what causes this problem and have tried everything the doc has suggested! So if anyone else has had any luck with anything, please let me know!

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I know that some women runners get a similar reaction to their nipples rubbing against bras, t-shirts, etc.....do you think it might help if she put a little Vaseline-type ointment on under her bathing suit? Just a thought....good luck! I'd call the nurse at your ped's office & see what they say, too.

Hi T., I'm sure you have already thought about this, but could it be that she is sensitive to the chemicals common in all pools? FYI swimming in a lake or river may not be any different since some lakes/river beaches are treated as well. Best wishes.

any problems after a shower?

try aquaphor prior to her swimming and change out of wet clothes asap

My two boys have the same problem. I thought it was the swim shirts they wear for the sun. First my older one got it after swimming at the beach. They actually started to bleed on the way home. He is 13. I thought it was a combination of hormones from puberty, the salt, sand and shirt. But now my 8 year old got it after swimming in a relative's pool this weekend. I'm so concerned. I took am going to take them to the doctor.

Could it be an allergy to chlorine?

Im wanting to find out if you know ,now..what was causing this to happen. My daughter has it happen in pools and even after her showers. Her nipples look so red and hurt her. Ive asked a lot of friends but know one has heard of this. I plan to take her to the dr. Soon. Thanks

My daughter who is almost eight and swimming on a swim team this summer just started complaining about this same thing. Her very center of her nipples are very red and painful. She won't let her shirt even touch them. Did you ever figure out anything that helped this problem?

I have an 8 year old daughter that recently complained of this. We have our own pool in our yard, and I was puzzled because the water was crystal clear. I thought at first I had too much chlorine in, but after I tested it I found out there was no chlorine, but the water was very acidic (maybe due to recent heavy rains)I adjusted the alkalinity levels and the PH and she has been swimming for a couple days with no complaints. I have heard other similar stories, so this may be a common problem because there looks like nothing is wrong with the water.

It could be a reaction to the chemicals in the pool or maybe to the material in the bathsuit.

My 11 year old daughter has also had this problem for the past 3 years. I'm pretty sure it is from climbing on inflatable rafts and from climbing out of the pool. I do not know how to prevent it or treat it though ....

My 8 y/o son has been having this problem lately too! After researching it online I think it could be a combination of things....so here is what I am going to try. Change his swim shirt, rinse of that area after swimming, and apply vaseline or some other calming lotion (maybe Eucerin) when they are irritated. It MUST be the chemicals and/or swim shirt. I'm guessing it is more the chemicals since he wears this "swim shirt"(just a normal t-shirt) other times with no issues. Good luck!

sounds like she may be allergic to the chlorine. make sure she showers when she gets home and gets out of the wet bathing suit right away. wash her suit. there may be a build up of chlorine in her swim suit and she may be sensitive. try some bendryll and see if that helps with the irritation. I would also try some hyrdocortisone cream instead of the neosporin. if that does not help make an appointment with the doctor.

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