8 Week Old Making Snorting Sounds While Taking Formula Bottle

Updated on March 16, 2009
N.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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My 8 week old son has been making odd snorting sounds while drinking and then even for the hour after the bottle. It sounds like he's congested but only when its around mealtime. I'm hesitant to use the suction bulb bc I really don't think he is congested - no visible mucous and seemingly normal sneezes. I've been told if I unnecessarily use that bulb it could make things worse by irritating the passageway.

At first we thought he was cute with the sounds, just a ferocious eater but now I'm concerned and planning to call the ped tomorrow bc it just can't be normal to sound like a lil piggy while eating, can it?
Thanks for you help!

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My little guy sounded like a little piggy also and as he got older it has stopped. I was told the they have small nasal passages and therfore maybe nosey when trying to drink and breath. It is probably nothing to worry about so relax until you talk to your doc.


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My darling daughter used to wake my husband up in the middle of the night with her snorting and grunting while eating. As she got better at eating the noises became less noticeable.



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good that you are seeing the ped to have this checked/ in the mean time... sit him up straighter when you are feeding him and hold the bottle more level.

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My son did this and had some gagging issues when he started solids and through toddler years. He's nine years old now and eats just fine. My daughter did not really do the snorting thing but is the one who has allergies and asthma (son does not). Check with doctor, but likely nothing to worry about.


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My son(nicknamed Snort by his father)did it when he was born and he still does sometimes.(he is 5 months now) The doctor told us it was fine, they just have small passages and that it will get better as he gets bigger. Good luck, T.


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My daughter does it too! It is nothing but a funny sound from a baby with a normally small sinus cavity. She has been doing it since she was a newborn...that is how I know she is hungry! LOL! My little piggy!

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