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8 Week Old Has a Lot of Mucus/sneezing/throwing up - Suggestions?

my 8 week old has been sneezing for the past 3 days, has a ton of mucus (nose, throat) and when he spits up after a feeding it is a lot of mucus (thick and clear) he also has been throwing up a little just clear liquid. both my husband and i were sick (a lot of sneezing, stuffy head) could he have the same thing or could this be something serious like RSV?

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RSV is actually on it's way out as the babies that are at very high risk aren't being given RSV shots anymore. Most likely just a cold, the main thing is no rectal fever over 100.4 degrees. Hopefully you called the doc & they were able to help you.

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Go to the doctor TODAY. If anything, it will at least give you peace of mind if it is nothing.

RSV is actually on it's way out as the babies that are at very high risk aren't being given RSV shots anymore. Most likely just a cold, the main thing is no rectal fever over 100.4 degrees. Hopefully you called the doc & they were able to help you.


Sorry to hear that your baby is in so much stress. Are you nursing your baby? If you are not, then check the formula that you are giving him. It may not be organic. The by-products that are in it may be helping your baby's body to produce more mucus.

Good Luck!

Hi E.-
I hope the other posts have given you some insight into your little one. I would also like to suggest possible outdoor allergies. I know there are a ton of allergens in the air as everything is coming back to life.
He could have the cold you had - it sounds like the same symptoms you had. The good news there is that you know what to expect out of that cold since you just got over it!
Since your baby is only 8 weeks old, I would call the pediatrician and see if they want you to come in for a check. It can't hurt & it will give you a piece of mind.

call your pediatrician.

You need to call your pediatician...most likely they will have you bring in your child.

Doctor Time...Go there.. And my good wishes and a prayer go with you.

Hi E.,
If you are breast feeding than you you need to stop eating all dairy products. The same thing happened to my kids. It takes about 10-14 days for your body to get rid of all the effects of the dairy. It was an amazing difference once I did this.

8 weeks old? Go see your doctor.

sounds like RSV to me, this year RSV season has been late and it is still very much around and out there but of course call your doctor first and let him know the symptoms he is the best to assess the infant. don't worry to test RSV is very simple nose swab (no Pain)
thank C.B.

The classic sign of RSV is wheezing - they are often referred to as "Happy Wheezers" because they are acting pretty normal, but wheezing. That was how the doctor knew our son had it. However, my friend's baby had it at the same time and was in the hospital, so it can be very serious. Adults and other kids can get RSV too, our bodies are just better able to handle it, so it is possible that you and your husband had RSV and passed it on to baby. It never hurts to see the doctor.

8 weeks - see the pediatrician. Better to be on the safe side.

Also - to note:
Most colds are caused by viruses... a "cold" does not equal bacterial infection.

It could be hundreds of things but likely to be residual afterfall from you and hubby in his face. This is the season for colds and sinus blocking and dripping. He'll be o.k. Give a call to his pediatrician if it continues.

It's probably an old fashion cold. My son had RSV when he was 6 months old... if it's RSV, you'll know it's RSV. With RSV, Luke was wheezing, having trouble breathing and was on the verge of being hospitalized. We had to administer nebulizer treatments twice a day.

It sounds like a cold, not a virus. RSV usually shows other signs such as fever and diarrhea. Sneezing is the baby's automatic response to getting rid of mucus. Since they can't blow their noses, they sneeze. Just bulb out his nose as much as he needs and it should go away soon. Good luck!

This exact same thing happened to a friend of mine 4 weeks ago. Look around the house and see if you have those Glade fragrance things, candles with fragrance, for her it was the laundry product she was using. She totally stopped using "commercial, over the counter cleaners" Stopped using bleach.... basically changed their home environment and in less than 24 hours Bryson was normal.

If you are curious and want to know what she switched to, let me know. This may not be your situation at all, let me know if you want to know more.

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