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8 Month Old with Seasonal Allergy's.

Ok so my son has the dreaded seasonal allergy's and he doesn't have them bad, but enough to make life miserable. I was just at the dr office to get his last few shots (we are on an alt schedule) and I forgot to ask. I'm planning on asking tomorrow, but just would like to give him some relief tonight if at all possible with how young he is. Any advice?
*He has a humidifier going already

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Go to the health food store and buy liquid quercetin. It is a bioflavonoid found in onions that is a natural anti-histamine. It works as well as benadryl, but without the side effects. I've even used it when my child is having a severe allergic reaction. One warning--it's bright yellow and stains everything!! But it works great!
Good luck,

this won't help you immediately, but we have found that our seasonal allergic reactions are reduced significantly by
1. using non-scented laundry products in the summer.
2. taking houseplants out.
and for the winter, using a furnace filter that specifies that it filters allergens, rather than getting the cheapest one.
these changes helped our systems get a rest at least while indoors.

I was told to be careful of the saline because if you use it too much, it can make the nose produce more snot.

I would call the doc and ask how much of zyrtec or another allergy med you can give. My son has had to have zyrtec since he was about that age, and it has really helped.

You can give him the generic (CVS, Rite Aid) form of children's benedryl (the regular Benedryl was recalled). Maybe a half of a teaspoon. Just go by the weight. If you have questions about how much to give him, Dr. Sears has it on his website. I gave it to my son when he was 8 months old. Many babies have to take it every evening. Hope he sleeps better tonight. Also spray saline spray in his nose. Regular saline spray is a salt water formula that cleans out the allergy irritants and also keeps the mucus membranes clean. It works great too.

I personally would be skeptical that your son is experiencing seasonal allergies. Many pollens are on a perennial schedule and being that he is less than a year old, he likely hasn't been exposed to these pollens before---the first exposure is usually not the time allergies present, but the second time and thereafter. It's not impossible----but I would consider other causes such as a recent food addition or more consistent allergens in his home environment such as dust mites or pet dander. I would also think you can't rule out a viral cause. I would also agree with the symptomatic treatment suggestions already offered.

Best wishes.

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