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8 Month Old with Diarrhea for Close to 2 Weeks Now

Hello Moms, I need to pick your brains because I am at my wits end as to what else I could do to help my little one. She's been pooping on average 6 times a day (sometimes more) for the last ten days (they are very runny, mostly green and quite foamy on occasion). I took her to her pediatrician on Monday but because she is not dehydrated, doesn't vomit, has no blisters on her diaper rush and in general doesn't seem too upset (although she is more cranky than usual) I was told not to worry, limit breast milk as much as possible, carry on with the BRAT diet + pedialite and it should eventually clear on its own. It's been a couple of days since and I really think I should do something to help her ease this upset stomach. As you can imagine her bottom is red raw and she screams whenever I have to change her. Has any of you experienced anything like that with your kids? How much longer can it last? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hello Ladies, I want to thank all who took the time to reply to my question. Receiving them was a great help in itself. On your advice I contacted my pediatrician again and they confirmed that there was nothing else I could do and should only make another appointment if my baby became feverish or lethargic. It obviously I was quite frustrated by their answer so I decided to see a specialist had she not improve but early this week. However the diarrhea seems to have subsided significantly and her diaper rush is gone so it looks like the doctor was right after all, I just had to wait it out... A few of you mentioned probiotic, I have been using rice cereal with it ever since she started eating solids and would also recommended to anyone out there looking for a first food - happy bellies (I've only tried the organic brown rice, but they also have porridge and another flavor, whole foods sell them and you can also get them on line). Many thanks for all the advice once again :))

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That sounds awful! We have dealt with a few days of diarrhea and something that really helped the diaper rash is putting baking soda in my daughter's bath - it changes the ph of the skin they don't chafe as easily. Also, bananas have the opposite affect on my daughter so we can't give her any when she is having stomach issues - you could try cutting out the bananas. And I would also call your pediatrician again if you are still concerned and see what else they can tell you.

I find it a little frustrating you were told to limit breastmilk. Diarrhea is a result of your digestive system being weak, aka. virus, bacteria, or stress has weakened it. The probiotics in your breastmilk are one of the things that will actually help your baby. When my kids (or my husband and I) are sick with anything related to digestion, I give them probiotics. Probiotics are what line your digestive track naturally when you're healthy, and they are what help restore it to health. A health store can carry them (I have gone to a local Healthway and they had them), and they should have some powdered probiotic you can mix into a bottle for a baby.

My daughter was throwing up for 10+ days and when I took her to the Dr, they told me to just wait it out (of course they weren't the ones cleaning up puke all over the house). After one day of taking probiotics, she was better.

I hope she feels better! Being sick is no fun :(

Can't help you with how to stop the diahrrea, I've always followed my ped's advice... However, the diaper rash is something that I DO have a remedy for... Equal parts, hydrocortison ointment, neosporin & desitin (the purple tube) squirted into a tupperware and mixed completely. Keep it covered in the tupperware in between uses. Apply with every diaper change. I saw a difference the same day. I wouldn't continue this regimen past the 2nd day- the hydrocortison cream isn't great for them when it's used too much... After the second day, I just used the desitin with every change and the 'concoction' at night before bed. This was a miracle solution. Good luck!

Ackkkk! I am shocked but not surprised that the Dr. told you to limit breastmilk! Sure, limit the perfect food for your child- no way!. Back to what might work for you. First, digestive enzymes. You can get them in powder or liquid. Also probiotics - acidophilus either chewable or liquid is essential with any digestive issue. Then, grated apple skin. This is from my grandfather who was a DR. and used many food remedies first before drugs. Rice is good, so are millet and barley. There are homeopathic remedies that are specific to this issue. There are several remedies, but I don't have enough info. to narrow it down for you. Feel free to contact me and I can let you know which one would prob. work.
Hope this helps.

I remember our pediatrician telling us that stomach bugs can last 10 days to 2 weeks, so that might be what's causing the problem. That happened with my son. When I changed him I just used cotton balls and warm water (wipes irritated the skin). The BEST diaper rash cream I've found is by Weleda. It's expensive but totally worth it - you can find it in Whole Foods and other stores like that.

Limiting breastmilk seems like strange advice to me - I did the opposite to ensure that he was getting nutrients.

Good luck and hopefully it's just a virus and will end soon!

you were told to LIMIT breast milk in a sick baby?!?!?! that's the most absurd thing I've ever heard! breast milk is the best thing you can give her to maintain proper hydration levels, and to balance out what she's losing to the diarrhea. I'm sorry, but if your pediatrician thinks that pedialyte is a better solution for your sick daughter's dietary needs than breast milk, I'd find a new pediatrician. seriously. limiting her breast milk intake is going to adversely affect your supply as well, and 8 mos is a bad time to be doing that.

I suggest you get a second opinion, find a new pediatrician, and nurse your baby girl as much as possible. her system needs to be cleaned out. she could be having an allergic reaction to something, which apparently didn't even occur to your pediatrician. there are so many things that a pediatrician should be exploring with you. the fact that yours is dismissive of your concerns and views your daughter's health from such a limited prism (so, green foamy diarrhea is nothing to worry about unless there's vomiting? bullocks!) means that he or she is not going to be much of partner to you through the next 18 years....

You might try more carbs than bananas & applesauce from the BRAT diet to help "bind up" the poop more. I've also found yogurt to be helpful to help normalize her system, though at 8 months old I would check with your doctor first. They even sell probiotic powder which would be stronger than yogurt, but again I would definitely check with the doc before doing that. For her poor little hiney, spreading a liberal coat of vitamin E oil right out of the capsule might help, especially at night when it can sit there for a good long time. Good luck. The diarrhea will pass - she won't have it for the rest of her life! Hang in there!

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