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8 Month Old Shaking Her Head NO

Hi moms. My 8 month old daughter has recently started shaking her head from side to side as if she is saying "no". I hope this is just normal development and she figured out something new she can do. If she does it, I will shake my head too, and she will repeat it back to me. I was hoping you all could tell me that this is normal and nothing to worry about. She is teething, and doesn't appear to have an ear infection. Actually she is perfectly healthy and meeting all her milestones. She crawls like a champ, stands on her own. She took her first steps already, says Mama and Dada. Did your babies do this too? Is it someting to worry about or normal baby development? Thanks!

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She is just exploring what her body can do. She is probably also enjoying what you are doing. I taught my kids to wiggle their tongues back and forth when they were that little. They were the life of the party most of the time because everyone thought it was so funny. By no means was it a sign of disrespect. It was just silly fun watching their little tongues move back and forth. I don't think you have anything to worry about. It is a good thing she is mimic what she sees.

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Shaking her head is normal. Whenever an infant learns something new they seem to do it all the time for a while. Then they learn another neat trick and are on to something else. I have never heard or seen shaking of the head being a sign of ear infection so I think you're ok there. Next time she does it, try shaking your head yes instead. See how she reacts. They learn by watching others. Try different things. You'll be surprised what she'll pick up. Have fun with it.

my son did the same thing. he shook his head when he heard music. he still does it on a regular basis. i know that lots of moms worry about it in regards to autism. my dr told me he was just trying to tell me he hears the music. nothing to worry about.

my daughter started doing the same thing around that age. i was given two different answer when asked why. some people and websites said that children sometiems do that because it helps them cope with pain (such as teething) and others told me that sometimes children do it just becvause they have just learned that they can and it gives them a sneation they're not used to and they are just exploring that feeling. i do want to mention that my daughter did it for months and now that she is about 13 months old she has pretty much stopped. she does not have any delays or any thing else that causes me any concerns. i wouldn't worry about it, but at her nine month check up you can mention it and if she shows any other signs of pain like maybe an ear infection you could call your doc or have it checked out. again, i wouldn't really worry about it.

My son did it from about 7 months until 10 or so. He would do it hard and then laugh. It was kind of that head shake you get when you take a shot of strong whiskey you hate. He would dip his chin and shake his head then look up and smile. He didn't do it to say "no", but if you said "no no no" he's shake his head.
It's TOTALLY normal:) Try teaching yes. It's WAY cuter because when they are learning, they use their whole body to try to nod!

Perfectly normal!!!! It's fun to get that spinning feeling when you shake your head back and forth really fast. When you do it back, she's imitating you..it's a game. And a REALLY fun game too! Imitating Mommy is fun! My dd is 2 and she still likes to imitate me. Some days she'll follow right behind me and do exactly what I do. Enjoy it!

Hi M.,

shaking her head at this age to me seems very normal. I am a mother of 2 boys grades 3 and 6.
My friend's baby girl who is 8-9 months old, shook her head "no" at me when i tried to pick her up.
I thought she looked really cute!!!

I miss the baby stage sooooo much!! Enjoy it M.!!

This is one of my favorite phases. I'm one of those mom's who's always stressing out and can't relax, but for some reason when babies start shaking their heads, I get all goofy and start doing it back! It's fun and it feels good and it's one in a long line of steps they must take to learn how their bodies work. Try it, it's fun! It's like dancing for your brain!

That is so normal. I am a mother of three beautiful children and all three of them were/is doing this. My seven month old daughter does it when she feels that she dosen't like what you are doing to her. so there is no need to really worry about this little problem.

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