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8 Month Old Iwith Recurring Low Grade Fevers

I have an 8 month old daugher. She was 4 week early at birth and wieghed 6lbs 9oz. She droped to 5lbs in the first couple of days and has remained in the 5% for weight. She has had chronic nasal congestion and runny noses. She was diagnosed with mild viral pnemonia and rsv at 4 months. Since then she has been on numerous antibotics for bacterial infections and also had many viral infections, all the while with a low grade fever of 99-100. About 3 weeks ago she was diagnosed with an ear ifection and was put on antibiotics again for 10 days. This time it seemed to clear things up until the antibiotics were done and she now again has a low grade fever of 99.5 daily and her nasal congestion has returned. I have seen my doctor many times for these same symtoms. The doctor says it's not a big deal and there is not much else they can do. Any suggestions.

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I think I would seek another opinion. There seems to be some kind of allergy here, perhaps to her milk or formula? I would look for a Doc who's focus is on food allergies. I too have a (now 2 yrs) preemie, and they are more inclined to have these issues. Good luck and keep us posted on her progress.

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I'm so sorry you've had to deal with so much in your daughter's early months. While our situations are completely different (my daughter had recurring urinary tract infections and was on antilbiotics more often than not for about 8 months) I do want to recommend that you go see a naturopathic MD, someone who is a medical doctor but trained in integrated medicine as well. He/she may recommend some natural supplements (i.e. vitamins, minerals, herbal blends, etc.) that might really help your daughter.

We went through months and months of infection after infection, antibiotic after antibiotic, and no lasting relief. I visits an MD who specializes in integrated medicine, he "prescribed" vitamin C, D and a few other specialized supplements and she is UTI free for 8 or 9 months now! WOW! Conventional medicine just doesn't always work!

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You have received some very good suggestions already. I would also suggest a Naturopathic doctor. Please also consider researching colloidal silver. A few drops every few hours might work miracles as it is a natural antibiotic. Please do your own research first, however,(this is VERY important), as I am not able to diagnose or prescribe.
Chris RN

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Dear A.-
I have had great success with chiropractic care. My daughter has been seeing ours since she was two weeks old. We have managed to go through two years of cold and flu season with minimal impact. She is now almost 17 months and has a few sniffles and been sick once in that time period. PHEW.
I wish you the best! God Bless!

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I think I would seek another opinion. There seems to be some kind of allergy here, perhaps to her milk or formula? I would look for a Doc who's focus is on food allergies. I too have a (now 2 yrs) preemie, and they are more inclined to have these issues. Good luck and keep us posted on her progress.

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Given your history, it's totally understandable that you would worry. I also share your concern about size/weight. My daughter was 7 weeks early, was a poor eater and her weight gain is always top of mind for me. It's a terrible burden to carry, even in the best of times.

My daughter has also struggled with congestion/low fever going on 3 weeks now. Her fever spiked twice and each time she responded well to Motrin. In both cases, her fever was down to "low" within 24 hours. I have stopped taking her temperature unless she feels very warm or is acting like she is sick. I have also taken her to the doc, and like in your case, they say it's just a viral thing that needs to run its course. Her ears are fine, her lungs sound good, her mucus is clearish.

I think the best indicatition on whether or not our kids are okay is with how they are behaving, sleeping and eating. If they are generally happy, sleeping well (that is, of course, relative to how your child normally sleeps) and eating their usual diet, we can carry on and assume they are fine.

Summer is almost here -- I think it arrives on Thursday? :) We can all get outside and burn out the gunk that's been festering in our bodies all winter!

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Hi A.,
My oldest (now 3) was like this as a baby... and she still has a hard time. I don't think I have a picture of her with out snot running down her face!
Try to do what you can to keep as much dust and/or pet dander out of her bed room or other rooms that she spends a ton of time in. I would also limit plush toys and soft fuzzy blankets (anything that can shed) You can find air purifiers that will help eliminate allergens in the air. Saline drops in the nose also helped my girl. It would help clear out her passages. My cousin swears that ginger tea helped her little girl when she was having nose/ear issues.
If she still has a bunch of congestion... I would think about having her tested for allergies. They don't usually do that for kids under a year... but if they can pin point the issue you might be able to eliminate the need for the rounds and rounds of antibotics.
Best of luck to you and your baby!

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She may be allergic to dairy. If she is on a dairy based formula I would strongly consider switching her to soy or rice based formula.

My daughter has had chronic congestion too, she is now almost 5 and it continues. My DR. has had me remove all dairy from her diet, and within 1 week I already notice a difference in her.

It is allergy season, and seasonal allergies we don't have much control over. They can be the basis of congestion, which can then become more serious ailments like sinusitis (which is going around right now), ear infections etc,.

There are 3 main categories of allergies that effect people: Seasonal; Environmental; Food. Each person has a different tolerance level or threshold that their bodies can accept of allergens and show no symptoms. We can control what we put in our bodies i.e. what we eat/drink. We can control to an extent environmental by dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, pet dander, keeping and overall clean house, but we can't control seasonal allergies. If one limits their food and environmental allergens then when it's time for seasonal allergies - they won't put a person over the their threshold.

So, I am changing our food intake and ensuring I am disciplined about dusting and vacuuming the hard to get places. Additionally, our Dr. has put my daughter on a Bioflavonoid which helps stabilize cells and lessen their production of histamine.

Generally fevers are good - it is a sign that our bodies immune system is working. A fever triggers our bodies production of white blood cells, which fight infection.

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There's not much you can do except wait it out. It's been a pretty bad cold season, my son (14 months) has been hit pretty hard with it too. It seems like he is perpetually congested and has had at least 4 ear infections over the past winter. Try to be patient, summer is coming. And remember that fevers aren't a bad thing, it's her body doing its job fighting germs. My doctor told me not to bother with tylenol or motrin unless the fever is 101 or greater. Try to do what you can to relieve the congestion. Saline drops, aspirator, cool mist humidifier. Breast milk works well too, just a couple drops up the nose.

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