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8 Month Old Has Sinus Congestion

My 8 month old son is nasal congested, no fever, eats and plays well, just congestion. Per the advice of my ped, his bed is slightly raised, the humidifer is going, and I'm breastfeeding as much as possible. Just to see if there are any other suggestions Mom's can give me to make him feel better. Thank you.

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Hi S.,
My daughter was the same way, what I do for her is I get nasal spray for her just the saline one that you can buy in a Cvs. but I use that and I use the nasal bulb to suck all of the mucus out of her nose that always works. But I think that maybe you should have you son check just to make sure that he does not have RSV, that is what my daughter ended up with. so I would just be on the safe side and ask you doctor to check him for that. Well I hope I helped.


I agree with Jamie. I have never done it either, but know many who have. What I HAVE done is put breastmilk in his eyes when his tearducts got clogged and it cleared them right up! So I say do it! Breastmilk is gold and its known to cure a lot!

Just checking.... you said, "breastfeeding as much as possible". What happens when it's not possible? Is your son getting anything (formula, etc.) that has dairy? He may have a milk allergy. My dh is allergic to the proteins in milk (casein, whey, and lactose) and if he were to eat 1 piece of cheese, he'd get a headache and be stuffy for a couple days. These ingredients are also hidden in foods that seem to be non-dairy such as cold cuts and baked goods. All you have to do to find out is make sure he's dairy free for a few weeks (no chocolate, ice cream, cheese, yogurt - nothing), then have a "dairy day". Give him a few things all in one day and see what happens. You'll find out quick if he should have dairy!

Let me know and I'll send you a list of the "hidden ingredient" names that are actually dairy so you can spot them on labels. Tom says to tell you he gets a migraine from 1 M&M (milk in them).

Curious, is there any struggle to keep his bowels regular and -ahem- "healthy"?

I have friends who breast feed and they swear by all the antifungal and antihistime properties that breast milk has!

I asked my friend about this and she says that if you express a small amount of breast milk into a cup and using an eye dropper drop a few drops in his nose, it works!! I never did it, but I knew a few people that did and they all swear it works!! I guess it can't hurt to try it!!

they now make those nightlights with the inserts for congestion, also they make voporrub for babies, eucalyptus bath by johnson and johnson try them, they always helped my little one and if i remeber correctly i think my ped prescribed triaminic, the orange kind, just give the dosage u would for tylenol.

My preemie son had this same problem when he was just a few months old. We did all of the things that our primary care physician told us, but his breathing was still a problem. The poor kid couldn't even eat because he hadn't learned to breathe out of his mouth yet. We wound up taking him to a local hospital that had a CHOP doctor on staff. She explained that preemies were pretty susceptible to this type of thing, but that all we had to do was get saline mist and spray it up his nose. We did that and it moistened the inside of his nose enough that all of the hard, crusty stuff came out. She said it would work whenever he had a sinus cold as well. She was right. Make sure you get the saline that comes in a can though, the ones you squeeze don't reach up high enough.

Hi S., for your baby's congestion, try using some Salinex nose drops and a nose suction to suck out the phlem. (sp?)
The Salinex helps to loosen all of the nasal passages, and helps when you suction out all the phlem.
(This always worked for me - the nose suction thing is the best contraption ever - I used it all the time ! Especially when my baby was teething.)
Hope this helps you ! Good luck !

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